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{Fresh Spring} What's Your Home's Seasonal Style?

Wayfair Coastal Living via House of Turquoise

Spring and summer style

Are you influenced by the climate OUTSIDE when you decorate your home INSIDE? I don’t mean do you put out seasonal decor like flowers in the spring and fall branches in October, but more along the lines of actually basing your furniture and color preferences on the season you see outside most of the time, the season you happen to love or feel most comfortable in.

I actually think I am swayed to have a slightly different style and color preferences in spring than I do in the fall. But then again, I think it is fun to embrace every season, so if I can make choices that flow easily from one season to the next, I’m most happy all year round.

But sometimes there is an obvious “base seasonal style” that makes the most sense in your particular home or part of the country.

{Fresh Spring} What's Your Home's Seasonal Style?

What is your home’s seasonal style? Does your house most look like summer? Or spring? Or winter? Or fall? No season is off limits when it comes to decorating style in your home, of course they are all beautiful style in their own way.

Fall and winter can be oh-so-cozy and comforting and just the right mood for a cozy or natural style. Spring and summer colors might lift our mood because it feels fresh and alive when the sun comes out and the garden is calling our name.

{Fresh Spring} What's Your Home's Seasonal Style?Spring Colors Dining Space via BHG

I think we might gravitate toward one or the other season in our style at home for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is just because we like certain colors that feel more like the season. But sometimes we are influenced by the climate or part of the country we live in, the style of our home, the furnishings we have, or how the seasons affect our moods.

{Fresh Spring} What's Your Home's Seasonal Style?

Spring colors sitting area via BHG

Perhaps we are more “indoor people” or “outdoor people,” or winter sports lovers or beach bums! Or if you are like me, maybe you tend to feel comfortable in more than one season (thanks to our own fairly mild climate here in the NW!) so you try to have a home that can be comfortable and flow from one season to the next.

{Fresh Spring} What's Your Home's Seasonal Style?

Pretty spring colors in a home office
Martha O’Hara Interiors via House of Turquoise

There is no right or wrong or more beautiful seasonal style for a home, as long as you LOVE it and feel comfortable in it in all seasons!

So, what season is most reflected in your home decor? Do you tend to alter your preferences with the season?
Every time spring rolls around, these spring and summery spaces are the rooms and colors I tend to ooh and ahh over!

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  1. Jo Ann

    I’ve recently started to decorate seasonally….my problem is I live in Florida where it is hot 10 months a year! That makes it really hard. I miss the change of season..i read about people trying to bring in spring when its still cold outside. Its going to be 84 here today, we skipped right over Spring! Any suggestions??

    • Melissa

      Yes, I can imagine that would be challenging if you love the change of seasons like I do. I’m thinking since it is so warm where you live all the time, spring/summer is probably the most logical base style for you.

      But, in order to enjoy going through the seasons in your home, I would still try to evolve in subtle ways. More like a nod to the fall or winter season, but not necessarily going overboard to the classic earthy fall colors or heavy fabrics that would maybe look out of place on a hot day.

      Still bring in a throw blanket for over a sofa, perhaps, in the fall and winter, but have it be just a slightly less weighty in fabric and deeper in tone than the springier colors normally use in the summer. So perhaps a deep grapefruit color or slightly deeper blues and greens or even brown to warm things up without the colors feeling “wrong” if the sun is still shining outside! Mix things up with slightly more fall or winter or season-less patterns (maybe geometrics instead of summery florals), colors and textures on pillows and throw blankets and accessories, and stick with a color palette that still makes sense in a hot climate.

  2. Vee

    No, the comforters are not changed nor the curtains (or lack thereof) nor the slipcovers. The only nod to the seasons is with flowers or branches or a Christmas tree. Is there a simple, inexpensive way to do this?

    • Melissa

      I think the most affordable and fun way to decorate is to find a basic style that seems to work all year round in your climate or part of the country. Especially with furniture, if you can find pieces that are not too summery or wintery you can easily update for seasons — without actually changing furniture each season which of course could be ridiculous and expensive! In many climates if you have “seasonless furniture” and colors you can flow through the seasons naturally with a few updates to accessories, throw blankets or even updating a few seasonal pillow covers.

