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My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Holidays, Valentine's Day

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My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

Will you give a Valentine to someone special this year? I will.

After you’ve been married for {quite} a few years, it is easy to let the romance fade a bit {or a lot} as you juggle the not-so-romantic responsibilities of the house cleaning, the kids, the dogs, the jobs, the bills, the schedule, the laundry, the stress, the sawdust, the paint fumes. Sigh. I’ll admit it. THAT has been our life lately. Ugh. THAT is going to change.

My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

What happened to that fairytale life and romance I dreamed I’d be living? Don’t get me wrong. My life is good. I’m feeling very blessed. But it is so easy to let important things slide and the romance fade while you are tending to all the urgent things that life throws at you. Or that you bring on yourself. Even good things!

A few more steps towards busyness and grown up responsibility can mean a few more steps away from romance.

But when you realize you’ve nearly lost that spark in life (where at least part of the week is more fun and carefree and full of romance!), it is time to bring it back again.

Intentionally LIVING that romantic life, and keeping the fun in a relationship as a priority, is big resolution for me this year. It is THE MOST important project of all. 

My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

These adorably precious little plush velvet HeartGram™ hearts from LoveFeast™ are the perfect, classy way to say I love you to your Valentine.  This year I received the Turquoise and Lagoon HeartGram™ and put them in my lovely silver bowl in the dining room. They are SO cute, and of course, squishable!

Every single time I walk by those plush velvet hearts, I slow down for a moment to look at them and remind myself there are more important things than what I’m probably rushing towards at the moment. They are a good “heart check” for me!

My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

Each HeartGram™ comes packaged in a kraft paper gift box, with crinkle paper and a vintage inspired postcard. The box is tied with a gorgeous satin ribbon. The postcard can be delivered blank for you to fill out for your Valentine, or you can leave a note for the LoveFeast girls upon ordering and we will hand write the note for you.

My Valentine Romance Resolution {& HeartGram Giveaway}

The collectible limited edition 2013 HeartGram™ Set in Turquoise and Lagoon velvet comes with a custom designed postcard by artist Annie Barnett. Check out all the other fun colors too!

Want to win your own set of sweet HeartGram plush velvet hearts?*

Leave a comment on today’s post with your own advice or resolutions for keeping the spark alive! Or you can share who you would send a HeartGram to, maybe a friend who needs a little cheering up or a sweet daughter that you love with all your heart!

*Winner may choose one of the following HeartGram™ Sets: Cherry/Coral, Coral/Cherry, Cherry/Cherry, Coral/Coral, Snow/Snow.

Check out the lovely LoveFeast shop and order a HeartGram for someone close to your heart.
You can find LoveFeast on Facebook too!

PS. I’ve got a couple of fun new things to show you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Thanks for entering, this giveaway is now closed and the winner will be announced shortly.


  1. Alison

    Love this cause its so true.

  2. Lori

    Keep the spark alive? Grab your husband once a day, look him in the eyes, and thank him for something. Anything. Sincerely.
    And, once your kids get a bit older and are all out of the house at the same time every once in awhile, lock the door and let that be an instant signal for some intimacy. :)

  3. Catherine

    Keeping the spark alive! I love the topic for Valentine’s Day! I have been married for 32 years. The depth of love in a long term relationship is always changing, therfore the answer to the question of keeping the spark alive changes as well.. The depth of my love for my husband is much deeper than in the early years of our marriage. Love is ever changing with the seasons of life. When my husband still reaches for my hand and still gives me his special little smile just for me, I know the spark is still alive and well. How have we made it all these years? The golden rule always applies. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is amazing what simple everyday little kindnesses shown to one another does for the human spirit of love!

  4. Shara

    I’m right there with you! We’ve been married 11 years and I’m a full time mom with a toddler at home so it’s hard to remember the romance some times. I love these turquoise heartgrams – gorgeous!

  5. Michelle

    Everyday tell ur spouse as something u love appreciate about them. And tell urself one way ur spouse makes u a better person

  6. Jillian {Her Split Ends}

    You are so right…sometimes life just takes over and you get so busy. But we try to do one special thing a month for each other…a surprise…something unexpected and just for us!!

    ~ Jillian

  7. Elizabeth

    Yes, romance after 13 years, three boys, 2 jobs and a dog is hard to come by. Sometimes I leave little notes where he will find them and be surprised. I also have been taking him his favorite soft drink from the fountain over my lunch to his work. And I LOVE the heartgrams!!!!!

  8. Michele

    I love these plush hearts!
    Take time everyday to hug~really hug! It is amazing how much love you can squeeze into a hug!

