Spring Dining Room

Spring Dining Room

My husband brought me a pot filled with blooming tulips today. Sweet? Yes. Maybe it was to make up for not getting around to hanging my kitchen blinds. But in any case, it was a nice gesture! I LOVE seeing tulips, they are my favorite. The pretty white tulips inspired me to freshen up the dining room this afternoon with a few simple touches of spring.

Spring Dining Room

I took the table runners off and just let the table be bare with the exception of the tulips, some wheatgrass I had picked up at the grocery store the other day and a little bird and nest.

Yes, the leaves are still unpainted. I realize this. But I kind of like the funkiness of it, so I’m alright leaving it that way for now. The whole table needs to be repainted so that it is a project for another day!

*Update: I’ve had many questions about my dining room light fixture! It’s an outdoor lantern from Pottery Barn, here is the link!

Spring Dining Room

Around Christmas time I brought the new console table in from the “gathering space” formerly known as our living room. Please disregard the little green Easter grass that fell on the chair. Just noticed that. Eh hem.

Anyway, the table is nice and narrow so it fit nicely in the dining room even with the chairs pulled out. It is a perfect surface for a lamp, setting up buffets and even just for display. Right now, my Easter bunnies are hanging out there! I love seeing those bunnies. And I love seeing little touches of spring around the house.

Spring Dining Room

Spring Dining Room

Spring Dining Room

Spring Dining Room

Spring Dining Room

Have you brought in any touches of spring, yet?

Paint color: Studio Taupe, Behr All in One

Dining Room Lantern: Pottery Barn


  1. Pretty touches of spring.. Hmm, I think I like the painted/unpainted table :-) Agreed… it looks funky and different.
    Cheers, gee

  2. Kathy Sigmon says

    This is beautiful! I’m so ready for spring!
    Can you tell me where you got the lantern pendant?

  3. OMG, I love every single thing about that! Seriously, table love!

  4. I LOVE the table leaves unpainted. Wouldn’t touch them! :)

  5. Barbara (WA) says

    I am with the others – the unpainted table leaves look fun! Such pretty spring touches around the room. I’ve added my favorite spring tablecloth and some white ceramic bunnies here and there. Bought a couple bunches of daffodils today that should open quickly.

  6. Your decor reminds me of Holland. Lots of delft and tulips! As a dutchie, I love it!! But who doesn’t get happy with spring flowers!

  7. I was at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA this weekend and met Michaela, who I believe is good friends with your daughter?! She mentioned your blog when I said I was from Washington as well. And I follow your blog! Just wanted to say hi to a fellow NW blogger!!!


  8. I thought you had left the leaves unpainted on purpose. I really like the table that way.
    :-) and I love tulips … !

  9. I apologize if you’ve given the source before but I’d love to know about your gorgeous curtains. It all looks great!

  10. This is beautiful. What color are your walls???? Been pondering a new color for diningroom and love love love your choice!

  11. I put a wreath of faux forsythia on the front door to welcome spring….and then we promptly got a foot more of snow…..

  12. Love your dining room! So light and airy!

  13. Beautiful, clean, fresh…those are the words that come to mind while looking at this room.

  14. I LOVE your table with the leaves left unpainted!

  15. i love those unpainted leaves and totally thought that was the look you were going for – it the space beautiful, imperfect character. My vote is that you keep it that way – and spend time on another project!

  16. I got tulips for Valentines day! They add such a great freshness to the room. They are so pretty.

  17. Melissa…your dining room has come together perfectly. I love the clean look…and yet there is lots of visual and textural interest. And your Springy look is so serene in white and blue & white. Inspiring!

  18. I love your dining room. It looks like you love World Market as much as I do. :) Looks great!

  19. I love your dining room…I hate to repeat the comment above but it’s true…it’s just lovely. The contrast of the curtains against the stain glass and the wicker chair are perfect. So are the tulips!

  20. I really like the unpainted leaves! I think they look really different and cool! Great dining room :)

  21. You are a trend setter! The moment I saw the table, I loved it. I thought wow, and original idea and it’s amazing. Then I read that it’s the unpainted leaves…I love it just as it is. Your spring decor is awesome too! I may leave something unpainted, totally inspired :)

  22. Spring has sprung at your house. It looks beautiful and tranquil. I’m still surrounded by snow so not feeling spring right now! Hopefully it comes soon.

  23. Kathryn C says

    I LOVE the table as is – I think it looks awesome!

  24. I love the table with the leaves unpainted. I never would have believed it if i hadn’t seen it myself. i might try that one day

  25. Charlotte Orth says

    I love the table just like that too! How did you hang the plates on the wall? What is holding them?

  26. Paint color?

  27. I love.. love.. how it looks.. as is… The colour.. the table.. the wall.. all sooooooooooooooo impressive..

  28. I totally LOVE the table as is! I thought that was intentional at first too, and I love the look. I’m in the process of making a new leaf for an antique dining room table I found (whew…fun times, thank goodness I have a wood craftsman helping!)…I just may leave that leaf different ON PURPOSE now! Awesome.

  29. debbie booth says

    Loving the tour of your home. Its all very “fresh” and warm at the same time. Just wondering about your wicker chairs in the D.R. are they a little lower than the other seating and the table ? Obviously its okay as you have it, but this is something I’m wanting to do. I’m in Canada and Lowes has a similar chair. Nice to “chat” with you !

  30. Simply gorgeous! I’m in the process of redoing out kitchen/dining room and would love wicker/rattan chairs for our kitchen table. Where did you find these?

  31. I got a glimpse if your dining room table on your paint colors post. I’m frantically rummaging around your blog trying to find the diy only to realize you just inserted the leaves. I love it!!!

  32. Hi Melissa! So happy to have found your site. I was wondering how you hung the white dishes and platters on the wall of yor dining room?

  33. Hi Melissa. Thanks for the tour, I love the dining room. I have unpainted leaves in my table as well and most people love it. I didn’t like it at first but i have come around. I absolutely love the chairs. May I ask where you got them?

  34. Hi Melissa, So glad I found your website……………..love it! Crazy about your living area paint colors. If you were to introduce another color to that palette, what would it be? Any suggestions?

  35. Janice Hebert says

    Hi Melissa, I can’t seem to find anything in your blog about those beautiful panels in your dining room – the blue and white ones. Did you make those? I love the pattern…


  36. Hi Melissa, how have I not come across your site before? I was going through my “home” pinterest board and found one of my pins was from your blog (assuming it was a re-pin). Anyway, I’ve been enjoying everything and although this is an older post, I’m wondering if you could tell me where your dining room hanging lantern is from? I’m in love with it!! Thanks so much!

  37. Hi Melissa,
    Your entire home is just beautiful. I’m really enjoying the tour!

    I was just wondering if you could share how you end up painting & finishing your table? I’ve had an awful time with ours. I went for the distressed chalk paint look and first finished with polycrylic (which bubbled up), and then refinished with a couple coats of furniture wax. It still doesn’t hold up to my kids very well. I would love to know if you’ve found a solution for putting a hard protective finish on a heavily used painted table.


  38. Love the table. We just relocated so we plan to get a new dining room table and I’m in love with yours. Where is it from? Also, any posts on how you painted/refinished it as asked above. Before/after pics? Thanks!!

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