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Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

by | Mar 11, 2012 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration, Jack, My Life

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Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

Isn’t Jack handsome with his new spring hair do? I think so.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

He was a little miffed that we left him at the groomer to get his haircut.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

He didn’t see what the big deal was about haircuts.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

Until he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Then he knew what the big deal was. He was very handsome.

Coincidentally, in other news this weekend, I opened my front door to find a different type of handsome animal looking at me, a brand new Dyson Animal vacuum. And it was not a moment too soon.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

This next picture is not pretty, I’m warning you ahead of time.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

This is the dust and dog hair I collected the first time I vacuumed with my Dyson.

I know you are all collectively gasping right now, “EW? That was in her carpet?”

Um, yes it was.

Granted, we had not vacuumed in forever, since our Kirby was donated to our church awhile back.

But still! Really? That much dog hair and dust? Blech!


And can you imagine how bad it would have been if Jack was more of a shedding dog?  He is supposed to be a low-to-no shedding breed, in case you are wondering.  I’m wondering about that too. The fact that we were able to get that much dust and dog hair up with a Dyson means this vacuum is a keeper. I won’t be parting with it any time soon.

Disclosure: I was not paid for an endorsement although I was provided a vacuum cleaner by Dyson (yay!) in hopes of receiving a review. I accepted the vacuum out of utter desperation, wanting to be able to vacuum my house again. Can you blame me after you saw what was in my carpet? EEK! A girl’s gotta do some spring cleaning.

The honest truth is, after using the Dyson, I adore this vacuum. I think you would too. The new Dyson Animal is lightweight and easy to maneuver and keep control of. And it did everything I expected it to do and more.

But THIS white fluffy Goldendoodle animal, he is another story.

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

Disclosure: Jack is neither lightweight nor easy to keep control of. Nor does he do everything I expect him to do. We paid full price for him, but I think we’ll keep him. He starts puppy school on Monday — there is hope! Last week he helped himself to tuna casserole, among other things. This week, he ate a dime.

Coming up this week: My new curtains arrived and the awesome new chairs I just got (YIPEEE!) for my office, and my spring mantel revealed!


Do you have a dog who sheds and how do you keep your house clean with pets?



  1. Jennifer

    He is too cute for words!! I love the pictures of him, he has so much character :) I have 2 Yorkies and they are a no shed breed as well! We do however have a cat and surprisingly we don’t walk out of the house hairy, maybe b/c he only goes to certain parts of the house and has certain places he lays, so I only have spots to vacuum. Even with all the craziness our animals bring it is all worth it… they bring us smiles and snuggles :)

  2. Shelley

    He is just darling! Yes, I heard goldendoodles didn’t shed! We actually thought about getting one but we went for the full-shedding golden retriever instead. She is only 12 weeks old so it is just puppy fur at this point but I know what is in store for us in the future! I should seriously think about getting one of those vacuums! I wonder if it could handle all the fur I am about to encounter?!!! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Debora Cadene

    I have three labrador retrievers AND a Dyson Animal and can’t imagine life with out either. I am at one with the dog fur, although some times I wonder if leaving the dust bunnies in the corners will add R-Value to my home if it builds up enough. Your puppy is adorable, but I wouldn’t hold too much faith to them not shedding. Remember, he is half Golden Retriever…..and they shed.

    • KatieG

      LOL that is too funny. I hope the dust bunny hairballs created by my golden retriever adds to our R-Value too! And here I was thinking they were a niceness. What a nicer way of looking at them!!

  4. Sabrina

    He is the cutest!!! I have three little guys and we use our animal almost every day. You will love it. But I agree the hair/trash/leaves we get out of that thing is disturbing.

  5. Molly

    I have a taller than breed standard golden…he helps himself to the kitchen counter buffet, among other things: avocados (spits out the pit), apples, tomatoes…and most especially bananas (peel and all). I love him because his personality is so wonderful. Fur is an issue, and I have wood floors throughout which makes it easier to get the fur up quickly.

    • Kathy Mensalvas

      We have cement stained floors…..not a whole lot of traction but funny as heck when they get that wild hair and TRY to tear around the house

  6. Tina B

    I have four wonderful labs…two chocolate and two yellow. Foolishly, I thought they only shed in spring and fall…when their coats changed for the seasons. Uh, ok…I was WRONG! Seriously, for a while I thought I was going to lose my mind with all the hair billowing around, but I’ve got a pretty good system now.

