How to Organize {Ideas for Kids Rooms}

How to Organize {Ideas for Kids Rooms}

One of the biggest potential challenges to our sanity when our kids are young is figuring out how to organize and manage all of their stuff. Stuff strewn about everywhere. The toys. The legos. The clothes. The stuffed animals. The homework. For being little people, they sure have lots of stuff.

I had enough trouble keeping myself organized and then I had three kids! How could I teach them to manage their stuff if I couldn’t figure it out either? Sometimes it felt like a losing battle. And I definitely didn’t want to be grouchy mean mom always barking orders like CLEAN YOUR ROOM!.  I needed solutions that made everyone happier, helped the kids to manage their stuff AND brought a little more peace to our daily schedules and routines .

Fortunately I found a pretty simple solution that REALLY helped and I used it successfully for years and years. I divided their activities at home into three essential zones. Suddenly it was SO much easier to manage their stuff. Mama was far less grouchy and better yet, this system was better for the kids too!

Want to know what zones we used and how we organized their spaces?

Today I’m sharing HOW TO ORGANIZE kids rooms and spaces over at The Decluttered Home.

Come on over to read my organizing tips and share your ideas!

PS. My husband and I just returned from a couple of days away (remember my commitment to more fun and romance and less stress this year? YAY US! I’ll tell you more about our trip to Leavenworth, WA soon!). I’m trying to get back in the swing of things this week but it is always a challenge to catch up again after a vacation. I help with MOPS on Thursdays so that is where I am today! Good news though, in spite of my lack of recent updates, my kitchen WILL BE REVEALED next week!

Stay tuned for the big kitchen reveal day, Tuesday April 2nd! Oh happy day to finally have that project DONE!


  1. My “kid” is now over 25, so he can clean up on his own! But I can hardly wait until April 2 for the big kitchen reveal! Sounds real exciting!

  2. These are great ideas and tips!

    I have grown children and younger ones still and these are all very helpful!

  3. Are you from Washington?! Leavenworth is not that far from me and one of my favorite places to visit. Your tips are such good ones! I have two year old twin boys and they already have so much stuff. Because we live in a tiny house, most of it is in the living room but I bet I could try and divide that into zones still.

  4. Great Article!!
    Where can I find that *aWeSoMe* van picture?!! =O

  5. Great tips! My 3 year old’s room needs a lot of work!

  6. LOVE your blog! My daughter and I are swooning over the Beetle Bus in the photo for my grandson’s new room! Did you make this? Or, do you have info on it?

    • No, I didn’t make it. It was in a Street of Dreams house tour I went on a bunch of years ago so I really don’t know much about it! Sorry about that! :-)

  7. Melissa, so glad you and your hubby got away, it is so important to have couple time. I am going over to your guest post to see what great ideas you have, because you always have great , easy, applicable ideas.

  8. Makes for a happier family when things are organized. Also, I get more done when I’m put together…if my gym bag is packed and ready to go…then I go to the gym!

  9. Melissa, so glad to hear you got some time away with your husband. It’s something we’re working on also this year. I’m a big fan of zones too. Very helpful when it comes to communicating cleaning tasks!

  10. Love the blog! Timely advice as always as we are spending spring break going through kids rooms alternating with fun spring activities! Have followed several licence plate artists, my oldest son collects licence plates and it trying for all 50 states. Check out this etsy artist, a reasonable and cute collection of licence plate art:

  11. I am in love with your ideas. I am a mom of 3 boys, ages 14, 12, and 9 and a little baby girl on the way (China fall 2013). I have to say I’m panicked to say the least about all the junk. It doesn’t help that i am organizationally challenged myself. We have a small home for 6 people. I hope I can use your tips to be organized!! I too would LOVE to find that van picture. If I find one ill share!!!

  12. Living with 4 kids in an 1800 sq ft house, I needed these ideas!!! I love organization, but lately it has seemed impossible to keep up with the stuff!
    Oh and a shout out to MOPS. I {heart} MOPS! Such a wonderful ministry!!!

  13. loved reading your post over there…
    I’ve always had systems in place, too, for my kids. It helps them so much to begin to understand the need to put things back where they go….
    I sure am hoping it helps them when they become adults to desire organization.

  14. Hi, the artwork is most likely made by Aaron Foster. :)

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