Easy DIY: Peacock Wreath

Easy DIY: Peacock Wreath
Easy DIY: Peacock Wreath

DIY Peacock Feather Wreath

To fancy up my porch for Fall, I decided I wanted a wreath on the front door. But being the sometimes-thrifty girl I am, I realized I already had a wreath that I could use.

Remember it from my mantel last spring? I didn’t want a giant wreath on my door because we always bump into it when we go in and out of the house and I kind of didn’t want to overpower the beauty of the door, so the size of the wreath I already had was great. And, I loved the more unique square shape. Good enough! Almost…

I just wanted to add a little something to it, maybe something pretty but kind of scary and whimsical all at the same time.

You know, pretty-scary-whimsical wreaths are perfect for Fall. Right? Yeah.

Easy DIY: Peacock Wreath

What vision came to mind? Peacock feathers. They are absolutely beautiful, but kind of feel like spooky little eyes watching you.

Bwwahhaaahhaa, subtle Halloween perhaps?

So, I ran out to the forest and plucked me some feathers just like the pilgrims would have. Well, not really. I got these at Michaels Craft, just as pretty but less hassle.

And in my typical NOT DIY DIVA-ish fashion, I just set the feathers on the existing moss wreath and pinned them down with floral arranging pins, also found at Michaels. And then…..well, there are no more steps. That was IT!


A pretty-scary-whimsical Fall wreath gracing my front door for October. Easy peasy! YAY ME!

So have you plucked any feathers for decorating or put together any Fall wreaths this year?

Easy DIY: Peacock Wreath

Fall Porch 2013


  1. I love peacocks. Your wreath is phenomenal. I think I need to make a wreath like this.

  2. Gorgeous! So creative and unique!

  3. Great Job! Love how it is different than every other wreath.

  4. Don’t want to spoil the party but peacock feathers are bad luck in Oz……sorry

  5. This looks gorgeous — it is so unique! I have made one Fall wreath so far this season — just with some supplies I bought at the Dollar Store. Easy peasy! :-)

  6. Peacock feathers are fascinating – and fun. Love this, Melissa.

    You’re have a curated sale on Jos & Main? How exciting.

  7. I adore peacock feathers and, honestly, use them everywhere!! Guess I just have a “feather thing” going on…I’ve been collecting different (6 varietiees so far) bird feathers from the yard and put them in my outdoor grapevine wreath. franki

  8. Wow! That is just strikingly beautiful!


  9. Looks great! I love how you hung it with a long piece of twine. And that is such a beautiful door!

  10. Eiley Ehle says

    I love this wreath Melissa! I’m going to steal this idea for the redesign of our church lobby! thank you so much for inspiring me!

  11. Haha! Yes, I did make a wreath. It might be one for the “fail” file. Then again, it might make the blog….a bit of getting real.
    Love your feathery wreath. It reminds me of something Rhonda did for her front door….peacock feathers, too. Are they the latest “in” bird?

  12. How did you attach the wreath to your door (may I ask)? I have a similar door with a window at the top, so a “wreath hanger” won’t work. Beautiful wreath!

    • I put a nail just under the chunky molding and then used that jute rope to suspend it from the nail! It is tricky to have a wreath with that design of door but that seems to be the best way I’ve found to get it to lay flat and not distract too much from the design of the door!

  13. By the time you read this I should be out chasing my chickens. ;o)

  14. this is beautiful! and I love that it’s square!

  15. My husband is a high school teacher at the Zoo Academy in Cincinnati. A public high school located inside the Cincinnati Zoo! The peacocks at the zoo are always losing their gorgeous feathers and he brings them home whenever he stumbles across them. Now, You’ve given me the perfect project in which to use them!!! :) Thanks!

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