Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader’s Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour

Today I am giving you a little peek into a blog reader’s house! We all love to snoop around pretty houses! This home belongs to Martha. When she emailed me the other day I almost fainted when I saw her kitchen. Hello, lovely kitchen! Since she doesn’t have a blog of her own, I thought I’d give her a chance to show us around her charming home!

Enjoy the home tour!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Home Tour: A Peek Inside a Blog Reader's Charming House!

Thanks for the tour, Martha! Your home is beautiful and I’m so glad we were invited in!

I’ll be hosting a Holiday Home Tour again this year on The Inspired Room, so get your homes ready to photograph and link up! And if you don’t have a blog, you can always email me your pretty home pics any time with the subject line HOME TOURS so I can easily find them! 


  1. This must belong to Martha STEWART, right (you knew somebody would say it)? It is truly a gorgeous home and it is exactly the color palette that I love! I’m so glad you and Martha shared it with us!!

  2. just lovely!

  3. LOVE it! What a beautiful and pleasant home!

  4. Dreamy!

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely home! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ahhh…gorgeous! This looks like such a happy place to cook in. :-)

  7. Martha’s home is amazing! I love the feminine touches. Everything is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Martha should have a blog – we all need to see her create this gorgeous home. Lovely things in every room.

  9. How lovely, warm and inviting! Thanks for the peek!

  10. Pretty picture perfect! Love the blue and the white. She absolutely has the eye. Martha thanks for sharing! Methinks you take after another Martha I know.

  11. I love it! So beautiful! It makes me want to re-do my house completely! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the flowers in the basket.

  13. amber Peters says

    What a beautiful home! I would love to know more about their kitchen island. Did they build it?

    • Hi Amber. We did not build it ourselves, but ordered it through a kitchen company, that sells solid countertops. Martha

  14. Wow! I would love to have a cup of coffee and sit at that beautiful table with the white pumpkins and flowers. It is so perfectly put together!

  15. Carolyn Maves says

    Her bare bones house is beautiful. And then the lovely furniture and how she decorates. Just beautiful, and the best part, live-able looking too. Some house are so stiff you wonder if you would feel comfortable in them.

  16. Beautiful home! Her style reminds me of yours, Melissa! Gorgeous :)

  17. I love all the white … even mums!

  18. Such a beautiful home.

  19. I want to sit right down and put my feet up… I promise to take off my shoes! Lovely home!!

  20. Perfect! Calming and beautiful. Love the white flowers outside, the white pumpkins. Would Martha be willing to share her paint colors – that light green, light blue, mint? aqua? is beautiful. Obviously an eye for a gentle, peaceful home. thank you.

    • Hi Maureen, yes I will share the paint colors. I’ll have to go looking in the garage. Martha

    • Hi Maureen- okay they are all Benjamin Moore colors.
      1. Armoire- Stratton Blue
      2. Kitchen barstools-Millsprings Blue
      3. Nook Buffet- Wythe Blue
      Would love to see if you do end up using these!!

  21. Martha is a dear friend and she truly has the ‘eye’. I hope you feature some of her Christmas/holiday decorating. It is truly stunning. Yes, Martha, you should have your own blog! Thanks for showcasing this amazing woman’s home!

  22. GORGEOUS!! I would love to move right in! And I want to see more of Martha’s house – can you invite her back sometime?

  23. I could move right in! A firplace and French Doors get me every time…….

  24. So lovely! What a nice cohesive feel too. Thanks so much for sharing Martha’s thoughtfully decorated home. (Great job Martha!!!)

  25. Simply gorgeous!

  26. Cherri Engle says

    Such a lovely home Martha. Thanks for the ‘peek’ inside.

  27. What a beautiful home to live and entertain in!! I do love the color palette and enjoyed seeing the lovely blue canning jars used. I also noticed…that there are two different pics of the same dining area with two different light fixtures overhead…I like them both and they give totally different vibes to the area! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I noticed that too, and it made me laugh!! Neither my husband or I caught that when sending Melissa the pics. The permanent fixture is the white one!! :)

      • I didn’t even catch that! I guess I was so in love with every picture I overlooked that! And probably late night blogging made me blurry eyed :-)! Both are gorgeous though!