  9. Katie

    So cute! I would send one to my mom. She could always use some extra love.

  10. Judy

    I try to tuck a chocolate Hersheys kiss into my husbands lunch. We’ve been married for 33 years…seems impossible to find the romance sometimes – for us it is now a process of re-kindling it.

  11. Gina

    Love these! My hubby is a Valetine baby so these would be the perfect birthday/valentine gift to give him. I would get to enjoy them too! We’ve been together since high school (’76) and it is so easy to let things slide with everyday life.

  12. Stef Hartman

    We talk often remembering how we first met and our best memories. xoxo

  13. Susan

    I love these. I good way to share the most precious gift God gave us Love!

  14. Jan

    I am becoming so aware of living life as an act or worship to my King. My whole day and night 24/7 is an act of worship if I am aware of His Majesty. God is love. May I love my husband and my family in His love. 1 Corinthians 13

  15. Michele Laramay

    Touch. I need to remember to touch my honey when I walk by. A hand on the shoulder, a pat on the, um, bum. Touch throughout the day and evening are so important to staying connected.

  16. laney

    …i was not that into the pumpkins…but i love the hearts!…i need a bushel basket and 43 hearts…one for each year i have been married…blessings laney

    • laney

      …mercy…i did not read carefully…i didn’t realize this was a give away…i sound positively greedy…43 hearts indeed!…i don’t need a thing…blessings laney

  17. Denise T

    Love these. Thank you for the greatest giveaway.

  18. Karla Lyndaker

    Take time ALONE – no kids, no phones, no computers – just the two of you. Show appreciation – it’s easy to take the small things for granted that happen on a daily basis. Gross your kids out – it’s your job! When my kids say “eeeewwww, they’re kissing again” I know I’m confirming in front of my kids, how much I love their daddy!

  19. Michele D.

    As my husband already delicately told me, he will be out of town on Valentine’s Day, returning the 15th. We will be doing something special, but these would be a lovely surprise when he gets home. Not to mention they are adorable! They would brighten up my family room, for sure, where we could always be reminded of our great 19 years :)

  20. Cynthia

    After 32 years of committed love, it still does take some extra attention to bring the zing back following a busy season when “we” has been a bit neglected. I love little surprises- texting hugs and kisses, a note left in the tp roll (it’s just the two of us, so that’s safe!), pkt of favorite gum left in my car cup holder, etc. These tiny and inexpensive things tell me I have been thought about. One of us initiating a few of these acts of love always brings in a freshness. PS- date nights are still as essential now as when we had kids at home!

  21. Kathy A. – these HeartGrams are so stinkin’ cute! And to keep romance alive, I think it’s important to…hug everyday….give little surprises here and there just because (his favorite candy bar, etc.) – without expecting anything in return….learn how to forgive & forget….have a regular date night (and it doesn’t really have to cost anything – we go to Lowe’s or the mall on Wednesday nights when our son is at his youth group meeting and we just walk around & talk, and actually even hold hands!). And sometimes, yes, it’s kinda hard to find the time and/or energy for some of these things (& others!)…but it is so very much worth it!!!

  22. Debbie

    Sweet! I love the thought of sharing our love with those we are close too. I would give these to my daughter who has been in a second accident through no fault of her own and has been in terrible back pain. I love visiting your site, I am uplifted, encouraged, inspired to be all that I can sharing with my family.
    Thank you~

  23. Aindrea

    I would love to send a HeartGram to my mom, who could really use a little cheering up. We recently lost my father and maybe just one of these would give her a smile. Anyone who knew my parents knew that they were soul mates, and were just made for eachother. Sure there were bumps in the road but they had eachother and always leaned on one another no matter what. So love eachother every day and remember LOVE never dies.

  24. Shelley

    I’ll be married 13 years this Feb. With two kids, and life it’s hard to keep the romance alive. We always go away for our anniv. Just a weekend away but it always recharges us and lets us have great uninterrupted conversation. Take time for each other. Be invested in each other’s passions. Be unselfish.

  25. joan

    We celebrate 30 years marriage this month… How do we keep the spark alive? It is in the everyday things… greeting him at the door, always a kiss hello and goodbye, a goodbye wave from the window, a thank you for help with a mundane task, telling him I appreciate the sacrifices he has made for the health and betterment of our family, a thank you for his steadfast love and commitment, prayers for his well being. I tell him he is my “one and only”. I still smile at the very sight of him!

  26. Mary

    Love the blue hearts. Being to sure to always let your significant other know that he is appreciated. Simply saying thank you goes a long way.

