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{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Christmas Decorating

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Farmhouse Christmas via Country Living

I know, in the U.S. we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. I like to be grateful for blessings all year, and of course I enjoy Thanksgiving and treasure the mashed potatoes (especially the mashed potatoes), but I really look forward to Christmas. And it is never to early to dream about it, that is half the fun of the holidays! Picturing how lovely it will all be, both the decor and the time with family.

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Christmas Bedroom Decorating Nells Hill Blog

I love picturing each room in my house and how I might add in a least a pinch of Christmas. A mini tree here, a wreath there. Twinkling lights and garland. I’ve already started on my dining room, adding a little silver & gold to the table!

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Family photo tag themed tree Country Living

Every year I feel like I look forward to Christmas a little more, but bring out less stuff. I think more in terms of creating little memorable statements rather than how much I can do or bring out of storage.

I do love the idea of several themed trees though. Every year around this time I imagine I can pull off lots of little trees. Some years I get a couple of trees done and some years only one. But if any part of decorating, entertaining or shopping becomes too stressful and overwhelming, there is no sense in doing it. I try to keep things simple and stress free, that is more important to me than a list of  unrealistic expectations.

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Festive Christmas Decor in Kitchen Atlanta Homes Mag

I do like to put a little touch of Christmas in every room, I’m quite excited about decorating my kitchen this year!

And I love making at least one garland or wreath. Being creative is extra fun around the holidays. I can’t wait!

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Simple Holiday Decorating

{Dreaming} Simple Christmas Decorating All Through The House

Do you have any special Christmas decorating plans this year?


  1. Kelly - Talk of the House

    That Christmas tree in the bucket from Country Living has always been one of my favorite images! I love love love Christmas, but I feel guilty doing anything for it until after Thanksgiving- but oh how I would love to start the decorating now! I try to do something in every room – and the porch -not over the top things – just simple like you said. BUT it takes forever to get it all done amid everything else needed in December. Maybe I just need a crew of elves the day after Thanksgiving!

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    p.s Melissa, somehow I don’t have that tree-in-a-bucket on my seasonal pinterest board (don’t know how I missed that!,) but when I clicked to pin it, all it shows it white white white images. Is there a reason your site does not allow pinning? (or is it just this post, or just my computer??)
    just wondering….

    • Sally

      Kelly — maybe a glitch w/ Pinterest? I just tried it, and it would’ve let me pin.

    • Cathy Norrie

      Hi Kelly
      I was able to pin it… must have been a momentary blip :)

  3. Glenda Childers

    I always begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving. But I listen to Christmas music in November (whenever my husband is not home.) Sound like you are going to have some fun. It will be extra fun with your new floors, eh?


    • Melissa

      Yes! Rest of my new floors go in next week so after that I’m going be feeling like I got a new house for Christmas! :-P

  4. Marmel

    How gorgeous are those rooms, I want to use more fresh greens this year and little white lights. I am looking forward to decorating but not until after thanksgiving.

  5. Teresa

    Yes, I’m crafting a Burlap&Lace Christmas. In a very simple way too. So that first picture has me “ohhhh so beautiful”.
    Thank you for sharing,

  6. Rebecca

    I love the simple. These are great ideas that are a bit non-traditional as well. Love the kitchen windows (of course).

  7. Missy June

    I love coming to your site in the middle of my chaotic move! Thank you for the fun inspiration!

    • Melissa

      Oh hang in there! Moving is crazy so I’m glad you are taking little inspiration breaks for your sanity!!

  8. Beverly

    I am there with you, Melissa. I can hardly wait. And, now you have me even more in the mood.

  9. Christie

    We were going to do the galvanized bucket for the Christmas tree last year, but our old bucket didn’t fit our stand. Maybe we’ll try again this year. I love that it would double as waterproofing.