  28. oh my goodness! what a beautiful home! it looks so very comfortable! and i, too, definitely think Martha needs a blog! thank you, Martha (& Melissa), for sharing!

  29. Marcia Hron says

    Oh, thank you so much for sharing these photos of Martha’s delightful home! How very beautiful and how creative! Love the vintage window frames in the dining room. Very nice.

  30. Wow! How gorgeous! I love her outdoor area — so pretty and styled perfectly for Fall! Thanks for sharing with us!

  31. rebecca ransick says

    Thank You for showing us your charming home! Looks inviting!

  32. Erin Young says

    would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know the paint color that you used – the blue/turquoise color. Please?? :)

  33. I have looked at this e-mail about 100 times today, I am in Love. Amazing job Martha, I am anxiously awaiting the paint colors also as I am about to redo my home.Thanks

    • Hi Kelly, I’m going to have to call Benjamin Moore to check my paint file. I have 3 different blue paints. The one in the nook,- the buffet- is BMoore “wythe Blue”. Will get back to you on the others!!

    • Hi Kelley- paints are all Benjamin Moore ( impersonally think they have the yummiest blues ever!)
      1. Armoire- Stratton Blue
      2. Nook Buffet- Wythe Blue
      3. Kitchen barstools-Millsprings Blue

      Happy painting!!

    • One more paint color- outdoor French folding chairs-Krylon Pistachio ( spray paint)

  34. Beautiful and serene. I’m envious of those old window or doors. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Stunning kitchen- love the touch of teal….Thanks for sharing Melissa- you are always kind that way…..spreading the joy.
    Happy Day

  36. Gorgeous – loving the sporadic use of turquoise. Thanks!

  37. Hi Melissa, it is a very charming (beautiful Martha!!!).

  38. oh … the girl needs a blog! lovely!

  39. Beautiful! I would never want to leave…

  40. Very cute. I love those old doors on each side of the dining room.

  41. Martha your home is lovely and looks like a magazine spread! I love it all, but especially the blue (is that boarding?) with the sconces behind your sofa! I just might have to try to make one of those. Thank you for sharing with us.

  42. I loved the outdoor area. the white pumpkins and all the decor was lovely.

  43. Thanks for sharing Martha’s lovely home. My favourite combination of colours too. Love the vintage doors, the comfy seating, and the aqua wood wall art. The kitchen is lovely too.

  44. Beautiful home!!! I especially love the white chandelier…where did you get it, Martha?

    • Hi Jill, I purchased the chandelier on EBay, about 5 years ago, and made sure It made it into this home, that we just moved into. :)

  45. Love her porch! Enjoyed the tour!

  46. What a lovely home–and I know she’s delighted to be featured here! Thanks for giving us a peek into her Inspired Rooms!

  47. Gorgeous home, so peaceful and well done. Is that a 36 inch stove or larger? What brand name? We are looking and I like really yours. Please hook me up!

  48. So pretty, but she must not have any children, all that white and not a single stain? Love it!!!!

  49. Ok, having a little bit of big house envy right now. These pictures are lovely!

  50. Lovely! So tranquil. I agree, you should have a blog! One can never have too much inspiration!

  51. Hi Melissa, I’m new to your blog and I’m loving it!
    The home tour idea is especially fun and inspiring!
    Thank you for taking us through Martha’s beautiful home …
    I’m looking forward to more!

  52. Barbara (WA) says

    Don’t know how I messed this post but spotted it this a.m. An amazing home!

  53. Now THIS is a BEAUTIFULLY decorated home…and the color scheme just perfectly yummy… this is someone I really WISH had a blog for sure….would love to learn a thing or two (or more) from Martha who is obviously a VERY gifted designer!

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