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Out to See: Anthropologie

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, My Life, out to see, Stores, Style Tips

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Out to See: Anthropologie
Out to See: Anthropologie

Hello! You made it just in time! I knew you’d visit me today if you saw we were talking about Anthro again. You are my people. Anthro is our home away from home. Our gathering place — even if it is only via pictures in a blog post.

Every now and then we just have to spend a little time in Anthropologie. It’s been far too long! Never mind that I have to hop on a ferry, cross the raging sea and risk life and limb driving through Seattle to get to Anthro. It’s worth it. For our sanity and mental health. We need an Anthro vacation day.

I was talking to someone the other day about my love of Anthro and she said she knew exactly what I was talking about. She loves it too. In fact, when her husband offers to go with her (since it is a long drive for her too), she quietly says no thank you. HAHA. I get that. Anthro isn’t an experience you want to rush. You need time there. Let’s face it. Husbands might be in too big of a hurry to get out. To move on to the Mac Store.

Out to See: Anthropologie

Husbands might not want to linger over the stacks of dishes or the hedgehog measuring cups. Definitely not the hedgehog measuring cups.

I spent at least 15 minutes pondering the fact that these were hedgehogs. With gold noses. That is remarkable. And worth savoring.

Out to See: Anthropologie

I always obsess over all the little trinkets and accessories. The hooks. The letters. The mugs.

Like a kid in the candy shop. I touch, pick up, and lick a few things before I put them back. Just kidding. THAT IS A JOKE!

But I do touch everything. I feel compelled to take that hook off of that black pipe, look at it, and put it back. It doesn’t even matter that we have one of those hooks at home. I will still pick it up there, because it is on a pipe. It’s fun to pick it up and put it back again.

Out to See: Anthropologie

I stare at aprons.

I look at dishes and books.

Not sure which make me happier, dishes or books?

Round and round I go. Dishes and books. Books and dishes.

And those BINS! I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt, discovering something new in this bin or that.

Out to See: Anthropologie

Then I spy THESE books.

My heart does a flip flop..

Out to See: Anthropologie


Out to See: Anthropologie

Out to See: Anthropologie

At first go round I wasn’t sure how I felt about these beds. But no worries, second time around that giant green glass lamp with the grain sack shade caught my eye.

And on the next bed, the white pillow with the colored flower petal design.

There is always a new little discovery, the next time around.

Out to See: Anthropologie

And then THIS happened.

I saw this little fox across the from the hardware bins.

I should have never run over to him.

Certainly should never have picked him up and squished his fluffy bottom or looked at his herringbone suit. I learned my lesson at World Market when I picked up the owl.

You cannot leave a squishy owl or a fox behind. Not if you have a heart.

Out to See: Anthropologie

Honestly. That FACE! Could he be any cuter?

So, I carried him around the store like a baby. Patting his rump and stroking his head.

Who does that?

I do.

I knew he loved me. And I loved him.

But I finally convinced myself he must be quite happy living at Anthro.

I mean, what is not to love about LIVING at Anthro?


I rest my case. And let him stay.

Out to See: Anthropologie

And look at that! I can visit him anytime I want, as I now have my own room.

I think I could live happily ever after here, too.

Thanks for letting me spend the day lingering in your store, Anthro. It was wonderful.

Until we meet again…Anthro lovers…

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Out to See: Anthropologie


  1. Kelly - Talk of the House

    aw…he was waaaaay too cute to leave behind! (and quite classy too, i might add!) On another note..I NEED those little green egg cartons!! They would fit PERFECTLY in my little kitchen refresher. and the nearest anthro is 2 hours away. sigh……….

    • Rene

      Kelly, I don’t have an Anthro near me either…(until next month when one is opening 15 minutes from my house!!!!!!!!) but I have seen those ceramic egg cartons at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Cost Plus World Market just in the last two weeks. Good luck finding them!

  2. Sally

    OH my – I have never been to an Anthro store. (The closest one is over an hour away, I believe.) But, I can see that I must make the journey. I was drooling over your pictures! Thanks for the tour. Not sure I could’ve left that fox behind… ;D

    • Libby Patton

      Sally, please go visit. And report back to us! As Melissa mentions, allow plenty of time. Walk slowly, savor it. Make at least two passes through the store. Smell the wonderful scents. Make friends with the salespeople (they’re great). Touch the garments. Employ all of your senses!

      • Sally

        Hmmmm – I’ll get my hubby to take me — but will have to find someplace close by for him to shop, say… a computer store? I can see I’m going to have to do some research. I mean… I wouldn’t want him to be waiting on me. *wink

  3. Alison

    Die for this! Loving the fox : )

  4. Libby Patton

    Our nearest is a little more than an hour – my hubby takes either my daughter or I (or both) at least once a month. The workers there don’t really remember my daughter or I – but they remember my husband. He just sits and waits patiently (I married him for such qualities as these). We moved across the country recently and spent part of our moving bonus on an Anthro bed for my teenaged daughter (yes, a bribe). It is so funky and perfect for her.