    Melissa, I am on my way to Ikea today to buy lanterns, I purchased some stars already and have my basket ready to hold my tree this year!! I am with YOU!! I ♥♥♥ this time of year!! I am like a little kid. I would love to keep it simple and that is always my intent, but as the season goes along I find myself doing more than I had originally planned and loving every minute of it!! I pinned away on this post, loved all the images of inspiration,
    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Kathysue

    • Melissa

      Have fun!!!! Wish I could join you today! :-)

  11. Camille

    Ok I am officially painting my foyer and adjoining hallway white before Christmas so all the beautiful green will stand out and the silver will have extra sparkle! Eeek!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Melissa! This has given me the extra “push” I needed to get this little project done!

    P.S. Any recommendations on whites? Like just a plain, simple, no extra-hues-added white? I typically use Behr.

    • Autumn

      I’m a big fan of Behr “Polar Bear” white….this is the second house I’ve used it in! (Usually wainscoting, trim, doors, etc, but surely great on a wall too!) it’s perfectly not too warm(ivory) or too cool bright white. I just bought more of it to paint the bottom half of my foyer and stairwell.

  12. Carrie

    So pretty! No special plans for Christmas yet, but I’m a little slower at looking ahead. :) Love the inspiration!

  13. Deanna

    I go simpler every year! I am a traditional kind of girl though…greens, lights, red plaid! Delightful!

    These rooms are lovely too!


  14. Rondell

    I was at work today and thinking about decorating for Christmas and all my thoughts were of a simpler approach to holiday decorating! I’m really going to try to keep it more simple this year:) Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  15. Jen

    I’ve been doing the same thing. We don’t start anything until December 1st and I ditched most of my flashy fake decorations for simple stuff like candles and real greenery. I’m looking forward to buying poinsettias for the first time this year.

  16. Diane

    What lovely inspiration!!
    I’m so torn. My bestie is a day’s drive away and she and her husband are coming for Thanksgiving. Do I want to put the stress on myself and decorate as well as prepare for her arrival? I do want to start to bring in a bit of Christmas but at the same time I’m so enjoying the moment I’m in. That’s a new place for me to live. I think it’s a good one? And to top it off I have a project…painting my sideboard…which needs to be done before she arrives. Only besties do things like send ASCP & Wax for BD gifts. Hmmm. Whatever I do, it’s time to roll up my sleeves!!! :D
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve!!!

  17. Ashley

    I don’t care which of my family and friends judge me- my Christmas decorations, including my tree, are slowly invading my home. And I love it!

  18. Tara G.

    Oh yes! I am finally changing up colors, decorations, etc. this year now that we’re stateside and I can shop! :) I’ve been wanting to make some changes so that our decor reflects the stage our family is in right now. I plan on making new stockings and I’ve already been buying some ornaments for the tree.

  19. Cynthia Robertson Shaffer

    thanks for these great inspiration photos! I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas, and the bedroom photos are particularly lovely. I’ve already promised myself to decorate our master bedroom a bit this Christmas so I can fall asleep with that loveliness and sense of peace all around me.
    thanks as ever!

  20. Teresa

    Melissa, love the burlap runner on the table! I cant wait to start my Christmas decorating as well. I love using vintage mercury glass with silver platters and fresh greenry. I bought some beautiful ribbon this past week for my wreath and garland. I am using white, aqua and perhaps either silver or burlap which I think looks so beautiful together.

    • Melissa

      Sounds lovely Teresa!!

  21. Chelsea

    Love the wreath on the mirror idea. Definitely going to do that this year.

  22. Caoimhe

    I love Christmas. My dream is to one day decorate the entire house the way my mother did when I was young. I’m aiming for two rooms this year. As much as I love different themes/colours I’m always drawn to a traditional look in my own home.

  23. Autumn

    Planning on finally making stockings for my kids out of the 15 + wool sweaters I have collected, maybe some sweater pillows too if I have some left! I saw some adorable handmade felt birds last year I would like to find or make as well. I always say I’m going to sit by the pool in August and do these as well as my write and address our Christmas cards, and never seem to get them out! Thanks for the inspiration to get moving, love the the simple elegance of your ideas!

  24. Jessica Stripe

    Fantastic post, your home has such a classy feel to it, it really makes it look so homely! I definitely am working to get this look in my home! Your blog is fantastically inspiring! I am hooked!


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