  27. Anne Ruyault

    So beautiful giveway. I would like to give one to my closest freind, she is so

  28. jerew

    We do not watch much tv so we spend time talking to each other and sharing the events of the day. I think that keeps us close, and we too talk about our first days and nights together!!

  29. Cindy

    These are so adorable! Will look great in my great room,

  30. Michelle

    I guess my best advice is to keep laughing together. My hubs makes it easy by always making a joke after the argument is over, and it always brings us back together if we have had a disagreement. There’s nothing like a little laughter to bring back the perspective!

  31. Sharon

    My husband’s mother passed a way on Christmas Eve. I’d love to give this to him as a gift as a constant reminder of how much he’s loved.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  32. Sharlotte

    These are so pretty. I’d leave them up too so I can be reminded of love.

  33. Michele R.

    Monthly date night is always a good thing.

  34. monica

    I would give them to my husband.We could keep them out in the bedroom!They are so pretty!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  35. vanessa baughman

    My husband is always telling me, kissing for at least 1 minute every morning and a good hug is vital to our day. I would love to put these adorable hearts on our bed to thank him for his love.

  36. Brenda

    These are adorable. I would give these to my Mother-in-law. She is a wonderful Mom and a great friend to me who is always there for me when I need to talk. It would be so nice to give these to her to show how much I appreciate her.

  37. Deana B

    My hubby & I try very hard to keep the romance going after 17 years. With 3 kids date nights out are not always possible & can be expensive. I will set a romantic cheese plate, wine etc and we will boot the kiddies out. They know it’s our special time and they respect that. My mom & dad used to do this as well. They would make whiskey sours, cook steaks & my sister & I had to stay in our rooms. So it’s a special tradition I took them them – and they are married 52 years! So it must work :)

  38. Cindy

    They are so lovely. We have been married 16 years next month. We have two beautiful daughters, 9 and 8 years old. We kiss good-bye every morning and we make time for date nights. Time with my husband is so important, we make it a priority. Helps recharge our flirtiness!

  39. Cynthia

    I would give the set of cushy, plush hearts to my wonderful daughter to tell her how much I love her.

  40. ericka

    Love this post! My husband and I have been together thirteen years and married three. We have always reserved Friday nights as our date night-just the two of us. Whether we go out or stay home, it is time for us to just focus on each other. It gives us something to look forward to at the end of each week as well as reconnect after a long week of responsibilities.

  41. Anne Marie

    I would love to give this to my daughter who is going through a difficult first pregnancy. I know it would cheer her up and show her how much I love her!!

  42. Arlene Selser

    My husband is my gift from God – late in life. We are both more in love today than we were when we got married 10 years ago. We make each other a priority during a busy week. Letting nothing interfere with something so important as our relationship.
    So as we enter the next phase in our marriage, the empty nest, we are so excited to start another chapter in our love. This would definitely be a great reminder to care for each others heart daily.

  43. Ellen Moore

    This June my husband and I will celebrate our 54th anniversary! (Yes, we are older than dirt.) We are planning to move out of the house we raised our children in and hope to find a condo nearer our church. One floor living is what we are looking for. We have always been concerned about each other, but as we have matured (aged) the concern for the others safety and well-being has grown. God made it very clear to us that we were meant for each other and that is how we live, thankful that we have been given the one that is the “right fit”.

    I look forward to putting the beautiful hearts in our dining room for all to see, especially my dear husband. They will be a reminder of our love and our commitment to each other.

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful give-away.

  44. Amanda

    We have 4 little girls from ages 3 to 9, and with all the busyness around us, sometimes I forget to just look at him and smile. I have to make a point to forget about the mess for a minute, get myself close to him, grab him, put my arm around him, and stop running through the house, just to get our faces close and communicate, “I haven’t forgotten you. I appreciate you. I need you…” all that good stuff. :)

    I adored the pumpkins and these soft hearts are adorable too, but darn pricey. So I really appreciate the opportunity to win some!

  45. Dawn L

    My idea for the night it to find a baby sitter for our 2 children, make a nice dinner, rent a good movie, and TURN OFF OUR PHONES!!!! Spend a few hours just concentrating on “us”.

  46. Lisa Brown, ink and inspirations

    Love these beautiful hearts! After 38 years of marriage, I can say it’s the little things that keep the spark alive. Pray together, leave a little love note in an unexpected place, saying “I love you”, spending time together, expressing appreciation for all that he provides, “date nights”. If it’s from your heart, he’ll know!

  47. Kelly Reber

    Love these! So pretty…. Been with my hubs for 12 years now… just have to remember to laugh together and always kiss good morning and goodight!