      But if you have a more distinct “fall or winter” style or a “spring and summer style” in your furnishings, I think you can still make slight color and accessory adjustments to “lighten things up” or “warm them up” to update for the seasons. :-)

  3. Diane

    I love the color flavor of these rooms! And the seahorse…oh my!! (reminds me a bit of doodle fur!) A while back I pinned two of the rooms because of their freshness…the dining area especially. I love the play of color and texture and it just feels springtime fresh…perfect for the warmer months.
    Someday maybe I will adjust my palette so that I can bring in these fresh colors for spring and summer. In the meantime…the crab apples are blooming and the blossoms will be my springtime.
    Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words on the blog today!! And the mention here too! [hugs]


    There has never been any doubt what so ever what season I gravitate towards, definitely a Spring gal inside and out! Love Summer colors as well but my heart belongs to spring. Black and white with pops of blues, greens, yellows and sometimes a little pink, Yep, Spring for me!!
    Happy Tuesday,

  5. Melissa G

    I don’t change curtains or anything like that either. In fact, I typically DON’T change my stuff by the season…until Christmas decorating. However, we are moving into a new home in a few weeks and I purposefully went pretty neutral with everything and am using pops of color so I CAN easily and inexpensively change them for the seasons. I am starting with turquoise and coral for spring summer. I thought I could just add in some darker tones for fall/winter. I am in WI, and it’s cold here about 6 months of the year. It starts to feel incredibly depressing, so I don’t want to go too dark for fall/winter. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Melissa

      I think going with those neutrals for your main pieces and walls is the best way to do it! Then you can add any color your mood wants, all year round! Even though it is cold most of the year you don’t want to have a depressing home, in fact, you might need a little more punch of color to keep your moods up. So I think those neutrals and lots of warm texture combined with pops of any color or fun seasonal items you want will be the perfect balance year round!

  6. Barbara (WA)

    This is really interesting to think about. Years ago when color theory was popular (like Image of Loveliness or Color Me Beautiful) it was encouraged to decorate your house in your personal colors. That way you would look good surrounded on colors that compliment your appearance! You would also feel most at home. It was a way to buck the trends in fashion and home design, staying true to yourself. Haven’t thought about this for a long time until reading this post. Which brings me to my house. Blues and greens are my favorites so maybe I am influenced by spring? I am drawn to cool versions of those colors. Fun subject – thanks!

    • Melissa

      I remember those books and really enjoying that topic! I guess where I’ve landed on this is more along the lines of your home might look and feel its best if it reflects the natural surroundings of where you live. Which to me doesn’t mean you have to go with any one particular color scheme but more that you would take into account that some color tones might work better in Florida than they do here. So the blues and greens that work here might be slightly different than the ones you’d feel best with in a really hot climate. But maybe that’s just me :-)!

      Interesting, yes!

  7. Lisa

    Oooo, I don’t even know. I bet my style is pretty eclectic.

  8. Jessica

    Our home is very Spring like, since pink is my favorite color, and other pastels and neutrals that go with that. I do love florals, too. Spring has always been my favorite time of year. I like to add in Fall and Winter decor at those times of year (we live somewhere with 4 distinct seasons) but I have to go with more neutral versions of seasonal decor since things like orange for fall and red for Christmas tend to clash with most of what we have in the house. I like to use a lot of white pumpkins, icey looking indoor wreaths, etc.

  9. Cheryl Kennedy

    My favorite season is fall because I love when the leaves turn colors and the cooler temperatures after our long hot California summers. My base is beige walls, white baseboards, hardwood floors, botanical area rug, burgundy leather seating and dark wood tables with black painted bookshelves and media center. There are a few antique pieces mixed in and my hubby’s collection of waterfowl art and decoys. Kitchen is at one end of this room with a black beadboard island and painted distressed cream cabinets and black/brown granite counters. In summer I fill urns with sunflowers. In fall I fill them with branches of fall colored leaves. I tend to go overboard with Christmas (who doesn’t?). Spring is full of bird nests and floral branches that remind me of the beauty of nature here in the valley. My hobby is “playing” house and rearranging accessories.

