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{Weekend Dreaming} Sleepless in Seattle

by | Apr 13, 2013 | If I lived here...

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{Weekend Dreaming} Sleepless in Seattle

{Weekend Dreaming} Sleepless in Seattle

…I think I’d sleep really well at night here, thank you very much. I’d open all the windows to feel the breeze off the water and I’d listen to the waves lapping against the houseboat as I drifted off to sleep.  I’d get some cute little deck chairs and a few potted plants to create a tropical garden on my own dock. Every morning I’d sit outside for a quiet start to my day, remembering how blessed I was to have my own cute little house boat.

Now it’s your turn!
What if YOU lived here? {remember, dream big and don’t burst our bubble!}


  1. Suzanne Felber

    Thank-you so much for the credit, but this home was actually designed by the very talented Tony Lucas of Palm Harbor Homes – a division of Cavco Homes. Palm Harbor is building this plan as a Park Model as well as a house boat, and it is just under 400 sq. ft. It was featured at The international Builders Show in 2012 and was extremely well received.

    I’d love to live in this charming home down in Key West, enjoying it with my grand kids and teaching them how to fish from the porch.

    • Melissa

      It is wonderful!Thanks for the link — Houzz just credits to you when you embed the image, so I added a direct link to his website as well!)

    • Donna Dozier

      Oh, how I wish they were still available. I have scoured the states for a used one since Palm Harbor quit manufacturing them just about the time I was ready to buy. I still have this one on my computer homepage, and haven’t quite given up on the dream. Lots of park model homes may work for this concept, but they can’t compete with the style of this one — not to mention the livability.

  2. Beverly

    I would be still and feel God’s grace. Thank you for sharing this, Melissa. Gorgeous!!!

  3. MarieRoxanne

    If I lived here, I would feel calm. The gentle waves rocking the house would put my soul at ease each and every day. Now if there was to be a big storm, I’d get the hell out! LOL

  4. Faith

    I would hang some beautiful hanging baskets on both porches and maybe even install some window boxes for some colorful flowers. Surf and turf!

  5. Kristina

    If I lived here…… Well, I was born & raised in the Virgin Islands so this isn’t too foreign, to me! :) I too would put plants around my house & so chaise lounge chairs! Relaxing by the water, to the sound of the waves & the fresh air smell is…. Addicting! Lol …

  6. Christine

    I could use this right now to de-stress. I love the sea and the sound of waves totally calms me. Wish I was there… (sigh)
    And yes, definitely plants and a lounge chair or two. A small table for tea and a good book to read.

  7. Arlene Selser

    I’d awake every morning thanking and praising God. I would have a wonderful Bose stereo system to place music outside. I’d take that boat out and see what I could catch for dinner. Return to a swim in the afternoon. A hammock for afternoon naps. Evenings would be wonderful meals fresh from the sea and served while sitting on a nice set of deck chairs to watch the sunset…and I would thank and praise God before going to sleep to the soothing sound of water splashing the sides of the dock. AH!!!!!!!

  8. Lisa

    I would spend a lot of time reading on that peaceful dock with my feet in the water. Just pure bliss…

  9. Jill

    Wow, how gorgeous! I’m pretty sure I could sit on that dock with my feet dangling in the water, stare at that view and be alone in my thoughts for at least a couple days.

  10. Nicki

    I would be in heaven, pure heaven.


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