  48. Heather Neubauer

    Since we have three children, two girls ages 6 and almost 8 and our baby boy being only 10 months old and me being 19 weeks pregnant…we don’t go out very often, but we do date. We’ve been married for 17 years and still ask each other out (usually via text). I try and keep fresh flowers in the house, restyle something so the place looks extra special our date nights. We make a special dinner for the grown-ups b/c we usually eat as a family. When I’m not pregnant (which has not been for a while), we try new drinks, really talk or watch something we did not get to see in the theater, etc. However, we are purposely affectionate (especially in front of the children and say lots of “I love you’s!”

    I agree with Lisa Brown who posted just above, always sharing what you both appreciate about each other and taking time to really notice the effort your spouse makes to show love. We try to make a big deal about these things in front of our children too, b/c we want their example of marriage to be a great one. Love the hearts and thanks for getting us thinking!

  49. Nancy

    Do something every single day that you know will please your husband. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small – just do or say something that will put a smile on his face or make his hugs a little tighter. Love the cherry red hearts!

  50. Amy Murillo

    Thank you for a chance at winning a set of those beautiful hearts! After 20 years of marriage, we try to do a “date-night” on a regular basis. It helps to keep that flame burning.

  51. Catherina

    Yes indeed things can get crazy busy. I am the mother of a 5 yr old,2 yr old and 4 month old. To keep the spark alive I do my best (and funny and lame as it might sound) I make a point out of getting all dressed up every day. Trust me, it’s a hard thing to do when you are a stay at home mom with a million and one tiny little needs of my kiddies to be met. So much easier to just stay in launge clothes all day when you are going to be cleaning toiletts, preparing food, changing diapers, nursing and getting spit up on…who wants to wear make up?lol! i say for stay at home moms take care of yourself….put on some makeup and even bright red lipstick….that for me keeps the spark alive!:-)

  52. Allison A.

    So adorable. Gotta say, the packaging is awesome too! I love the cherry/coral combo and would send these to my Mother. She’s been alone longer than I’ve been alive and sometimes, a call is good but a Daily reminder with your eyes would be sweet too. We live states apart and though I can’t physically hug her myself, these would be a good start.

  53. Maureen

    We have been married 14 yrs. Though we do not have children (I have a health issue), we are busy. My husband goes to work early each morning and I drive into where my parents live and help with them (as my father has had a stroke and my mother last year had 2 -14 hour heart surgeries). Our time is our weekends. We spend a lot of the time we have together on the weekend. We also call each other a few times during the day, if just to find out what the other wants for dinner.

  54. Yvonne

    The Lord has blessed us with 44 years of marriage we have had ups and downs and the Lord has seen us through all of these we have been truly Blesed and iit is so easy to get caught upin everyday life and forget about the one that has is going through it with you we have to make the time to look over and say I Love and Thank God you are here by my side. We tell each other every night even when its not so easy sometimes it always looks better the next day.

  55. Missy June

    Nothing gets my sparks kindled as much as a real kiss, pulled in close, more than a second and tender with the possibility of more. Seriously, that does it for me!

  56. Anna Starner

    I just love the Cherry heartgram. I would love to send my husband one. This April we will be married forty years. After as many years as we are together romance sometimes takes a back seat to everyday events. Way to often we are busy with meetings , work or family obligations that we don’t have the time or energy for a fun evening. Planning an entire day once a month seems to work better. We can sleep in and get up to a leisurely breakfast or go out for breakfast. After that we do whatever we planned and have an early dinner. The evening is spent relaxing and just enjoy the evening together sitting outside in the evening with a fire or snuggled inside with movie and the fireplace.

  57. Emily

    I like to show my husband appreciation daily for everything he does for our family.

  58. Alissa O.

    Those hearts are adorable! Date nights often (once a week if possible) really help keep that spark alive!

  59. gigikennedy

    Wow! super pretty!! I would love to win these! I think I’d send them to my mom & dad. They live 3 states away from me & my family. This year I’m trying to be better at keeping in touch and making sure to send little gifts every once in a while to make sure they know how much we love and appeciate them. My mother is an artist, seemstress and the oldest of 9. These luxe hearts would be something she would SO enjoy but would never in a million years buy for herself b/c of the hefty pricetag. It would be so wonderful to spoil her with these.
    Gigi Kennedy

  60. Shanna Gilbert

    I would send the hearts to my mom. She is having a hard time in life right now and I think that they would really cheer her up.

  61. V.Higgins

    So cute! ^_^
    Taking the time to plan a night out (we try to each plan one a month, so the goal is to go out twice a month) but also being open to doing something spontaneous. Last Friday we had a spur-of-the-moment date night and it was *just* what I needed <3

  62. Alicia

    I would give to a dear friend who just can’t seem to get ahead! Gets through one thing and something else happens….brother’s cancer, father’s alzheimers, father in law near fatal car crash (7 months in hospital and now in rehab) you get the picture. These would make her smile!!

