{Weekend Dreaming} Fairytale Cottage

{Weekend Dreaming} Fairytale Cottage

{Weekend Dreaming} Fairytale Cottage
….I’d be so happy! I would have a nice crackling fire burning in the fireplace,
my house would always smell like freshly baked cookies….
{inhale deeply, sigh!!!}.  
Now, it’s your turn! 


  1. Oh it’s so cute I could just pinch it’s cheeks! Of course the fires and the cookies and this house would be close to both the beach as well as the forest.

  2. Pattie Ealy says

    That is about as close to perfection for a cottage dream I have ever seen. I would include a kitty in the window, and a little bubbling stream running through the back yard.

  3. I think I would need a clever little collection of garden gnomes by the front door. And any old ladies who tried to give me free apples would be turned away!

  4. I would sing while cartoon birds flew around my head ;)

  5. stacy watson says

    love it, looks like my grandma’s house in bremerton

  6. what a cozy spot. I would have plenty of candlelight and a roaring fire with a couple of kitties sleeping on a sheepskin rug.

    In Summer, i would dine in the gazebo in the backyard and put twinkle lights in the trees.

  7. Yes, must have a little creek and some woods. Baked bread and a fire in the fireplace is a must too. I think the stove would probably have a roast cooking slowly or a yummy soup simmering all day. (I chuckled a little bit after I saw the picture, because my first thought was, “If I lived here, I wouldn’t have three kids, a dog, and all the stuff we have now!” ;)

  8. I would decorate the whole outside with Gumdrops and my life would be just like a fairy tale.

  9. There’d be no sofa or couch in the fireplace area
    just large pillows and furs
    and lots of freshly baked cookies and hot choco being passed around
    among family and friends happily gossiping and keeping tabs
    just like a bonfire by the beach but inside this house.

  10. It takes about 30 minutes to clean a small house so I’m loving that part and would love this small house for a guest house. Not for me though…not enough room for the spinning wheels, looms, sewing machines and all the dogs and cats. But I am enjoying thinking about the 30 minutes it’d take to clean a small house -smile-.

  11. What if this cute little cottage was my studio? I can imagine hours of sewing, crocheting, crafting in front of a crackling fire. Talk about inspiration…

  12. I’ve pictured living in something just like that, but on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, somewhere like Monterey Bay…sigh.

  13. aaahhhhh…I’ve been waiting for you to imagine a tiny home……downsizing is a wonderful thing…..only the absolutely necessary and most pleasing things surround me…..beauty in the everyday. An herb garden with some pots of tomatoes and peppers….thyme spilling over the edges and rosemary and lots of basil and Provence lavender and climbing roses. A comfy wing chair and cup of tea on the table piled high with all my favorite home and garden books…….I’m getting ready to retire soon and love the thought of time to do exactly what I want to do when I want to do it without having to do anything…..and living a simpler, less cluttered and beautiful life.

  14. Karen on Bainbridge says

    Are you sure that the Seven Dwarfs aren’t already in residence?

    We built our current home from a Mascord design….love itQ

  15. So super cute…I love when homes are built with pretty details. Here in Ca. I get so tired of the cookie stamp houses all alike.
    Happy Day

  16. Christine says

    I want to move in right now!! I love that cottage!

  17. This is so beautiful; I would open up the windows, set out some fresh flowers, bake some pies, read a book and take a long nap. I would wake up the next day and do it all over again! :)

  18. oh….if I lived there, I’d never leave.
    it’s adorable. perfect really.

  19. Oh wow!! I absolutely love this place. It is so full of whimsy. If I lived there, I would light all my candles, turn the lights down, curl up by the fire with a cozy blanket and read a great book . . . or work on the one I’m writing. :)

  20. Wow. It reminds me of an Austrian Music Box my family used to have. I would add the aroma of fresh baking bread in there… a bit of rosemary and thyme! Love it.

  21. this house belongs on a wonderful lake that has a ton of little islands. I could just imagine comfy furniture and a wonderful fire in the fireplace. I wonder where this really is?

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