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The Homies 2012 {Best Home Design Blog}

The Homies 2012 {Best Home Design Blog}

It came to my attention that some nice people have nominated me again this year for Best Home Design Blog at “The Homies” on Apartment Therapy. YAHOO!  Thank you, nice people, whoever you are! THE SWEETEST EVER! I know there are some big amazing blogs on that list, so I’m very honored to be nominated.

I’m completely not a fan of asking for votes, but since I do appreciate the fact that someone has nominated me, all you have to do to vote is register with your email address or via Facebook (it takes less than 5 seconds) at Apartment Therapy (or log in if you have previously registered), then go to this page and scroll down to find The Inspired Room, and push VOTE. Easy? Yes. Easy to do and easy to share these instructions with your friends. I promise. No crazy hoops.

Thanks to everyone that supports and encourages me every single day. I’m always thrilled to be able to create this little corner in home design blogland and am glad you find it helpful in some way!

Next up, a new blog category announcement I’m pretty excited about!

My, How You’ve Grown {Jack}

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

Jack just wanted to pop in and show you how big he is getting. I’d say he is close to 50 pounds.

He is working very hard on his manners and good puppy behavior.

He knows right from wrong, but alas, he still chooses wrong when in tempting situations.Which usually involves everyday temptations like toilet paper, toothbrushes, socks, Winston’s food and water, starfish, napkins, remote and game controls, slippers, shoes, hats, and pens. Especially Sharpies. Red ones are his favorite.

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

He really just likes to have fun. Sometimes his family is boring.

So to entertain us, he has started making the funniest sounds, like he is trying to talk. We’ll have to try to get those on video.

He likes to think he is the alpha dog — the leader of the pack.

Sometimes I have to tell him I’m the alpha mom.

He hates when I say that.

So, to help him along in his understanding of the rules and his place in the family, he is starting puppy school next month.  That should be fun. I’m sure the other 14 pound puppies will be thrilled to see him.

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

But before he heads to school, he wants to get his first big boy haircut.

That is all for now.