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{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration, Details

{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

D o you love the look of exposed wood beams in a room? I sure do! The living rooms in two of our old houses had old beams on the ceiling and I REALLY miss that architectural feature. Didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started staring at my own flat ceilings every day.  Plain drywalled white ceilings can be so, well,  flat. And kind of boring. Sigh. Beams add so much character and warmth to a home!

{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling BeamsTraditional Hall design by Other Metro Interior Designer Joel Snayd

{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams
{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams
This post is sponsored by AZ Faux Beams.
A couple of my blogging friends have recently installed awesome looking faux wood beams in their homes and I was inspired! Maybe this is something I should consider ADDING to my home to give it more of that character I love.
{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams
Faux ceiling beams in kitchen {Home Stories A to Z}.
Check out Beth’s kitchen wood beams and Traci’s bathroom beams! GORGEOUS, right? I never would have guessed they weren’t original to their homes or that they were faux beams.  You can read their posts to find out how they installed the beams and more details on their projects!

{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

Installing Faux Wood Beams in Bathroom {Beneath My Heart}

Don’t these wood beams add a ton of character?
{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams
Be sure to check out all the amazing options for adding faux beams to your home!


  1. Lisa

    The exposed beams sure make a house seem warmer. I like it.

  2. Stacey

    We have wood beams in our home and I love them!

  3. Grace

    My absolutely type of overhead beams is ones that are painted white. I love that French farmshouse look more than natural beams (although they can look warm as well).

  4. nicki

    tHANKS FOR THAT POST! i HAVE A BEAM GOING STRAIGHT ACROSS MY CEILING IN MY LIVING ROOM, I have been debating about painting it white, with an very light grey ceiling, or having it done to look like wood. It is a cathedral ceiling. What do you think? YOu can see my living room at I would love your opinion!

  5. Monique

    I love the wood beams and I know I am in the minority but I still love wood trims and baseboards. Painted trims and baseboards are pretty as well but in my mind nothing cozies up a room better than nice woodwork.

    Thanks for this post. I don’t see many bloggers embracing wood in any form.

  6. Catherine Ellenwood

    So interesting. I am reminded how styles swing and exposed beams is a swing to another time. It wasn’t too long ago that the decor industry was telling us to paint them. Then there’s the whole feng shui thing about them, which would cause one to paint them. I do love exposed wood as trim, but not so sure about beams.

    Beautiful photos though.

    • Melissa

      Yes, for a long while everyone was painting wood trim and beams white. But now there is a growing appreciation once again for more rustic natural wood!

      • Laura

        Yup. Isn’t it funny how fashions come in and out of style like that? :)

  7. Mandy DeTurk

    I have beams in my living room and they are painted white. This post made me die. I wish mine weren’t painting, I’m starting to think it may be worth it to strip them.

  8. maryrose

    Wood beams are great for giving warmth to rooms with high ceilings, too. I just love the character of natural wood!

  9. Suzi Dia (The Pillow Studio)

    It is so funny… I have exposed wood beams on the ceiling in my foyer and I was just thinking I should paint them white. Now you are making me reconsider. Hhmmm…

  10. Laura

    Wow!! I absolutely LOVE every single one of these. Wood beams add a beautiful rustic feel to a modern home. So cool…

  11. teresa

    Love beams….it is one of my goals to someday have a room with beam ceilings.
    Happy Day

  12. Rebecca

    I really love this look. We have exposed beams and someone painted over them. BOO. I am too lazy to get them sandblasted but think about it from time to time.


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