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10 Favorite Bins & Baskets {Gather}

by | Apr 14, 2013 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, Gather, Organization

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10 Favorite Bins & Baskets {Gather}1.Blue and White Senegal Basket 2. Antique Iron Basket 3. Orange Woven Utility Basket 4. Large Metal Clam Basket 5. Natural Round Jute Bins 6. Vintage Wood Grape Bin 7. Natural White Woven Basket 8. Large Slope Basket 9. Zambales Teal Storage Basket 10. Threshold Storage Bin

10 Favorite Bins & Baskets {Gather}Gather is a round up of gift and decor inspiration gathered by Courtney Michaelsa design intern at Maison Luxe and The Inspired Room. 

*For more Bins & Baskets see our original Bins & Basket Gather post



  1. Stace

    These baskets are amazing! I would like to know how you use each basket though…maybe what you store in them. I am NOT good with decorating or organization, so even though I would love to have some of these baskets, I have no idea how I would use them. :)

    • Melissa

      Hi Stace! I have done a few posts showing baskets and how I use them in our home over the years, but now you’ve inspired me to do another one! I’m happy to give some more tips! Thanks for the question!

  2. Meream

    Great finds! I love the overall neutral look of these adorable baskets :)

  3. Recreate and decorate

    I love baskets and have many of them collecting stuff like all my home decor magazines I buy!!

  4. Beth Moore

    While I love this selection of bins and baskets, the prices are crazy high on most (if not all) of these selections… it pays to look around before you buy as I JUST purchased TWO of the #2 (Antique Iron Baskets) for $103.00 (plus $10.00 shipping) from Decor Steals… way under the price point for the basket shown in your list!.

    • Melissa

      Good for you! These round ups are for inspiration, not necessarily the best deals or cheapest price. :-)

  5. Tanya

    These baskets look so pretty. I love using simple things like a basket to organize my home.

  6. Jenn

    Gorgeous baskets but $600 for one basket (#6)? Wow, that’s just crazy! Even if I had the money to spend, I wouldn’t even think about it spending it on a basket.

    • Melissa

      Nor would I! :-) I love developing my eye for beautiful things though, so that I am well prepared with what I like when I see more affordable but similar options at Target or garage sales or DIYing or whatever! These round ups are for ideas and inspiration of possible good styles and shapes or ideas to consider, not necessarily to purchase for budget shopping :-). PS. I have a bin very similar to that $600 one in the round up, but I found mine at Target online for about $14 on sale. :-). Of course, mine is not vintage and likely not as high of quality, but I still like it! :-)


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