    How do I keep the hair, and my sanity, under control?
    1) A Furminator—Weekly brushing collects hair before it leaves the dog.
    2) Premium Dog Food—Switching to a better food stopped the majority of the shedding.
    3) My Dyson—They are the BEST!

    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

    • lauralee

      What kind of dog food helps with shedding. We are fur covered with our golden!! Help!!

  7. Brooke

    cutest dog EVER! :) How do you like the cannister vs the upright? I’ve been thinking about getting the Animal…

    Also..CAN’T wait to see your new chair and curtains!

    • Melissa

      I actually LOVE the canister! I never thought I would but it is so easy to use and maneuver!!

  8. carol

    Jack is the most adorable pup I have ever seen. I love him just by seeing his pictures. SOOOOOOO cute. It will take quite awhile for him to get out of all the puppy stages and things he does as a puppy. I highly recommend pet insurance. There are a few different ones out there. My daughters Golden Retriever broke his leg a year ago and without insurance all the medical bills were around $20000. Yikes Pets are super expensive. I think She ended up out of pocket around $400. I used to have a dog, and it is very very difficult to keep your house clean. They are either drooling or barfing, and oh yes, THE FUR EVERYWHERE!!!! I used to have to vacuum every other day or every day. But I am an animal lover, and would never have change d a thing. I had 2 goldens that passed away from cancer, and one had heart failure. I miss them dearly. Your Jack is adorable. Enjoy him!!!!!!

    • Melissa

      Ah, yep, we get a lot of barfing around here too! LOL!! Oh dear.

      Thank you Carol!

  9. Amy

    We have a sheltie & they shed a lot! I mean long, like half a foot long hairs. We shave him for the summer, cause its hot here in Texas and it helps with the shedding thing. We also have a roomba and have had it for almost a year. It is pretty awesome. You can set the day and the time for it to run, like an alarm clock and it can run while you’re gone. Just make sure you have small things and shoes picked up. It likes to grab onto shoelaces. I also like it because it’s not as loud as a regular vacuum and Rhett (sheltie) doesn’t bark at it, just moves away when it gets near him. It does only the floors, it doesn’t hop up onto the furniture for me. We do have to vacuum the furniture with our regular vacuum, because Rhett does get on the furniture. I really do love our roomba and our sheltie and we’ll be keeping both of them!

  10. carol

    I meant $2000. Not $20000.

  11. Wendy

    Your pup is adorable! We have 2 large shedding dogs and 1 cat. The fur, especially at the change of seasons, is everywhere. I too, got the Dyson animal, an older model than yours, and I LOVE it. I should have bought it years ago. There is something very gross and very satisfying about seeing all that you pick up from the floors of your home. Enjoy both (the dog and the vacuum)!

  12. Kelly Aubert

    I do have a dog that sheds! A lot!! She is retriever/spaniel mix. The best rescue dog in the entire world!! I vacuum every single day but she is totally worth it. :)

  13. Joell

    We have a goldendoodle too and she is the most wonderful dog we’ve ever had! Her name is Miya and she is now 5 yrs old. I will never get another type of dog than a goldendoodle!

  14. Donna

    My friend Lee, told me about the Furminator. It is WONDERFUL! I use it every other day and my goal is to eventually have a bald dog. NOT! Seriously, I’ve used many brushes with our dogs thru the years but none of them can do the job of the Furminator. It’s so much fun to see all that hair come off of our Maddie when she is being furminated, rather than have it on the furniture and floor.

  15. Laura Putnam

    Our Goldendoodle Bailey is much curlier but does not shed. However she does chase her tail and remove large chunks. Although she doesn’t shed she does get dirtier easier and holds onto it more than a shedding dog. Either way they are amazing dogs. She is actually my first dog and I neve knew I could love a dog so much. Do you sometimes feel like he is so smart and then in some ways so not smart? We took Bailey to puppy school and it helped a ton especially with how we should act with her. Take care, Laura.