  63. Lisa

    Making more of an effort to bring romance to my marriage was the only resolution I made this year. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve really done anything different so far, but this post was a good reminder!

  64. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    Romance never meant as much to me as being **cherished** and Dave and I **cherished** each other. In the mornings, while he drank the pot of coffee I’d made earlier, we’d talk while I fixed breakfast. We always ate our meals together, we were together 24/7/365 for the most part and never tired of each other’s company.
    Frequently, we’d forget Valentine’s Day and our anniversary because Each and Every Day was special; a gift never to be unwrapped again, never to be enjoyed again save in memories. Neither of us allowed anyone else to come between us or before us; not even when his mother lived with us.
    We never forgot US is stronger than me and we never took each other for granted.
    So, who am I giving a Valentine to this year? No one because Dave died and, for me, there is no one else.

  65. Lexie

    The key to the spark is communication. I have not had a valentine in many years if I had a husband, keep communication doors open at all times. I have a dear friend who is going through a very difficult time who would love one of these to cheer her up

  66. Tara G.

    Sometimes when schedules are so busy, we make an appointment in the morning for some intimate time later on that day. Sounds rather business-like, but it’s fun to anticipate and whatever needs to get done has to be worked around that time. It’s not a good idea to let this area be stagnate.

    We have a parents’ night out at our church once a month, and this one falls on the 15th. I have already been working on plans for us to have a romantic dinner at home while the kids are at what they call, “kids night out!”

  67. Jennifer M

    I would love to win these for my mom! I live in Indiana (soon Colorado) and she lives in Florida, so we don’t get to see one another much (sometimes we go years without a visit). I don’t think she gets enough reminders throughout her days that she is loved. These hearts would be a daily reminder that her oldest child, despite the physical distance, thinks of her daily, and loves & misses her more than she realizes.

  68. Nancy THurston

    I would love a set of these for my youngest daughter. She loves turquoise! She is my step daughter – her mom died of cancer when she was 4 and I love her like myown!

  69. Cheri

    So true. Thanks for the reminder. I need to start showing both my husband and children my love in little ways…not just in the mundane, everyday tasks of life.

  70. Crystal

    With a toddler our key to keeping the spark is sleep…and getting out of the house!

  71. Lin

    My husband and I thank each other every night before we go to bed for the things we have done that day. It is nice to know someone appreciates what you do.

  72. Robyn

    Love the HeartGrams!! 15 years later . . .my husband and I still hold hands! Simple thing that means so much!

  73. Cindy Brickley

    We have been together since 1976. We tell each other I Love you several times a day. We hug and kiss when we pass each other or if one of us goes outside or away. We do just about everything together. I love the coral heart grams and would love to send it to my Son and wife.

  74. von

    for keeping the spark–between bill paying, home improvements, concussions & broken bones :-)–taking even just 15 minutes alone soon after husband comes in the door, to talk and process our day, helps. as a home school family, someone is ALWAYS with us (a very good thing) and just setting this healthy boundary tells my children that husband and I are a pair and we are important. now that they are all teens, they are encouraging date nights for us, which has happened once–nice.

  75. Madeline

    I’d send one of these to my mom. She would adore it!

  76. KT

    My husband and I have found that saying thank you is one of the best way to keep the spark alive. We have made a habit of saying thank you for EVERYTHING. “Thank you for unloading the dishwasher.” “Thanks for taking the dog for a walk.” And after a particularly loooooooong work day… “Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family / help pay off this bill / make this upcoming vacation possible.” It infuses all those ordinary life-management moments with meaning.

  77. Ginger

    Such a good reminder! We’ve been married for 23 years and have three amazing kids. Our middle son has sever developmental delays and special needs, so we do get bogged down by work, home, and special care. Nevertheless, we try to remember to hug and hold hands. I like to sneak up behind my hubby when he’s on the computer and give him a little kiss on the neck and thank him for something mundane that he has done, like changing a diaper or loading the dishwasher. I also like to thank him for being a fantastic dad. He loves to hold my hand and snuggle on the couch. It’s important to remember that even when we tick each other off, we are committed to each other. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  78. Carol Walker

    Thank you for such a sweet post! Yes, it is important to keep the romance going. We will be married for 50 years this July, and a couple of things which I believe are very important to keep that romance going are: compromise (we can’t always have our own way – a biggie!). The second thing is to make some time for each other each week, even if it’s only going out to dinner (or in our situation, sometimes bring in “fast food” to eat together!).
    As to what I would do if I was able to receive one of those lovely hearts – I would give it to our daughter. She works so hard to keep her marriage alive and make a pleasant home for the family. She has been homeschooling her 2 children since they were old enough (they are now 7 and 11), and works very hard to prepare a fun and interesting curriculum. Even though it is hard work, she never complains! Whether or not I would be one of the lucky thousands to receive the heart, thank you for a precious post!

