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{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TV

by | Jul 10, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration

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{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TVHide TV with Vintage Map via House Beautiful

So yesterday we talked about open storage, but today I thought I’d share a few great ideas for hiding a TV. I think there are two kinds of people out there: those that aren’t bothered at all by the sight of a TV in a room or bedroom and those that want to hide it behind doors when it is not in use.

Which do you prefer? A TV out in the open or one kept behind closed doors?

While we all know we can put a TV in an armoire, there are other clever ideas for how to hide the TV, whether you have a TV in a niche, hang it on the wall or set it on a bookcase!

I think a TV behind a pull down map is pretty genius, don’t you? Art and function! You could even use a pull down bamboo or roman shade to cover a TV niche or bookshelf, if you wanted to have a “window” like appearance.

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TVHide TV behind barn doors via Crisp Architects 

Or how about barn doors? I love this because you won’t have to knock everything off your mantel when you slide them open!

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TVDisguise TV by Brooklyn Limestone

If you have a wall hung TV, how about disguising it with an old frame?

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TV
A hinged frame over a bookshelf is another clever way to keep a TV (or anything else!) out of sight!

How about a folding screen or hinged shutters on the floor?

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TV

Kim of Today’s Creative Blog made her own sliding track from a closet door system. Now she can hide her TV in style!

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TV

{inspiration} Hiding & Disguising a TV

I have one of those huge new house holes for a TV over a fireplace. Since we don’t actually put our TV there, we’ve been layering old cupboard doors and mirrors to camouflage the giant hole.

White our easy solution has worked out great for the past few years, lately I’ve been thinking I’m ready for something other than cupboard doors. I especially love the sliding barn door idea since if we decide to put a TV there it keeps the mantel free for decorating, but I might have a few other clever fixes up my sleeve! I’ll be working on it!

**Update: We have since updated our fireplace and filled in the TV hole! Come see what we did here!

Do you like your TV out in the open, or do you prefer it remain behind closed doors? Feel free to link a post showing your TV storage solution in the comments!


  1. Jojo

    These are great ways to hide tvs! The older I get the less I turn it on. Maybe one of these days it will go away though my husband loves tv. Or maybe I need a cover up!!

  2. Franki Parde

    DEFINITELY CONCEALED!!! All good options via your images!! franki

  3. Jenny

    When we bought our house there was a mechanism that was essentially like a piece of artwork on a roller shade (complete with remote) that concealed the tv and you could open and close it as you liked. We removed it, mainly because our tv was too big (and I wasn’t a big fan of the “artwork”). But, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. :-)

  4. Nancy Sloop

    We don’t mind having ours out in the open, because we have a den/family room (with TV) and a living room (without). If I feel the need to be away from electronics, I go in the living room to read or just sit for a while. If ever we get to the point where we don’t watch tv, we won’t have one. Till then, it’s part of the family room decor, LOL.

  5. Pat

    It looks neater with a TV hidden but, with the larger TV’s that is harder to do. Also the over the fireplace idea is crazy. I understand not having a split focal point (and a TV is not really a focal point), but my concern is that the heat coming from the fireplace could ruin the TV. Case in point, I hung an artificial wreath over the fireplace at Christmas last year and it disintegrated. Another thing about the fireplace placement is unless you have a very big room or very low fireplace your neck is going to be cranked. We have one TV in our family room along the only wall that we could use for it. It is on top of a 52″ rectangular entertainment center. The rest of our audio equipment is in it. Our TV is 42″. The fireplace is along the wall going the opposite direction. That being said we are breaking all the decoating rules. It is a family room and should be comfortable. I am ok with the split focal point and the TV in view. By the way we own one TV.. .

  6. Diane

    The pull down map = genius!! The barn doors….that takes an expert craftsman/woman….but I LOVE it! Framing the TV…okay…well…hmmm…. The other one that caught my eye was the bathroom. Wow!! I’m going to say it again…Wow!
    Now I can’t wait to see what creative idea you come up with.

    Oh…our Flat Screen sits on a skinny cabinet in the study/family room/guest room. And yes, it just sits there. We moved to mountainous area where cable was necessary. I didn’t want to spend the money. Now it just sits there. I think we’ve watching on movie on it. Sometimes my husband will watch a show on his laptop. Hmmm.

  7. Tiny Homestead

    I generally like hiding the TV and all these ideas for flat panels are great. I love how easy they are to disguise and incorporate into decor. On the other hand, I just can’t bring myself to replace our old boxy TV. Ugh! I wish I could do it, but I just can’t get over how many perfectly good working tvs are being thrown out and are glutting the resale shops. So, here’s to hoping mine breaks soon :\

  8. Lauren

    I think with the way TVs used to look, hiding them made the most sense. They used to be so bulky and ugly.. But now that they make flat screens so sleek, I don’t mind them out in the open at all. We have an Ikea Besta entertainment center, and the flat screen fits right in it.. it’s almost hidden out in the open. Our entertainment center is pictured at the bottom.

  9. Freya

    I like both ways! I think you can do some really cool stuff with hiding your TV and leaving it out. It’s all about imagination!


    My TV is in an aromoire, but soon to be out in the open when Hubby buys a bigger screen. Not sure when that will happen, but this gal will be right behind you looking for a way to hide it. I am not a TV fan and prefer the big black box behind doors.
    So glad you are doing this post and the kitchen post because both things are on my radar!!
    Happy Tuesday,

  11. teresa

    I hate those tv holes in new homes….I don’t mind the TV out if it is in a family room…other places it would be nice to hide it.
    Great ideas.

  12. Maria

    Personally, I don’t mind the sight of a TV in our living room. We have a very long and modern entertainment center, and our TV fits on top of it nicely. On the sides, I have styled it with books, candleholders, picture frames, and a lamp. It’s the way I have integrated lovely decor while still keeping my husband’s favorite home accessory front and center.

  13. Garden, Home and Party

    I recently posted about this very topic, it was fun to read the opinions. I personally don’t mind the tv shoeing but I don’t care for a television over the mantle. How ingenious some of the ideas you’ve shown us are.

  14. John

    Isn’t the one near the bathtub an electrical hazard? What do you think?

    • Gay Riggs

      Not if it doesn’t fall into the water while you’re watching it!! And then it would have to stay connected to the outlet and how long would be cord be anyway? I think one would be OK.

  15. Anne

    I think if I’m going to go to the trouble to have a tv in each room, why enable elaborate ways in which to hide them? I don’t mind a tv out in the open. We only have one – in the living room. The kids don’t have tech in their bedrooms. They have books , puzzles etc. We don’t have a tv in our bedroom either. I read if I can’t go to sleep. Our tv in the living room is pretty much just out. While these are great ways to hide tvs, I don’t think I’ll have to use them. I like the one inside the frame.

  16. Shauna

    Love the map idea! I think as long as the TV isn’t the focal point in the room, it’s okay to be open.

  17. MarySue

    Love the sliding door, and the hinged frame! But it seems to me that the other frame (over the mantel) neither hides nor disguises the TV, but rather, draws attention to it, treating it like ‘art’.
    Our TV is out in the open in our Family Room, but I wold love to find a way to hide it. Especially since we only use it for family movie night. Oh, and during football season! :-) Your idea about using other pull-down things besides the map intrigues me. Gonna have to think about that… Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Mrs. Limestone

    So late but I just wanted to thank you for the mention. I love my tv frame :)

  19. Brindusa

    To me, concealed is so much better! :-) I just love those barn doors, and the vintage map seems appealing too.


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