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Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchen Renovation Project, my house, My Kitchen

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Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

It is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, people! The kitchen has FINALLY been painted! FINALLY! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Nearly six months after my kitchen project began!

Honestly, I was so excited to show you the kitchen progress that I snuck into the kitchen after dark to get most of these pictures. The doorways were all taped with plastic and paper, so we just slipped in REAL QUICK like. Tippy toe. Shhhhh. We kind of were supposed to stay out, but I couldn’t help myself! AHHHH!

It was a covert undercover mission with my iPhone in hand, trying to avoid stepping in or touching any paint that may not have been dry. It really was probably all dry by that point but still, I was being SUPER cautious. It would be SO AWKWARD to get my fingerprints embedded on my cabinets. I was being OH SO CAREFUL. And then….

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

No sooner did my daughter Courtney and I sneak in one side of the kitchen, but we heard a LOUD rustling and tearing of the plastic coming from the other doorway. I kid you not, Jack was TEARING and CLAWING his way through the taped up plastic, forcing his head through.

We tried to keep him out, as you can see in our ACTION SHOT photo, but he was determined to get a first hand peek of the new paint too. HA! We’d push his head out and he’d push his way back in through the plastic. We finally had to barricade the opening with chairs and tell him he would just have to wait. NO DOG PRINTS ALOUD.

It was SO disappointing for him!!

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

So keep in mind again these are after-dark late night iPhone photos so the quality is pretty bad.

And I should also mention that the cabinets are not actually black, as they might appear in the photos.

You can’t really see anything clearly because of all the plastic and paper and tape, but it is still fun to get a little sneaky peek of what’s going on! Right?

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

The kitchen all the way through the family room is being ENTIRELY PAINTED top to bottom. The paint looks AMAZING, like insanely beautiful in real life.  It looks so wonderful that I’m pretty sure I’ll never ever paint trim myself again. I can show you more of the paint in a future update once all the paper and tape is gone!

Even though the painting project kind of delayed and interrupted my Christmas decorating plans for the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t be happier that this stage of the kitchen remodel FINALLY arrived! Special thanks to one of my readers (thanks Barbara!) for recommending some great local painters who could fit this project in right before Christmas!

Soon we can hang our stockings by the chimney with care, once again joining the rest of the world in decorating for Christmas! YAY! Nick of time!

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

Oh, and one last kitchen update for you today, I cannot.wait for these little jewels to finally BE ON my cabinets! EEEK! They are so pretty! I’ve had these waiting in a box for quite awhile. There was a great sale at Restoration Hardware before Thanksgiving so I picked up the bin pulls for the drawers (two sizes) and the cabinets will have a mix of the gold and mercury glass knobs (Anthropologie).

Very very excited to see how it will all come together as we start putting all the finishing touches on the rooms.

So there you go, the latest around my kitchen and family room! To read past updates, you can find the kitchen remodeling posts here.

Painting the Kitchen! {Progress Report and Cabinet Hardware!}

Don’t forget to join us here at The Inspired Room for the Christmas Home Tour this weekend! 

You can link up THIS SATURDAY! I can’t wait to see your homes and Christmas decor!

It’s just TWO WEEKS until Christmas? WHA?? TWO WEEKS? How did that happen?



  1. teresa

    Oh sweet Happy Day for you! Nothing better then finally getting things the way you want!
    I can’t wait for the paint to dry!
    I want to see =)

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    Even all covered with plastic it looks wonderful!! Can’t wait to see it all uncovered – it’s going to be fabulous!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Kelly, I really am excited! :-)

  3. Vee


    I am so happy for you and so eager to see it, too. If I were there, I’d be behaving as naughtily as Jack!

  4. Faith

    Love it, love it, love it! That Jack better watch out or he’ll be on Santa’s “naughty” list! Aww, never mind, he’s way too cute to make that list. (:

  5. Linda Stoll

    Wow! You are certainly brave to be tackling this 2 weeks before Christmas! On the other hand, what an incredible gift to your household!

    Enjoy …

  6. Monique

    What a tease! :-) Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous…a beautiful gift to you and your family. And as someone else said you really are a brave soul to attempt this before the holiday. Looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen remodel.

  7. Nora

    OK – I am way crazy excited about this…..way…

    My next project is to get my cabinets painted too and I can’t wait to hear all about it. My wood tones are out of date and time to go grey, maybe (I love white but would not suit this kitchen, next one for sure!).