  79. Diana Johannesen

    What a nice idea…
    Also, we keep the bedroom uncluttered the rest of the house can go crazy.
    I really try to keep the bedroom simple. Just focus on each other when we are in there…

  80. Mary

    These are so pretty! I have been married for almost 2 years- I keep my spark alive in my marriage by always telling my husband I love him.

  81. KcScamp

    I think these are so adorable, I was attracted at first glance and had to read more…I would like to send these to a dear dear friend that has been dealing with a lot of things and could use some “heart”. I would be choosing the Cherry/Cherry combo as red is her very favorite color.
    I would so love to win.

  82. Jennifer

    Would give to my sweet husband, he is so good to me. Staying at home now , not able to work, never complains and takes care of me when I am sick! 30. Years this year!

  83. Angie

    I love these hearts. They look so Eleg-omfy or Comf-elegant! (I’m still trying to decide which word will be the direction I’m taking in my home.)

    I think I’d order one to cheer up a friend, although I think she’d much prefer it from her husband. Often times, we want our husbands to be the pursuers (sp?) in the romance department but we need to pursue our husbands as well. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture. Ironing their shirts (with a good attitude) or making them a special dinner (something you know they enjoy). It can even be just working on an area of your home that, even if they don’t notice, will benefit them in some way or bring more comfort to them when they come home or watch television.

    My husband notices when I go out of my way to do something for him (most of the time).

    I think that a wife being generous with R-E-S-P-E-C-T speaks the loudest to most husbands that I know and literally costs nothing (monetarily); however, it is probably the greatest investment a woman can make to keep romance alive in her relationship.

  84. Diane

    My hubby and I have been married for 42 years. We have been through ups and downs over these years, but we try to keep the line of communication open and pray together each day.

  85. Kim

    i write little poems and put them by my hubbys coffee when he is up early and out the house so he remembers to come back into the bedroom and kiss me goodby!!!

  86. Tami C.

    Beautiful. If I won it would go to my closest friend. She is going through a very serious trial in her marriage and could use some love from a friend.

  87. Janet

    I would give this to my best friend since first grade. She is the mom of two very special boys who both have autism. I also have a daughter who has autism and she has basically blazed a path for me through the world of autism that I would have had to endure on my own had she not been in my life.

  88. Christine

    My advice….put God first. When you have your First Love then all others fall into line.

  89. Lisa P.

    Love these!!!

    Date nights are soooo important!

  90. Helen

    Absolutely beautiful!

    My husband and I have decided that this year in our relationship is about recapturing the spirit of fun. For us that is so important and in the busyness of life has somewhat fallen by the wayside. So this year we have both vowed that we are going to have lots of fun together! That’s romance for us x

  91. Deb

    A kiss good morning, a kiss good night, a kiss hello and a kiss good-bye with lots of really good hugs in between. 31 years together and still in love!

    I can see those beautiful hearts sitting on my bedroom dresser! Love them!

  92. Wendi

    Your words are so true! It happens. There is no intent to make it that way. It just happens. My husband and I had a great Saturday as we were together and I was helping him do stuff for his business. He was so thankful. It felt so great to just be working with him. Side by side. Since I homeschool I am with my children all day long. The three of us go everywhere together. Do everything together. My husband misses out on so much life with us. Sometimes it pulls us away. Slowly. Thank you for the reminder today. Thank you.

  93. Erica

    I love the idea of slowing down and remembering to enjoy each moment. I’m often focused on the future and everything we need to do. I take the present moment for granted and forget to enjoy it. My goal is to slow down and take in those moments that are caught between the busy times.

  94. Tracey S

    A kind word, an affectionate touch, and the decision to make it work.

  95. Alison

    We try to be intentional every day but especially on Valentines. Most years we send the little one away and make a wonderful steak dinner together then share a bath. It brings back that just married feeling after nine years.

  96. Naomi W.

    Life is sometimes hard and romance moves to the back burner. I would give a set to my husband of 19 years.

  97. Carmen Goddard

    We try to take time once a week to spend time together without the kids, we usually go to Starbucks and have coffee and just talk, and really listen. Awesome giveaway!

