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Beach Cottage {Weekend Dreaming}

by | Apr 20, 2013 | Coastal, Cottage, exteriors, If I lived here... | 20 comments

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Beach Cottage via BHG

If I lived here in this wonderful vintage looking beach cottage, I would feel so carefree! I’d smile every time I walked up on my gorgeous front porch to my tangerine front door. What a cheerful place to come home to!

And of course, I’d invite you all over for iced tea and we would chat the afternoon away on the front porch.

Now it’s your turn to dream a little, what if YOU lived HERE?


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    I’d take you up on that invitation, and we’d sip iced tea, chat, and listen to the water. :-) If it were mine, I’d take the bedroom above the beautiful front door and sleep with the windows/doors open. Then wake up in the morning and come down to my lovely white kitchen and cook healthy food (the beach and whites make me want to eat better). I’d keep my decorating clean, crisp, and comfortable. Oh to dream … I love it!

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    I was obsessed with this picture in BHG for months – so I ended up painting the shutters and front door of my own house in these colors! The effect is not quite the same up here in New England as it is in FL (I think that’s where this house is), but I still love the cheeriness of it all the same.

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    If I lived here I would spend my evenings on that delicious verandah playing crazy 8’s with my kids or reading aloud to them from Beverly Cleary or James Herriot. When the whippoorwill started to sing it would be time to go in and we would make cinnamon toast for a bedtime snack. After they were all in bed my husband and I would go back out to the verandah and listen to CBC radio and chat about our day.

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    I’ll be right over… no sugar in my tea!

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    I would sleep on the program so I could feel the gentle breeze and listen to nature.

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    If I lived here, I would set up a pretty table including candles in mason jars and serve shrimp and grits at dusk. You can bring the sweet tea!

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    This looks like the perfect place to live. I love my own home but I so do like seeing the ways others live and to do a bit of dreaming. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Patti

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    I loooooove this house. My little girl is laughing at me because I’m acting like an idiot over it. But, oh, I do love it.
    I would: read. write. eat. laugh. live happily ever after.


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    I would…
    Curl up with a good book, magazine and enjoy the summers breeze.
    Invite friends over for tea and Poundcake… ;)
    Sip a glass of wine and catch up with my husband…
    Be in the moment…with my daughters.

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    Anything with green bushes looks mighty inviting to me, heck, I’d just sit on the grass! I have lots of snow in my yard now and it’s -14 C! The house is dreamy….love everything about it. These home really do exists?

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    What a cute place… I love the paint color choices! Little Bit

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    I would have the perfect spot on that porch for the perfect porch swing in the shade. I would while away the afternoon reading a really good book.

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    I would share this home with children who needed a good home with loving parents. Everyone deserves warm, loving care with a roof over their heads.

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    Lovely! I saw this recently and just stared at it.
    Hmmm…I’d have to have a party…the porch is perfect for entertaining. How fun would that be And of course I’d need a comfy chair or lounge to sit back and dream on.

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    I’d hang a porch swing and bring over the cherry sangria.

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    This is my dream house! I would love to play with my kids in the front porch. The house looks so bright. I’m sure living there is an amazing experience. :-D

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    I love that extra wing to the front porch over on the left side. I would decorate that like an outdoor room and sit out there blogging and reading magazines and drinking copious quantities of tea.

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    Funny, I remember this house and remember that it’s in Beaufort, SC. I live in Charleston, SC. My husband and I went to Beaufort a few weekends ago and low and behold, this house was listed for sale in a realtor’s window downtown. I recognized it from BHG immediately. ;)


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