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5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}Nibs

Today I thought I’d round up some of my favorite spring mantles. My own mantle is finally complete but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it because I need to take pictures for you first! I’ve been trying to catch up on some projects this week so I’ll be able to show you what is going on!

Meanwhile, since we have been talking about spring decorating, here are some mantles from around blog land that I like and why  I like ’em.

I can be a bit persnickety so sometimes it helps me to analyze why I like something and how it can be duplicated! PS. If you are on Pinterest, I’d love it if you would pin this post by its banner (5 spring mantles) to remind yourself of the round up, but it would be great if you would pin your favorite individual mantles to the original source so they can get the full credit. Thanks!

Be Bold.

The first one (above) by Nibs struck me as unique with the dramatic wallpaper backdrop and accessorized with simple watering cans and a bunny print. Sometimes, simple paired with bold is just better. Bigger pattern on the wallpaper, bigger watering cans times two, one simple themed print. Bolder is almost always more visually appealing on a mantle so generally it is best to err on the side of boldness..

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}
Perfectly Imperfect

Use Contrasts.

This mantel from Perfectly Imperfect is lovely. It has a great mix of dark and light, rough and smooth textures mixed with soft beachy colors, symmetrical and not symmetrical all in one. Just the way I like it.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

Craftberry Bush

Try Layering.

This is an interesting one. While it does have quite a few smaller items which ordinarily might get lost on a mantle, this one is filled in nicely by layering the window frames and a mix of plants and white accessories. The unique layout with the caged plant on the books takes center stage, making the center of the mantel more of a focal point.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

The Lettered Cottage

White dishes and greenery always work.

This mantle from Lettered Cottage has been around awhile, but it is still one of my favorites.  As a collector of white pitchers myself I find them to be among the most versatile accessories I own.  Pair them with some spring green accessories and you can go from winter to spring with minimal fuss.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}Centsational Girl

Make a color statement with pops of color.

And last but not least, a mantle from my buddy Kate proves that white with a pop of repeated color is a great formula for any mantel display.

Oh, and UPDATE! here is my own spring mantel, finally complete!

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

The Inspired Room Spring Mantel

Do you have any almost spring weekend plans? In the northwest we set our clocks ahead this weekend. Do you “spring forward” where you are?

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}


  1. Simple Daisy

    Love all the pretty spring mantles:):)
    I especially love the last one with the pretty little pops of yellow!!!

  2. Jojo

    Yay for spring! Yes, there are some really fun days ahead…an auction(I’ve never been to one), shopping at Scott Antique Market with Eddie Ross, a lecture and book signing with Frances Mayes and spring plantings. This week I brought home boxes from work to start packing up and thinning out to make way for Spring!

  3. Anne

    I love that one that says, In springtime, love is to be carried by the breeze. It’s really cute and I would stop by to read that each time I passed by.

  4. Susan

    All lovely spring mantels!

    Is it just me, or are all those mantels tall, or are the ceilings low? I have a much bigger space between the mantel and my ceiling (although I don’t think I have particularly high ceilings), and whatever I put on my mantel seems to look small and out of place.

    • Melissa

      I know what you mean, our ceiling seems way taller above our mantle and our mantle is pretty tall! It does make it difficult to decorate for sure!

  5. Jen

    Love all the pictures. And I love your reasons why you like them too can’t wait to see your mantel! Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Shannon

    I am thrilled that it is spring forward this weekend – because it means spring is finally just around the corner! We are working on our sprung mantel this weekend as well as some office space shelving and organizing. HVe a great weekend, Melissa!

    • Melissa

      Thanks, you too Shannon!

  7. Heather

    Springing forward here in SW Ontario and HOPING to get outside for some early spring clean up in the yard and garage. Just to get some sunshine would be wonderful.

  8. Sandra

    I love pic #1- so cute! This weekend I’m gathering easter basket goodies and taking advantage of the nice weather {I live in the northeast}=)

    • Melissa

      Oh good idea to get ready for Easter ahead of time! Have fun!

