A Fun Spring Craft Project: Leaf Print Easter Eggs

A Fun Spring Craft Project: Leaf Print Easter Eggs

Easter Egg & Spring Decorating Ideas

These leaf print Easter eggs are QUITE adorable, aren’t they? I want to make them.

And, I still love the tea stained blue speckled eggs I featured last year.

Do you dye Easter or spring eggs?

via Apartment Therapy,  find the instructions on Family Fun 

And if you want even more Easter Egg decorating ideas, check out these Subway Art Easter Eggs and Washi Tape Easter Eggs!


  1. Hello Melissa,

    Too cute idea. I guess I will handpaint mine and adron them with fresh dried flowers. In any case your inspiring post made me realize that I better get rolling.

    All my best and have fun decorating your eggs.

    Heidi ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Melissa! Yes, we dye Easter eggs. My son makes up a basket full of fun colored eggs. I’m thinking maybe this year I’ll try some of these cute little guys and fill my own basket!

  3. Will probably do my onion skin dye eggs – so easy to do, but they look like alabaster marble.

  4. I love those Easter eggs with the leaf prints on them. We always dyed eggs with the children when they were young, but not so much now that they are off at university. I did make Ukrainian Easter eggs several years with our church and I display those now instead. You can see them here: http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.ca/2012/03/ukranian-easter-egg-photoshoot.html

  5. Yes, indeed I do dye Easter Eggs, this year I am going to do soft,pale blue eggs or at least that is the plan, we shall see how she unfolds,

  6. Love the designs- I’m exploring a variety of designs this year.

  7. My elderly Mom lives with me and it wouldn’t be Easter to her if we didn’t color eggs. No kids here, but we have colored eggs. I’m makin those speckled ones this year!

  8. We dye Easter eggs, but with two very small children, we don’t do anything fancy. We stick to the five basic colors and try to get them as bright as possible. We got one of those $2 kits this year, and it has glitter and a crayon inside, so we’ll decorate with those.

  9. Melissa,
    I plan to try some recipes using natural food dye to dye my eggs this year. I might try the fern patterns too.

  10. Yes Melissa we love coloring Easter eggs.My son wants to make superhero eggs this year.These floral eggs are really neat.

  11. After the eggs were done for easter…what did you end up doing with it? did you trash the eggs or reusing it for other things….im hoping next year after im done using these eggs for easter i can put them to better use and not waste it…any suggestions?

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