    • Melissa

      Oh yes, Laura! I know what you mean. Jack is really smart but sometimes he does really dumb things. Maybe it is just his puppyhood!? Really looking forward to puppy school. Jack chases his tail too and likes to bite his name tag on his collar. He is pretty much a weird lovable dog.

  16. Lisa I wish I could take Jack home with me! He would be very popular! I need a new vacuum, but we have mostly hardwood floors. I wonder how it works in that cagey..

  17. Catherine

    We have three dogs and a cat. The last dog we inherited from grandma when she went into a nursing home. I run the dust mop every day because we don’t have carpet. Jack is adorable!

  18. Pam Terry

    I have a German Shepard and she sheds year round, spring being the worst time of the year. We bought a FURminator. Best thing in the world. Shocking!! It works soo good! I have a black German Shepard named Raven and she’s the best dog . So loyal and intelligent. We plan on getting another one in the next couple of months as shes’ getting older and we’d like her to help mold the new one. Great luck with the FURminator . You won’t be sorry. Pam

  19. KimH

    What a doll Jack is.. He looks miffed in that second picture.. lol. I’d love to have one but Im allergic to dander and though I know the no shed and hypo allergic breeds are out there, I wouldnt want to fall in love with someone and then have to give them up. I also just dont want to clean that often. If I stayed at home every day, that would be a different story, since I’d have plenty of time to devote to a pet, but I dont.

    I have an older version of the Dyson Animal.. I LOVE mine!! Its about 3 or 4 years old I think and it still works beautifully. It picks up & picks up & picks up.. Its honestly the BEST vacuum I’ve ever owned, including a Rainbow, which is a mighty nice vacuum. I’d love to have a new Dyson Animal, but there isnt anything wrong with mine, so I guess its a no go. ;)

  20. Jan from All Ways Designing

    Jack is adorable. I’ve always loved his breed…they are terrific dogs!

    We have 3 pups – a Maltese, a Havanese and a Toy Poodle. For the most part they don’t shed. But, there are times when there is some “hair” around from them. After getting brushed, I always use a damp towel “rub down” to make sure any loose hair is off of them. With 12 paws in an out of the house several times each day, and new carpeting installed a year ago…we now use a wet chamois-type cloth to wipe their paws when they enter the house. I have found that doing this has helped my allergies from getting out of control.

    No matter what we have to do – the 3 pups are soooooo worth it all!


  21. Susan

    OH MY GOSH – you started off my Sunday with some laughter!! What wonderful pictures – he is a handsome fella!

    We have two goldendoodles, one sheds lightly, the other not at all. I have a Dyson Animal – have had the upright for years, upgrading to new models as they come out because I have a weird fetish with dyson vacuums!! I think I will have to put the canister on my birthday list! Looks portable and who doesn’t love a new vacuum?

  22. Susan

    We have a dog that sheds all the time (a German shepherd). We have a Dyson animal (the upright kind) Although I vacuum regularly (at least once a week), we have to empty the Dyson canister three times each time we vacuum the living room.

    I just accept that I have to deal with shedding – I know, it means no white slipcovers for me, but I wouldn’t trade Indy :)

  23. Sandra

    I love Jack! I had a Chow Chow and two cats- their hair burnt out two canisters on the central vac…sadly they passed, and now we have a Jack Russell who likes to eat moldings…can’t win.

  24. carrie

    Melissa, your Jack is too cute! I just want to snuggle him. I wish I had a new Dyson, alas my 6+ year old one is (I’m afraid) losing suction… but it does warm my heart whenever I can fill that canister up, make me feel like I’ve been productive in a weird sort of way. :)

  25. Anna

    Jack is such a cutie! You are going to love that vacuum. We have the same one and swear by it. We have hardwoods but 5 pets. Yes, we know that means we are crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have three small shedding terriers and two cats. The hair is the one thing that drives me insane on our dark hardwoods but I use my Dyson daily and it keeps me sane. The hardwood attachment on that canister vac is awesome. Enjoy it! I’m jealous you got it for free :)

  26. sandra

    Oh Melissa, Jack is such a cutie! Just think, he’s worth more than you paid for him now, every cent counts!!! LOL I swallowed my share of change as a kid,I had some kind of fascination with it, no idea why, but I probably could have had a piggy bank full of money if I hadn’t!!!