  98. Keri

    I really love this giveaway! so pretty!!
    My Hubbs and I use post it notes! He works nights so I like to post a little love note in a place he will find it. His lunch bag, the door to the bathroom, inside the fridge. It makes me smile when I find a note that says”you look pretty” stuck to the milk jug in the morning.

  99. maria

    I think there is nothing in the world like writing a heartfelt note with just the right special words to let the receiver know how much you appreciate and see their wonderfulness! If appropriate a small token gift for no reason at all left with the note helps too but most of all it is about the words!!

  100. Marty

    My husband had a double lung transplant on Mother’s Day, but before that, he was terribly sick for 2 years and spent most of his time sitting in his chair. I started going up behind his chair and hugging him and kissing his forehead every time I passed by. Now that he’s so much better, I’ve kept up the tradition. It always makes him smile……

    These hearts are incredible…I would so love to give one to my sweetheart!

  101. JessicaIME

    ALONE TIME, and not talking about only the kids while your enjoying said alone time!!!!! me and my husband have been together for almost 10 years now and are the lucky parents of the most adorable, wonderful, fantastic, 5 year old with autism. It (the autism) has consumed our lives! With all the Schools, and therapists and advocating, we sometimes get into ruts where all we talk about is him, and what is going on in his little world, we forget that the two of us are also in our own worlds, and we get so disconnected!

  102. Beth

    Wonderul resolution — I’m going to try to do the same! And I’d love to have a set of these sweet pillows . . .so pretty!

  103. Margie

    Nothing wrong with some kissing and ……… Would love to give these to my husband of 21+ years!

  104. Jane

    These hearts are so cute!!! My best advice, tho cliche, is to make time for each other. Turn off the tv, put the phone down and talk!!

  105. Sara Noel

    Make each day count. Speak with purpose and meaing and never take each other for granted

  106. Tiffany

    I would send to my husband. Not sure quite how to keep the spark, we are always overwhelmed with the kids and the house

  107. sarah

    ooh….how i think these are super adorable. hubby and i just had our five and a half year anniversary. with two little boys, romance is hard to find right now…but we just had two great date nights in one week, and we both loved every minute of it. so nice of him to get my door and hold my hand instead of us chasing after little guys.

  108. Terry

    I’d give them to my mom who has bravely battled lung cancer for over 23 years but is facing some challenges.

  109. Joanne B.

    Love these hearts! The red ones are scrumptious! After 32 years of marriage it is easy to always see the old habits that I ‘less than love’ about my husband. When life gets a little stale and humdrum I try to remember that those things I hate about him are the ones that I thought were so “unique” when we were first dating or newly married! And I fall in love with that man all over again…

  110. Stacey

    This year a group of friends and I are focusing on being the wives God has called us to be. We are praying for our husbands specifically too. We are asking God to do more than we can ask for or imagine in our marriages!

    The hearts are adorable.

  111. Heatherbee

    I would give them to my sister. She has the most heart in the family.

  112. Wendy

    My husband and I intentionally do things for each other. I make his lunch, he warms up the car for me…We will be empty nesters before we know it and I think it’s important to talk and LISTEN and to spend time just being together. ♥

  113. Jenn

    This year I’m doing 14 days of Valentines starting Feb 1st for my husband. If I won I would send this to an amazing friend who has a lot on her plate right now and this would cheer her up.

  114. Kate

    We make sure to play our own version of 20 questions, or we do word association. Seems silly, but it gets us talking and snuggling in together!

  115. Donna Bettencourt

    After almost 48 years of marriage the spark flickers and changes but never goes out as long as you remember to be kind to each other!


  116. Lynn M

    Oh, how adorable. I love all the ideas for keeping that spark alive. My advice is to take an interest in what he enjoys. He’s not the “hearts & flowers” type guy, so I’d send a little luv out to our daughter who is 900 miles away from home!! She’s working hard and loving living on her own, but we miss her terribly.

  117. Debbie

    I am in love with my husband…he is a wonderful, honorable man. He makes me proud. He has had a short stay in the hospital lately so I would give these hearts to him. I hope to win in order to surprise him! Thanks for the give away!

  118. Amy Davis

    Love the hearts, I would love to give to a special girlfriend that is in need of love right now.

  119. Melanie

    Adorable! Thanks for a chance! I’d pass them on to one of my girls . . . now, which one?

  120. Debbie

    Spend at least 15 minutes everyday talking with your spouse. No tv, no kids, just talking!

  121. Kim L.

    I would send them to my deployed husband to remind him how much he is loved

  122. Linda Hobbs

    “Date Nights” work wonders for relationships/marriages. Love is in the air! Thank you for chance!