  8. Diane

    You must be dancing around every corner. Of course I’m not sure that you’re a dancing woman, but then again, this just might be the start! :D


    Melissa, I can see why you are soooo excited it is going to be gorgeous and serene!! I remember when my cabinets got painted so I can totally relate. I am happy for YOU and your family,
    Merry Christmas,

  10. Julie

    Wow! I can not wait to see the finished product. I know it will look breathtaking! :) Kudos to you for having the courage to do this around Christmas. I agree that it will be worth it. I am going crazy just doing small projects. I have a couple of Christmas parties coming up. I am trying to resist the urge to put extra stuff, unfinished projects, etc. in the basement. ;) lol

  11. Kristiann

    I just found your blog the other day and I really like it. You are inspiring me to take on new projects.

  12. Barbara (WA)

    Yahooooo!!!!!! Thrilled with and for you!!!

  13. Shannon Fox

    What an absolute treat to have the painting hired out. Having that glossy white sprayed on.. I can already see it’s gorgeous!! The cabinet hardware is darling too!!
    The little round knob is super-extra cute!! How fun. I bet it’s sooo hard to wait.
    (I am not a good waiter. at all. lol)

    Happy Holidays :)

  14. kristin

    So exciting, the end is almost here!

  15. Michelle

    Strangely, sometimes that’s when you can get ahold of the good contractors. No one else is willing to have their house torn up during this season. Soooooo many of my remodel projects were done at Christmas. One time, we actually painted right up to the Christmas tree and finished the touch-up after the new year.

    Well worth it! The next Christmas will be here before we know it!

    • Melissa

      So funny! You know, that is probably true … most people are not this crazy to have their house worked on when it is so close to Christmas, but I just want to get it DONE. So if it means having the painters here NOW then so be it! :-)

  16. Steve - Tile Guy

    The progress so far looks great. Can’t wait to see what it looks like with all the plastic and tape gone and that you saved the paint from doggy nose prints :)

  17. Jennifer

    So exciting! I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks. Actually, I got on the computer to do some online shopping and I ended up here, lol.

    • Melissa

      HAHA that cracks me up, I would totally do that (start to shop and end up reading a blog instead.) :-)

  18. Rebecca

    Oh you are a tease. Is that grey I see peaking out from under the plastic? Last year we were getting ready for a remodel and I really paired it back. The pairing back reflected in what I did this year. But I am sure it will build back up.

    • Melissa

      Yes, indeed! :-)

  19. Sharana

    I LOVE your lower cabinet color! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and I can’t wait for the big reveal. Is the name of the color and your wall color a secret (*fingers crossed, I hope not*)?

  20. lylah ledner

    Ok, woman :-)….what white did you use…it’s lovely! I’m sure you said it somewhere, but I’m busy wrapping caramels and can’t look now :-)

  21. Sarah Lillian

    Love love love the drawer pulls!

  22. Val

    Your kitchen is gorgeous!! I’m wanting to tackle my kitchen cabinets and wondered what the process was as far as priming and such. Did you hire out for all the painting? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thx.

  23. Anabelle

    Love it!!! What color did you use for the wall?

  24. Cheryl

    ok i don’t have a blog anymore, but a question perhaps? did the painting company/contractor paint your cabinets as well as your walls/trim, or did you paint the cabinets? I have almost the same cabinets in my kitchen as you started with natural maple 30″ with a 15″ soffit, and on top of that another 2 feet open space/dust collecting drywall (ceiling of soffit) and want desperately to remove the soffit and the homebuilder’s special fluorescent lights that are installed in the bottom of the soffit, completely around the entire kitchen (7 sets of florescent lights with thin sheets of plastic covering the opening). ugh, sigh. lived with it since 2003. need to sledgehammer the entire kitchen but can’t afford new cabinets. so any advice appreciated. between pinterest, blogs and google, I’ve collected some advice, but would like your experience do’s don’t do’s. thanks so much – and I love your kitchen remodel, and your two tone cabinets with open shelves. I’ve got your same taste

  25. Angelica

    Hi! I am just curious what paint you used for the cabinets? I couldn’t find that information on the blog. Was it the BM Advance paint? I love the color choices. The kitchen is beautiful. Just curious what paint was used. Thank you, Angelica

  26. Jen N.

    Hi there – I was wondering if the painters sanded your existing kitchen cabinets before painting them? Or did they just spray the paint on straight w/o any pre-treatment to grip the paint? I hope I’m making sense!


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