    Although my Molly is a non-shedding yorkie-shitzu, I still would love me one of those vacuums!


  27. GinaE

    I have three dogs and three cats. So, yes there is pet hair in our house. All three are short haired dogs, but the lab sheds a lot. We vacuum every two days and that seems to keep it under control. Even when our floors look clean, I always get a bucket of crud in the vacuum canister. Since our pets are our kids, that’s just how we roll. Jack looks very handsome with his new do!

  28. michelle starling

    Jack looks like a big teddy bear that’s good for snuggling. And the dog hair….. I can relate as I’m sure anyone with an inside pet can. My vacuum looks like that everytime I vacuum and I vacuum atleast 2 times per week. As for the Dyson, you don’t have to twist my arm. I’ve been dreaming of one of those and it doesn’t matter which model. But I’m hoping to have all the carpet removed form my house before I need a new vacuum. A girl has got to dream,right?

  29. Joanna May

    My husband and I got married two years ago, and with a hairy lab, I wanted to register for a dyson animal – but my husband could justify the cost, so we went with “Another Cheaper Pets Vacuum.” Well after we were married, we got another hairy lab, and the vacuum died within the year, inundated by hair. Black Friday, my hubs let me get the dyson animal, and it’s changed the quality of our house! Especially with washable filters – I was going through a new “hepa” filter every two weeks. I have the upright Dyson Animal DC28 and it’s pretty heavy, but I wanted the most powerful one. I think of daily vacuuming like a mini-workout.

    As for Jack, he’s adorable! And puppy class makes all the difference – the chewing/naughty stage does end! :)

  30. Becca

    Welcome to the world of Doodles and Dysons. We have both too.


  31. Cyndia

    Oh, honey! That Jack is just darling! I’ll bet he looks so contrite when he steals food and gets caught, eh?
    I have (almost) given up in keeping my house really clean. I have a Border Collie and a Golden Retriever. Both shed like crazy. I would have to hire someone to do all the brushing they need. Add to the fur is the mud. We are currently undergoing back garden renovations and there is a LOT of mud being tracked in. I have not been able to figure out how to get them to wipe their feet on the mat! It’s a constant job cleaning up after those two. Sophie, the retriever, is a minx. Heaven help someone should prepare a sandwich, then remember something in the kitchen, because said sandwich will have disappeared by the time you get back. Her latest escapade was when she stole two large dark chocolate bars and ate them, wrappers and all. We have learned that if she can reach it via chair, it’s too low.
    Color me jealous over your Dyson Animal. I have one of the others (the canister) and love it for bare floors although it’s not much good on rugs. The Animal is my next purchase.

  32. Vicki

    Jack is a keeper… shedding or not! Every post you do about him just makes me giggle out loud (GOL) I sure hope we hear adventures in puppy school too!

  33. Suzy

    Jack is so handsome with his new haircut! How old was he when you first had him groomed? We have Emma, a goldendoodle who is 5 months old. She sheds a TON!!! Her fur is also starting to grow in front of her eyes, so I’m wondering if she needs a trim? Also hoping this is just her puppy fur shedding and she won’t shed as much once her adult coat comes in. We also have Tyler, a big Golden Retriever, who sheds a lot as well. I LOVE my Dyson for dog fur, but Emma just chewed the cord. Then a day later chewed through the cord on my back-up vacuum. Yikes!!! My bigger problem with dogs is trying to keep my lovely hardwood floors unscratched. I think it’s impossible. Good thing we all love dogs at our house…even when they have recently eaten a pan of fresh-from-the-oven choc chip cookies and a pan of rice crispie treats!!!

  34. Karen

    Hey, your “keeping it real” and when you have pets (we have 2 dogs and a cat) it can be a challenge to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Jack sure is a heart throb!

  35. NanaDoll

    my dog, Joe Bear, sheds terribly twice each year, and then less terribly the rest of the year…he is black lab, chow and newfoundland mix…it requires multiple vacuuming each day just to keep up, and my vacuum is literally biting the dust as we speak/write :)

    your jack is adorable!