  9. SueAnn

    Well I am happy for spring coming..,.but I hate losing an hour!! Sigh!
    Yes we spring forward too…NM here!!
    Love the mantels
    Been planning mine as well.
    Mantel that is! Ha!!

    • Melissa

      Yeah, losing an hour is a bit painful at first! HA!

  10. mary timmers

    We spring forward here in Minnesota. Exciting time! And the temps are supposed to be in the 60’s. I’ll take that too. I love the first mantle pic with the bunny. Love bunnies, except in my garden! Have a great weekend!

  11. Sonya

    I don’t have a mantel to decorate anymore as a tv occupies ours (sigh, men and their tv’s) but if I did I love the last one…white with fresh pop of color. Another big Sigh, yes, time springs forward here in TX.

  12. Maria

    Okay, I cannot WAIT to see your mantle! I like Kate’s mantle so much — yellow is definitely amongst my most favorite of colors. :-) This weekend I will be making some Spring wreaths for some of my family members (and one for myself)! I live in Arizona, so we don’t “do” daylight savings time. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Kim

    Love all the spring mantels! I was planning to do some spring decorating today, but it so hard to get into the mood when it is snowing outside. Big white flakes. We spring forward this weekend as well. So not looking forward to loosing an hour of sleep, but I am looking forward to spring!

    • Melissa

      Oh dear! Snow should be done now. We need spring :-)

  14. Karen

    I just got an idea from your post for my spring vignette, thank you! I really like all of the mantles you feature and look forward to seeing what you’ve done for your mantle.

    • Melissa

      Thanks Karen!!! Glad you got inspired!

  15. teresa

    They are all stunning and make me want to run and re-do my mantel….but #4 is my favorite.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Tehmina Siddiqui

    Beautiful mantle decor ideas for spring.
    Loved the “perfectly imperfect.”Also the lettered one with white coordinates is also very appealing. This will help me bring about a changed look to my own mantle at home! Thank you.
    I always look forward to updates from you.

  17. jessica

    I just love looking at mantels. These are all so inspiring. I feel like I’m not that great at coordinating and decorating mantels. I always look at the magazine pics and pictures like these and think, “how do they get that looking so good?” then I do mine, and it looks ridiculous :) I’ll have to give it a shot and see how it ends up!

  18. Dee

    For me..because I’m a minimalist at heart, it’s finding the balance between artful and boring.

    Great inspiration with the mantels you’re showcasing! dee :)

  19. Alana

    wish i had a mantle to decorate now!

  20. Mimi

    Love these vignettes. Hope to work on my mantel this weekend.


    Melissa, these are all great ideas. I like how they have a subtle nod to Spring, that is the best way to decorate for the season’s I think, Happy weekend!! Oh, I will be doing some shopping for Easter baskets and maybe a little Spring planting on the front porch!! xo Kathysue

  22. Amber

    These are all SO SO great but I just adore that bench, wallpaper, everything in that first photo! Great style!

  23. Angelika Rauth

    Melissa, the layering one seems it would be the most difficult to replicate, I guess it looks like it would be very easy to make the mantle look messy or uncoordinated without a pro to do it for ya! But I did love all the other ones. :)

  24. Cindy

    Hi Melissa! I just found your blog and love it! The white framed mirror on Kate’s mantel is exactly the mirror I am looking for. Do you know or can anyone tell me where to find it?

  25. Eat 2gather

    We are going to head to the Maple Syrup Farm and pray the whole way they still have maple syrup and it hasnt been sold out…like last year. I love the water can mantle…so simple and fun.

  26. Deanna

    Oh, I am so inspired to brighten up my house for spring!

  27. susan

    Love the mantles! I keep looking on CL and missed an antique oak not long ago. No fireplace but I will hv a mantle to deck out someday. :D love em all but the. First. Is so different it’s my fave!

  28. susan

    PS–we just “sprung ” forward and it will take me a week to recover. But I love. The extra hours of sunlight!

  29. Jane

    I Love the last one with the blasts of yellow. It is beautiful. Yellow to me is springtime and happiness!

  30. Tabitha

    Those are lovely mantles!! I love the one with the window frames. Thanks for sharing the inspiration-I pinned it.


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