    We were in Chicago right after Christmas – huge sales – our hotel was close to two Anthros and we seriously went to both, two days in a row. Yes, four visits in two days! We just kept finding more and more stuff with great prices – heaven!

  5. Deanna

    I haven’t been to Anthro in far too long. I need to go – I love all the pottery and aprons, and those books! Jane Austen in pretty covers!

  6. Megan W.

    HI Melissa,
    Oh my gosh you CRACK me up, I am still laughing….ok you would be so much fun to go for a cocktail with, or two. What a hoot. Anyone that can have that much fun in a store and a dressing room really knows how to enjoy life!
    Thanks for the bright spot in my day, he he.

  7. Vee

    What a fun post! You had me laughing. And this is the only way I have to visit a store without going several hundred miles south. ( It wouldn’t require a ferry and braving the ocean, though.)

  8. Nancy

    You completely captured my feelings every time I am in an Anthropologie store. Everything is so pretty and happy. I also walk around the entire store several times, always finding pretty new items I didn’t initially see. It smells wonderful (had to buy the Volcano Blue candle to recreate the scent at home), it looks pretty and there actually are things I can purchase (and many I can not, hahahaha).

  9. Diane

    Haha!! I NEED to get to Anthro NOW! :)
    Those books…I think they could sell the jackets and we could just put them on our books about anything. Yes?
    And for me…it’s dishes. Hands down. And dish towels. I can’t explain that one. Just ask my husband and my friends.

    • Barbara (WA)

      Oh, I love your idea of them just selling the covers – that is brilliant!

  10. Victoria

    oh! This post! Everything is so gorgeous! All those dishes and those lovely turquoise goblets I spotted right in the middle of all of them….glassware and that color are a match made in heaven ***sigh*** And your fox story? Thank you for my first laugh of the day! Such a sweet fox and the thought of you walking around the store with him was too cute :-) I love Anthro and I loved this post.

  11. Jenni

    Anthropologie has come a long way if they let you take that many great photos in the store. I clearly remember visiting the store in NYC in 2005 and being chased down because I pulled out my camera to take a photo of a fun book stack display that went all the way to the ceiling.

  12. Julie

    I love it, too! And I’m thrilled to death that we’re actually getting our own Anthro here in my town very soon! Yipeee!

  13. Nancy

    Alas, we have no such place here in this faraway universe called SW Ok. But I believe I would love it. Thank you for the tour. :)

  14. Rachel

    Ohmygosh…. This is exactly how I feel about Anthropologie. I would seriously move in there if I could. I need to share this post with my husband so he understands that it’s not just me that cannot be rushed through Anthropologie!

  15. Lynne

    Melissa! Don’t you love just everything about the UVillage?!
    I too adore Anthro’s cover rendition of the classics!
    Thanks for sharing! You took me to my dream store with my coffee this morning!

  16. Carrie

    I have never been to Anthro (gasp!) but I enjoyed reading about your experience so much that I just checked to find the closest one. It’s not far away!! I had seen those penguin classics on another blog and wondered where to buy them. Now I know. :) I cannot wait for my first trip!!

  17. kristina

    Anthropologie is just around the corner from the Apple store in San Francisco! How lucky is that? My husband doesn’t generally spend as much time at Apple as I do at Anthro, but he knows where all the husbands go to sit, on a long concrete shelf, like birds on a wire…. He used to have company in our daughters, but alas they are teens now and have discovered the wonders of that store, and are now usually found browsing the clothing.

  18. judi

    i know what you mean too! the closest anthro is 1 1/2 hrs. away but on the way to my bff’s house so its a fun trip…as long as hubs isn’t along. lol. and its probably a GOOD thing its not closer or i’d have stock in the store! thanks for sharing your adventure and that adorable fox. i love me some herringbone anyday.

  19. karen on Bainbridge

    Anthropologie has done it’s job in appealing to people like us. Merchandise Mecca. Truly, it is a wonderful experience. Have you toured the downtown Seattle Anthropologie? I prefer taking the extra time to get to the U district because of the other shopping opportunities, but love both stores.

    Cannot figure out how you managed to come home without those hedgehogs….mmmm…wonder if they are waiting for me?

  20. Lexie

    You are so funny. Our Anthro is in Carmel CA. Its very snotty and the teens/ 20 something idiots that work there are so rude. I do not go anymore as they follow you around and treat you like a shoplifter if you just want to look. The last time I was carrying a bowl I wanted and went over to look at clothes and I was jumped by a nasty little teen clerk (a snotty little brat) that practically accused me of trying to steal! The B insisted in looking in my purse!! As if!! I never went back, the store is just to snotty and rude to paying customers. I used to love to buy there but will not step foot in the Carmel store.

