Silver & Gold Holiday Table

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

Our dining table has always been one of the more seasonally decorated places in our home. Yet, even though I love decorating our table for the holidays, I take a more subtle nod to the seasons approach. I’m not really one of those extreme “toss all the Halloween decor out on November 1 and bring on Christmas” types of people.  I like to savor all the days in the middle too.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I find it fun to add a few new seasonal items and take away a few things in my decor as the days and weeks go by.  That way I can continually nest and putter around my house, enjoying the seasons each and every day.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I was recently contacted by Wayfair with a challenge to decorate a holiday table using five items from a list of options they provided. Other bloggers may have chosen the same items, but we all were to create our own unique holiday table. I decided that sounded really fun, I”m always up for a decorating challenge! Plus, it motivated me to get my table decorated, so that was a bonus. Sometimes I need a little extra nudge to get my rear in gear!

The items I selected were the following:

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I always enjoy finding a common theme that isn’t really related to a season, such as using silver and gold, and then adding in bits and pieces of seasonal touches. I used the items I selected for the challenge, as well as some of my own items to create my own unique table.  I like to have classic items on hand that can be used year after year to keep costs down, I find metallic items to be perfect for all the fall and winter holidays.

Silver & Gold Holiday TableSilver & Gold Holiday Table

This table is a pretty but informal blend of the current seasons.

The eclectic mix of chairs with the decor items are perfect for my not-so-fancy style.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I included a little bit of the sea (because I love that year round), a little bit of of Fall and Thanksgiving and a little bit of holiday sparkle. The metallic silver bowl was way more beautiful than I had imagined when I ordered it. It is marked safe for food, which I was really excited about, but I decided for this challenge it would also be a festive container for my mercury glass ornaments.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I decided to hang the gold ornaments from fishing wire tied onto my lantern above the table. I think the mirrored ornaments create a fun little holiday twist dangling above the table.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

I love that gorgeous vase and decided it would be a fun way to display the dried corn husks as a fresh seasonal twist on a traditional floral bouquet.

The seasonal specific items can be switched out after Thanksgiving, perhaps to add in a festive snowman or set of Christmas trees.

Silver & Gold Holiday Table

Have you thought about how you could decorate your table for the season?

Check out the other holiday tablescapes by the participants in this challenge at the Wayfair blog and Pinterest board.


Gold ornaments
Gold chargers
Square plates
Amber Goblet Vase
Silver Deconstructed Bowl

Table linens, Target in store. 


  1. Pretty table! Nice blend of the silver and seasonal. It certainly looks festive! Love that pumpkin on the pedestal.

  2. Haven’t thought about it too much yet. But I’m thinking that I love the mix of gold and silver for a New Year’s Eve party we’re hosting this year.

  3. What a beautiful table! Love the silver and gold! You did an awesome job!
    House on the Way

  4. Wow-what a great twist for a Thanksgiving tablescape! Lovely.

  5. Lovely!!

  6. Love this tablescape! We are using lots and lots of the metallics as well! So pretty and “glitz”!

  7. My two-year-old daughter is sitting in my lap, and when I opened this post, she said, “Ooh, la, la, la!! Look at that!”

  8. Barbara (WA) says

    This is just beautiful, Melissa! Perfect for multitude winter holidays/seasons. I am loving mixed metals these days thanks to you bloggers with vision :)

  9. So beautiful! Love the colors! Inspires me to get my walls painted in my kitchen/dining room, I will be using a very similar color!
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  10. I love the vase holding the corn husks! My table isn’t set yet for the holidays; I’ve been meaning to get my extra-special turkey platter out of storage. This is great incentive!

  11. Melissa, your table is just beautiful! It looks awesome overall, and the individual elements are lovely. Those gold chargers are gorgeous, and they’re actually really affordable–a set of 12?? That’s wonderful!

  12. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful dinner table. The silver and gold work wonderful together. Gorgeous.

  13. Melissa, great choice on choosing your elements, it will make a wonderful transition into Christmas!! Love the mirrored pieces hanging from your chandelier. I just did a post on some easy to do Thanksgiving tablescapes today. I think we are all thinking about the Holidays now. I just love this time of year. I am going to Ikea tomorrow, so excited. It is the simple things in life!! xo Kathysue

  14. Your table is lovely! I have such a metallic-everything crush right now, perfect against the wall color too

    xoxo, Tanya

  15. So beautiful Melissa!

  16. Love your color choices!

  17. i LOVE metallics! this table looks so awesome

  18. Is that a silver pumpkin? That is the find of the century. I really like the unifying them of the gold/silver but combining with all sorts of eclectic bits. You may have inspired me! (Which I think is the idea.)

  19. Your table setting is lovely, and I love the color combinations. What is the name of the paint color you used on the walls?

  20. Where did you get the metallic owl? I love owls… and I want one like him! :)

  21. So pretty Melissa! I love silver and gold together :) Fun idea hanging the little mirrors from the chandelier!

  22. Oh my, you have me lusting over mercury glass…time to expand my collection. Your table is just perfect.

  23. Linda Jensen says

    Great ideas, your home is so inviting. I love the use of metallics. Makes it very up to date. Going to be checking in here regularly. Thank you Melissa for showing me the way to this site.

  24. Thanks for the entertaining checklist. Lots of good ideas!

  25. Oh my goodness Melissa! I cannot believe how differeny it looks with the corn husks from the tulips! What a petfect piece! And lovely decor, you are one of my top design inspirations!

  26. I love your table scapes! So creative. I wanted to ask a ? about the plates on your wall. How did you hang them. I have some of my great grandmothers pieces that are from the late 1800s and I would like to display them in my dining room. I haven’t been able to find anything that works discreetly. Thanks.

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