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Winter Throws

Winter Throws

1. Braided Cable-Knit Throw 2. Goodwin Blanket 3. Mohair Throw

4. Saddle Stitch Throw 5. Provence Throw

Are you obsessed with throw blankets this time of year? We sure are at our house! It’s been COLD COLD COLD outside (is it snowing at your house?), and having a super cozy blanket to cuddle up in on the sofa is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly night! Plus, the added layer of texture or pattern a throw blanket offers makes it a perfect design addition to any room! We cannot get enough of them!

Do you have a favorite throw blanket at your house? And, is it snowing where you are?

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Speaking of winter throws, did you see the Winter Bedroom {Layers} post awhile back? The foot of the bed is a great place for an extra cozy throw blanket!


  1. Jan

    No, it isn’t snowing here…drats! But, it certainly is cold!

    All of our “throws” are afghans I’ve crocheted and there is a wide selection of them throughout our house. They are wide enough for one person to be comfortably wrapped in it, or covered head to toe in it…or for 2 people – sitting side by side on a sofa, to have themselves covered from the waist down in comfort. Our 3 little pups love to be sitting on our laps, covered with these “throws”, too!


  2. Alison

    I just bought about five faux fur throws and they are so comfy I never want to leave the house! Love the ones you posted!

  3. Leslie Stewart

    I love winter throws! My favorite is the cable knit. I love the look of a sweater in the winter. Have a great weekend!

  4. laney

    …my mother’s mink coat…bought before you were born… it is rather like getting a hug from her…snow only in our fantasies in atlanta…but it is cold…blessings laney

  5. Jennifer

    I bought myself a faux fur white throw from ZGallerie this year for Christmas. I love it! Unfortunately, my boys do, too. I thought it would be too girly for them, but they love to pet it, lol.

  6. Susan

    No, it’s not snowing here in cajun country but it has been cold! I just got a chenille throw from Restoration Hardware that I ‘m loving.

  7. Lexie

    No snow here in California but is it cold! I am the queen of throw blankets, I own about 10 and rotate them according to color and mood. Nothing better after a long day then flannel jammies and a blanket on the couch with a movie. My senior thrift store has a talented crew of little ladies that made them to sell. I was able to get some beauitful handmade wools, apacha wool and cashmere for not very much. They are very talented and sometimes use color block or a series of three colors for a beauitful effect. I have one fav, a faux fur from Target that is divine.

  8. Robin

    I love throws! Our farmhouse is chilly so most evenings finds us curled up under a blanket. My favorite is one made from a garage sale find of old quilt blocks. The colors are so old they’re back instyle again! No snow here…it is a balmy 50 degrees in Iowa in January!! But by Monday we’re supposed to be at a high of 5. Gotta love the midwest weather swings…it’s always interesting.

  9. Ruth E Chidley

    We love throws in our family. My mom, a great crocheter, made an afghan for her three children, their spouses, and all the grandchildren (12), finishing the last one 1 month before she past away. Needless-to-say, we all enjoy and cherish them immensely. I have started to carry on the tradition in my family for the spouses of our children (4) and our grandchildren (12). I have completed three and have 13 to go…whew! : ) I had to put their making on hold for awhile due a wrist surgery to have a bone removed and also, so I could make 7 of our grandchildren fleece robes for Christmas…another warm cozy wrap! I’m 95% back to normal and will begin the afghans as soon as I finish crocheting my 7 granddaughters “Ladybug” dresses for an English tea I’m giving them the end of March…double Whew! Some people would call me crazy but the smiles and excitement in my grandchildren, when they receive a homemade gift from Mema, Nana, or Grandma (they all have chosen their favorite name for me…and I answer to them all), is worth all the time and aching body…and that is when I cozy down in my favorite throw for a bit of rest! BTW we have snow just up the hill about 6 miles but none in our yard, just below freezing temps…awe sunny California!

  10. Rene'

    No snow, we just got lots and lots of rain. My favorite throw is a old Ralph Lauren cotton white cable knit. So soft and warn in:) Keep warm!

  11. teresa

    I have a throw on each of my sofas and chairs….the brown fuzzy on is my favorite.
    Nothing is better than a movie a fuzzy throw and a grandchild =)
    Happy Day

  12. Rebecca

    Winter throws are just so cozy with a roaring fireplace going and a good movie on the TV. My only issue is allergies. They get a little mucked up with dust and I get all sneezy weepy. So I pop them into the dryer to kind of shake them off before I snuggle in. That seems to helpl

  13. Melissa from the Blue House

    Cozy blankets are one of the things I hoard, as if I live in the arctic tundra instead of East Texas.

  14. melissa owczarzak

    I have throws everywhere. I am a nut for anything cable knit.

  15. Eat 2gather

    we have these blankets that are made out of sweatshirt material, each kid has one, we call them camp blankets they are so easy to wash, so therefore we bring them camping and the kids ( and me too) drag them out to the campfire at night or where ever they are perfect. But every blanket you featured is gorgeous. I want them all!!


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