  21. Julie

    Love Anthro! Such a cute post! I want that fox too! ;-)

  22. Lisa

    I most definitely need an Anthro where I live…

  23. Sarah

    I have only had the pleasure of visiting Anthro online as I do not live anywhere near one, but I can see myself having much the same experience. I do love that little fox!

  24. Barbara (WA)

    I am such a wimp about crossed the raging sea and risking life and limb so I’ve never been to the Anthro store. I Need To Go. Before you said anything about the lamp I’d spotted it and swooned. But what I really want to know is if you rocked while holding that fox? Heh-heh. Fun post.

    PS: I’ve had quite a few fun drawer pulls arrive in the mail from Anthro.

  25. Tiffany S.

    We’re you downtown? I TOTALLY forgot there was one there, but occasionally pop into the University Village store after battling the crazy parking lot and people who looked like they’ve been beamed in from San Francisco or some other hustling/bustling metropolis.

    YIKES – I can go to the downtown one on my lunch break. That is seriously BAD NEWS!


    Melissa, we are definitely kindred spirits, I do the same thing with soft, cushy stuffed animals, it comes naturally to us, doesn’t it?!! I do the same things you do in Anthro, it is always hard to say goodbye, because I just know there is just one more thing in there I might have missed.

  27. Jennifer

    I thought I was the only one that felt that way about Anthro! Thanks for sharing. It’s been far too long since I have had a visit and it gave me a little peak at the latest goodies!

  28. martha.anne

    I {heart} Anthro! I don’t even think we have them in Ontario? But every far away trip to the US involves a stop at Anthro… You just lost me in heaven!

  29. KMP Modern

    I don’t know what it is about Anthropologie. I try to resist, but I too am beckoned to browse and never leave. It’s funny how so many people love it. They just have stuff that makes you feel happy and bright. Hedgehog measuring cups? Who knew? Thanks for posting all the amazing photos!

  30. Fiona's Mosaic

    I just went for the FIRST TIME a couple of months ago. D was with me. He liked the store too, but we didn’t have much time to look around. I do remember though when I was leaving that I planned to go back without him. I just know he wouldn’t want to stay as long as I would. I just loved it! Can’t wait to go back!

    But I am still an Ikea virgin. lol

  31. sarah

    we are getting one oh so soon…..cannot cannot wait. saw the front of it today…and it is the coolest shape in the coolest green. LOVE

  32. Lisa at celebrate creativity

    I couldn’t agree more Melissa! Anthro is one of my favorite stores especially for all the pretty dishes (and sometimes jewelry). Love all the colors and inspiration on their shelves and in their window displays.

    I have to say, I couldn’t resist the little fox and had to bring one home-lol.

    Hope all is well on your end.

  33. Faith

    I really must go and stop living vicariously through your visits! (: I just googled to see the location in the Atlanta area and found that we now have 3 (!) stores. What am I waiting for?!

  34. teresa

    I think we must be sisters…my thoughts to a “T” ….and ha… the husband comment….I so understand!
    What is it about anthro?….I think they get that women like to be creative, adventurous and silly! with a little romance thrown in for good measure.
    Happy Day

  35. Sara Silver

    I could spend hours…literally hours in there! Your pictures make me a bit jealous and have reminded me that it’s been far to long since I’ve made a visit myself. It looks like you had a great time…the fox was just an added bonus : )

  36. Judy Clark

    There is just so much to look at and it takes so long to ponder on everything! I don’t go too often because I really lose track of time in there. And generally, walk out empty handed. I do buy things occasionally but it
    is just so much fun to roam and look.

    Thanks for saving me a trip. My husband appreciates it!


  37. Lisa

    Ohhhh! Me too! Our closest one is 4 HOURS AWAY:( and the last time I went was with a few ladies and I felt rushed, as they don’t share this obsession. So this post made me laugh, because I can SOO relate! Glad you had such a great day ;)

  38. Krystin

    ugh!!! I love this store so much it hurts! I can’t go in there and not spend some money. I also get a lot of dresser knobs from Anthro. They are so pretty!

  39. Mimi

    Melissa, have you ever seen “Man Shops Globe?” It used to come on here in NYC on the Sundance Channel. Unfortunately, it’s not one any more. Anyway, it was about Keith Johnson who shops the world looking for exquisite treasures for Anthro. Each episode took place in another country. If you google the show you can see videos of it. It was so much fun seeing how he made decisions about what was right for the store.

  40. wendy

    oh anthro… i was soooo excited to actually be IN you when I spied you at the mall while visiting my sister in denver, but i had to turn around only 2 ft into the store due the scent you had pumping through the store. sigh. i really wish stores wouldn’t do that.

  41. Hollie

    I’m in the Louisville, KY, area, and we finally got an Anthropologie locally. It can be dangerous to my bank account for me to go in there, so I’ve mostly tried to avoid it. I did stop by before Xmas and saw those sweet little hedgehogs. I ended up buying a roll of baker’s twine which I wrapped all of my presents in. I love their drawer knobs and wall hooks too. Lots of fun choices!


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