  36. Anne

    I will never get over how cute Jack is! I have a Pomeranian, so he’s a BIG shedder! Fortunately his hair is the same color as my carpet, but I’m still disgusted every time I vacuum. :/

  37. Michele D

    OMG. First of all, let me say I can’t believe they sent you a Dyson Animal. I’ve been wanting one so badly. I have a black dog and a gray/white cat and a big house and lots of carpet. Send me one Dyson and I promise to rave about it to all my friends!!! ;) Lucky you.

    Jack is so stinking cute. I love goldendoodles ever since I met my first one at my friend Christine’s home awhile back. Hers is also called Jack. He is big and fluffy and gave me a big hug.

    If only your Jack knew how popular he is becoming. He ate a dime, really? yuk. I think he needs a ‘spring’colored plaid bow tie. haha. I actually picked up a colorful bandana the other day at Wallyworld for a buck for our dog, Berkeley. He looked so handsome…for a day. He’s worn them before, more around hunting season. He has a florescent one for when he goes outside. But when I let him out, the bandana didn’t come back on him, so he must have lost it in the woods. There’s still snow on the ground here in Maine so I’m not sure we’ll see it again. It was loose when I put it on him. Oh well.

  38. Pam

    Cute cut on your pup! Isn’t the Dyson Animal amazing, love mine.

  39. Kathy Mensalvas

    In the process of remodeling kitchen….thinking of adding an under cabinet vacuum for sweeping. We have 3 dogs…..I’d pay extra when I buy my car if someone had a coating that could go over the carpet to release dog hair. Glad for the info on the Dyson…have been considering one

  40. susan

    He has grown sooo big! And still so steenkin ‘ adorable! Whatta snoot To smooch ;) yep I hv dawgs and though the pittie mix doesn’t shed the Rottweiler chow mix has the chow undercoat. Shorthair & blows her. Coat. 2x a year. Still not as bad as when HimmyCat did. Love Oreck for usual (grew up Kirby great vac) but when blow undercoat? SHOPVAC!! :D

  41. Holly

    :) sooo ok everyone else has covered the cuteness of your pooch,etc … what I want to know is how to get a vacuum in exchange for a review?! we need a new one and I have been looking at the Dyson ones! :D

  42. jennybc

    love sweet jack! quite the handsome boy! we have a lab and a boxer AND a dyson animal. you cannot have pets without it. i just got a newer one and put the 9 year old dyson upstairs so i am not constantly going up and down the stairs. another commenter mentioned a furminator…get one (better price off amazon…you can get quite a deal). it is so helpful and totally worth the money. it gets that deep undercoat off the dogs and keeps those tiny hairs away. the sweet puppy love is so worth it!

  43. Susan Lange

    I have a Wheaton Terrier named Jack – he looks very similar to your Jack. I also just recently purchased a Dyson. I vacuumed with my old vacuum first (Panasonic that has great reviews) and then with my Dyson – same thing! I got a bunch of dust, hair etc. My dog is suppose to be non-shedding. It’s like the Dyson is a cotton candy machine and just spinning dust! :>) Love it!

  44. Kim Porter

    I am so jealous of your new vacuum! We have a black lab mix and she sheds like CRAZY! I like how lightweight that one is. We have mostly hardwood floors and only one sisal rug, so I don’t need a huge vacuum. Right now I just use a little 2-in-1 cheapo one from Target.

    Kim @

  45. Kim Pyeatt

    Jack is ADORABLE!!!! They do lose their puppy coat, but you should be good after that.

    • Melissa

      Hmm, maybe that explains the fur? That would be awesome if it was just puppy hair. He is getting his big boy hair in so that might be it!

  46. Roeshel

    He certainly is handsome and so adorable! The Dyson Animal looks awesome! We’re newer kitty parents to a long-hair and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to upgrade my vacuum one of these days. ;)

  47. Tori [at]

    OMG I LOVE my Kirby BUT BUT BUT we have new DARK wood floors w/ a golden retriever. DISASTER! I have no idea how to keep them clean daily. They need to be vacuumed DAILY. And, I’m dying to know your opinion of the Dyson after having a Kirby! why’d you donate? (I’m new to your blog!)

