Fall + Chalkboards

Fall + ChalkboardsDear Lillie

Fall + ChalkboardsMiss Mustard Seed

Fall + ChalkboardsThe Handmade Home

Fall + Chalkboards320 Sycamore

Fall + Chalkboards


Fall Vignettes

A quote on a chalkboard is the perfect foundation for a Fall vignette, don’t you think?


  1. Melissa what a great round up, I had been seeing this trend but never really put it altogether in my mind. My Fall chalkboard is more of the school version:

  2. These are wonderful! The one on Miss Mustard Seed’s is my all time favorite poem and so fitting for autumn….but duh, I’ve never thought to display it on the chalkboard. Thanks for passing along another good idea for me to use!

  3. Hi Melissa

    How aprpo to read this today. It just so happened that I bought a chalk board yesterday for my pantry re-do, Found a nice one at Nordstroms. Great idea, however, to use as it as part of my fall vignette.


  4. love a good chalkboard! you picked some really nice ones! thanks.

  5. mmm … saw chalkboard tea mugs last night at Christmas Tree Shop!

  6. love all of these! my husband and i are looking to buy our first home (been renters for 7 years now) and i know i want a framed chalkboard area somewhere in our new space!

  7. Chalk boards are the best! I made one of my doors into a chalk board and I love it!


  8. I love the chalkboard from mustard seed! The black and gold mixed with the rustic and glam. I may be making a chalkboard soon! Thanks

  9. I love chalkboards so much and I can’t understand how I don’t already have one at home!

  10. I’ve been adding chalkboard paint to all sorts of stuff lately. My latest was giant cans (washed and dried first of course) for decorative containers. I’ve currently got another chalkboard idea for something on a grander scale. These have definitely fueled the fire.

    • I wondered if you might have any suggestions for the best writing utencil to use on a painted, matte finish to look like a chalk board? I bought a matte interior paint rather than the traditional chalk board paint. However, I’m finding out by those who have written on chalk board paint that the removal of either chalk or chalk markers is fairly impossible. Any suggestions?

  11. Oops~ I forgot the link!

  12. Thank you so much for featuring our chalkboard, Melissa! And I love all of the other ones as well!

  13. Yes, please tell us what to use on the chalkboard! I did buy pricey chalkboard markers with good reviews, but honestly, they didn’t last and weren’t consistent. I’m back to chalk, which pleases “old-fashioned” me, but doesn’t do anything for “graphic” me. What do grocery stores and coffee shops use? Do you know?

    • I’m not an expert but in my experience for more graphic work I really like the chalkboard-like surface you can buy in rolls or preframed. Those work great with Chalk Pens! The pens don’t seem ideal on chalkboard painted surfaces because you can’t get it erased later! I bought a framed dry erase-like black chalkboard for my house and I use the Chalk Pen brand. They aren’t perfect but they work well enough for my purposes.

  14. i love chalkboards, i just used one on my porch! hope all is well! susan

  15. I am loving little chalkboards right now. I just ordered 3 small ones from Pick Your Plum (if you haven’t visited this site and don’t get their e-mail sales on great stuff for great prices, you really must). I used one of the chalkboards on my autumn tablescape I just posted about. I love the large ones you featured!!! I am trying to think where I would have a spot for one that size.

  16. Chalkboards always remind me of my few years as a first grade teacher. (good memories)


  17. They are all wonderful. So much to love.

  18. So glad to have found your blog. Im inspired! Im also inspired by your heart! (Ive been browsing (in)courage and voyage.) Keep up the good work.

  19. These chalkboard inspirations are gorgeous! Especially the second photo with the gold frame.

  20. Hattie Damon says

    Three things I am thankful for:
    !. My Christian heritage. The best!
    2. A hubby who faithfully goes to work and provides for us.
    3. Amazing kids! All four of them – The best!

  21. I love all these pictures! In fact I just ordered some smaller scale chalkboards today for some similar projects I’m planning.

    I love all the fall sayings and quotes. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

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