  10. Kelly - Talk of the House

    I think..but I am really not sure…that our house is a fall/winter house. There is no pink and very little blue around here. I have tried my best to use neutrals in our upholstery and walls…and most of the curtains are black or neutral gingham. I change out pillows and accessories seasonally – green and yellow in and yellow in fall…red and black in winter. With age comes wisdom (hopefully). When we were picking out paint colors initially, it was June and hot…so we painted everything white and did the house nautical like a beach house. I later realized that was not a “livable” style for us year round. We don’t live anywhere near the beach so nautical was useless. I think your home’s location is certainly something to consider in your style. Eventually things got changed to the way they are now – and it works for this house. But if I lived in a coastal town, I think your rooms in this post would work beautifully!

  11. Jennifer

    I love that office! I am drawn to everything beachy these days, but I don’t put anything too nautical in my house since we’re a good 90 miles from the beach. It’s warm here eight months out of the year and it gets really, really hot so the lightweight fabrics make sense. That’s one reason I traded in my leather sofas for white slipcovers. I’m getting away from seasonal decorating, but I do like small touches-seasonal candles, kitchen towels, seasonal plates in my glass front cabinets, etc.

  12. Sherri

    I think I can safely say our house says summer. I have always been drawn to blue and white (blue and white stripes? Perfection!) and in the last couple of years decided that, even though this is not my favorite house, I could make it more like “us.” Now I am happily embracing lots of shades of blue, whites, and cream. In the cooler seasons I add more texture and deeper tones with throws and pillows. It works for us :)

  13. Kelly

    Living in hot, inland Southern California, mine is definitely a summer house. It feels & looks best in late spring & summer. I use a lot of bright colors and contrasts: lime green, aquas and yellows. It always feels a little off and not quite right in late winter, and the hardest season is fall — it stays hot here through most of November, and though I might be in the mood to make our home feel cozy, the tempatures don’t help out.

  14. Denise

    Love the color. My house is in browns and reds with a pop of turquoise. So while I love spring…I would have to guess I fall more in the fall look. Boo!

  15. Krista

    I LOVE springy summery looks too. We live in a house on a lake so I am trying to recreate that summery cottage look for all year. I am in progress in the living room right now… can’t wait to get it finished!! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  16. christina

    I’m definitely in a summer phase right now. The weather is warmer and I’m planning on redoing my three season porch with a beach style. Not exactly sand and seashells but colors that reference the ocean and summer.

  17. Mimi

    Great question. I think summer is the seasonal basis for my decorating. I love the lime green, magenta and citrus colors to accessorize my rooms. These colors just make me happy.

  18. Heather

    The main floor of our house is very influenced by fall. We chose our two favorite paintings from my husband’s company and both feature fall foliage – his, above the sofa, is an abstract piece with suggestions of tree trunks and red, yellow, orange, and green color patches, and mine, in the dining area, is an impressionist-style painting of autumn in the mountains. Our sofa is a buff color and a lot of our other furniture and accessories are black. I’m never really sure how to update these rooms for spring and summer!

  19. Megan

    I also love the spring colors! I have to be careful when decorating because I completely let the season dictate. I have a whole slew of things in my basement that prove this theory. We have 4 distinct seasons in Utah. Add in holidays and you can imagine what is going on down there!

  20. Martha O'Hara Interiors

    We’re thrilled that you included our work in this post! We love keeping things light and fresh all year round, but what better season to do that than spring? Thanks!

  21. lorrie

    love that office area with the coastal look I repined it to my vacation home board

  22. Kay

    I live in Texas, where there is a real need to battle heat from May to October. Although I love the “cozy winter look” of throws and pillows and layers, it’s just uncomfortable for most of the year. So I try to focus my decor on open and airy. My colors straddle the spectrum – icy blues, sunflower yellows, and granny smith apple greens. But mostly neutrals. Crisp whites, taupes and treys.

    I dream of having a seasonal home. For the two or three months of the year when it gets really cold, no matter how many throws I add or bowls of apples I put on the counter, my home just doesn’t feel “cozy” visually. But when the rest of the year, such things are suffocating. Maybe someday I’ll live up north where I can fully embrace the seasons!

  23. Judith Newman

    Can’t wait for Spring! These photos get me inspired to get planning!


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