    • Melissa

      I love my Kirby too. But, our church desperately needed a vacuum and the kirby is so awesome I knew it would be super helpful there and wouldn’t burn out after a lot of vacuuming. Meanwhile, disastrous housekeeping here without a vacuum so I was thrilled to get a new vac. While my Kirby is awesome and has been for 10-12 years….the one thing I love about my new Dyson is it is very lightweight and easier to maneuver. But honestly, the Kirby has treated me well. :-)

  48. Amber

    We rescued a dog 11 years ago. We call her a mutant beagle, because…well, her mom was a beagle and her daddy must have been somethin’ big {she is pushing 70lbs but thinks she’s a lap dog}. She sheds A TON! We have a Dyson, but I’m sure they’ve gotten a whole lot fancier from the time we got ours six years ago. It still works like a charm though! This may sound weird, but I actually love seeing all the nasty in the can when I vacuum. I choose to see the dirt in there as a sign of how clean I’m getting my house instead of how I’ve allowed my family to live in that much filth! :)

  49. maria & Cameron who loves Jack!

    Jack looks so adorable in his new haircut!! It really shows off his fabulous nose, don’t you think!? Anyway we are just getting back from a busy day away and catching up here with Jack. We were delighted to see he was part of the venue! We love Jack!!

    Love the vacuum too! Hope to get to try one of those out soonest!! Thanks for sharing – I do enjoy the whimsical way you write!

  50. Michelle Gallo

    We have a cat that “found” us eight and a half years ago. When she was a kitten she was just a cute little black ball of fluff. It turns out that she is a long silky haired cat that sheds constantly! I have two kids (out of four) that are allergic to cats, but resolutely refuse to let me find her another home. I too have a Dyson the DC25. I love it. I had been through several other brands, including a Miele, and Kenmore, but this is the best by far. I would suggest, however, that you purchase extra filters if you vacuum often. They need to be washed rather frequently, and air dried. I find having an extra set insures that I remove and wash them, and can still keep my house clean. Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

  51. amber Peters

    Jack has so much personality! I just love his face! What kind of dog is he?

  52. yvette

    I have a toy poodle and he does not shed at all. He is fabulous. I also have a Dyson a regular one and I love it!!! I live in FL with no carpets (only rugs on tile), but when you have a dog you need a great vaccuum since they carry in so much dirt on their paws. I love my Dyson, I only wish it had a longer extending sucker pole for hard to reach places. I think the animal would be a great sub for cleaning the car too… hmmm… I wonder if they are pricey?

  53. Kimberly Parker

    Funny you should ask about this topic–I have two big shedders: a husky and a malamute. I have worn out one Dyson in 4 years, and have just started on my second. And, still, my house is never hair free! I find dog hair in my shoes, my purse, my BRA, and every other nook and cranny. I’ve decided that with high-shed breeds, you have to have some level of tolerance, otherwise you’ll go crazy!

  54. Sunny

    Dogs are so funny about the groomers. We had a standard poodle who loved going and pranced for hours after she came home, like a doggy diva. ;)

  55. Bonnie

    Jack has the most wonderful, expressive face!

    Do we have dog hair??!! It’s everywhere! We have a large mixed breed dog, an extra large lab/golden mix, a small terrier mix, and two cats. If you think that vacuum bin is disgusting, you would flip out at our house. We have to empty multiple times in one session. I wear a lot of black so I have given up on going anywhere without hair on me. And our dogs love the couch so it really clings there. (I’m wanting a leather couch I can just wipe down.)

  56. Eva

    Adorei teu post, eu tenho um cachorro da mesma raça que o teu e me identifiquei muito com tudo o que você falou.É assim mesmo que acontece, o meu cachorro é muito esperto mas pouco disciplinado, já comeu a porta de casa, bacias de plástico, hehe, parecido com o seu, não é?, dão trabalho mas são lindos. abraço, prazer em lhe conhecer. do Brasil, Eva.

  57. Jeni

    Have dog and Dyson. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  58. Ann

    His cuteness makes up for everything !

  59. Amanda

    We have a Goldendoodle that is 8 months old. We are crazy in love with him and he absolutely adores our kids !! We took Chip to puppy school and had amazing results with it. Chip behaves very well. We went through a period of not minding but everything is good now. So glad I found your blog : ) Jack is a beautiful dog !


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