  123. jackeline

    I would pass this along to my sweet daughter Genesis.

  124. Angelika Rauth

    If I won the heart grams I would give them to my best friend Nikki, because she deserves a little something new and fun to decorate her home with! And of course, because I love her!

  125. Brenda

    I find that my words have so much power. Power to destroy or power to build up. My husband loves when I speak words of encouragement. He wants to know and see I respect him greatly. Moments like these ignite romance to take place!

  126. Krystin

    I definitely agree with the sentiment of this post. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful Valentine’s Day :)

  127. Patty

    Taking time to sit close to my husband on the couch every evening means quite a lot to him.

  128. Kelley Jacobs

    Always pray together, play together, and laugh together!

  129. Erin

    I do like the idea of a valentine. I enjoyed how you are making your love and relationship a priority instead of a job. I very much enjoyed it.

  130. Tif

    Doing the chores that the other person hates! And DATE NIGHT.

  131. Sue

    How true it is that we sometimes put romance on the back burner. I just watched Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones this week-end when my husband was away. It really made me think about things and how one can get complacent after our 43 years of marriage. So I’m trying to do my part to put some romance back into our marriage. We are starting by giving up the family vacation with our grown children and their spouses and trading it for one just for us. We are both really looking forward to it.

  132. Rachel dG

    Taking just a few minutes every night before bed to pray and read a devo. And regularly checking in on a heart level. So important, yet easy to let slide in the busyness of life and all the to-do’s!

  133. jessica w

    honestly and respect are huge I think

  134. teresa

    Keeping the spark alive….Each night I write in a little red notebook by my husband bedside table….things that make me love him….Todays entry….I Love that you took the trash out.
    Happy Day
    Great giveaway.

  135. Cindi

    There are a few special people in my life that I would love to send your lovely
    HeartGrams to ~ my 94 year old dad, my sister, my niece, my two wonderful
    sons and one’s fiance! The relationship in my life that really needs this life
    reminder is myself and my husband of 27 years. The last three years, I have
    seen our relationship hit a pitstop…His work takes him to Japan for months
    at a time and when he is home, he is working most of the time!!!!! This heart
    reminder would be most appreciated…Many thanks, Cindi

  136. Sally P

    I would love to win these beautiful hearts and share them with my daughters :)

  137. Alison

    For our 15th anniversary, my husband and I took a 7day cruise ( the last time we were away for more than a weekend was our honeymoon!). Before the trip I bought the book,The 5 Love Languages. We read it together and found out what fills our “love tank”. Everyone’s needs our different. Mine is Acts of Service….that means when my husband helps me around the house without me asking or nagging, I feel loved. My husbands on the other hand is Words of Affirmation…..he likes to hear how much I appreciate all he does for our family…There are three other groups, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Discovering what keeps our love tanks full
    has helped us reconnect……..even with the kids around!

  138. Michelle

    Love these plush hearts. Make time to get away. Even a long weekend makes a difference.

  139. jennifer

    I would send these to my mom. She would love them.

  140. Heike

    I would give this to my mom because she’s great :)

  141. Colleen

    I’d give them to my best friend since she’s struggling with chronic illnesses and could use a bit of happiness in her day.

  142. janis

    I adore those heartagrams! I think keeping the romance in the little things make a difference everyday. Lighting the candles every night at dinner, even dressing up to go to the movies, leaving love notes around, it’s all of the little things that set the tone in our everyday life.

  143. grace

    Starting my day with my morning devotional seems to work all the time. January this, at least where I live, is so dreary and lots of cloudy days … I get so unmotivated. Also think about my husband everyday – sending him text or love notes seems to help me to think of him and appreciate him.

  144. Ruth E Chidley

    We take a day trip from time to time. Just to get away from the day to day pulls on our life and focus just on each other, makes for a time of true connection. Just the two of us in the car, enjoying what God created for us in that very day and time makes us realize how blessed we are to be together. We often recall traveling a high desert road one Fall day when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a mother cow in the process of giving birth as we were driving by. I called my husband’s attention to it as we were going past. He quickly turned the car around, pulled up beside the fencing and we got out of the car to stand in awe at one of God’s creations coming into the world. Needless-to-say, with my husband’s arm around me and both of us with big smiles on our faces as we shared this unexpected and beautiful experience, we couldn’t help but feel a special closeness of our own. I highly recommend a driving day trip, with no particular destination in mind, just to enjoy each other and whatever God may want to share with you, to bring a closeness in your marriage you can draw on when times seem to be out of balance. If I am blessed with the lovely heart gift, I think I would share one with each of my two daughters, they both could use a little extra love right now. : )

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