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Ready, set, GET ORGANIZED for summer parties!


Do you enjoy summer entertaining?

There have been times I really enjoyed having backyard parties, and some houses we’ve lived in where I seemed to like being outside more than others. But other than a few “firepit” parties and a couple of Fourth of July parties at this house, we haven’t entertained much in our backyard. Wah wah wah.

Probably because we don’t love our backyard. It doesn’t feel private or cozy.


We still hope to make some headway on that this summer. So far it’s slow going though. Sigh. Mostly my husband has been pulling weeds so we could get to the point where it might make sense to add things to make it pretty. That will probably take most of the summer since we don’t have a landscaper to come whip our yard into shape. Heheh.

Why so many weeds? Why don’t we have a gardener? Questions I ask myself.

Ready, set, GET ORGANIZED for summer parties!


I don’t love the weeds, but I do have fun thinking about how to make a yard and porch pretty. I love that funky space in the first photo with those big colorful lanterns. It’s eclectic and unpretentious but very lively and inspiring. The part of entertaining I love this most (other than getting people together, of course) is getting organized and making the house and party FESTIVE!

We even bought some simple strands of outdoor lights to put on our deck this summer, it is those little touches that make entertaining fun, isn’t it?

I also am loving that little serving caddy for outdoor parties, SO CUTE and so simple! I’ve never liked just throwing stuff out on a table, somehow by containing everything and presenting it well it feels more like a party.

Ready, set, GET ORGANIZED for summer parties!


And why stop at a serving caddy when you could have a whole serving island in your backyard? How cool would that be?

I may not get as much done in our yard as I had hoped this summer (since kind of the point of summer is to enjoy more downtime, right?), but I think the things we will get to will be fun and make everything a little better than it was — always a great goal every summer.

In fact, I already ordered a new outdoor rug and umbrella for my back deck. YAY! I’m SO excited  Now that my kitchen and family room are basically done color-wise, I’m planning to liven things up outside a bit with color. I want the colors to flow better from the inside out and outside in because I’m I guess I’m picky like that. And I’ve already added a few little new touches to my front deck. (I’ll show you the progress soon!)

Ready, set, GET ORGANIZED for summer parties!

Color can make such an impact in an outdoor space, those bright green cushions are just the happiest summer color for a porch! Love it with the blue too!

So are you ready for summer entertaining? If so, INVITE ME OVER!

***Check out my organizing for summer entertaining tips to get you started, all in a new post at The Decluttered Home!***

Ready, set, GET ORGANIZED for summer parties!


  1. Faith

    I’m loving that old toolbox caddy keeping the serving pieces corralled. And oh, that brilliant color in the first photo; its like a flower garden on fabric. So summery. Thanks for the inspiration. Makes me want to go outside right now. If only you had suggestions on dealing with this humid Georgia weather.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ugh, that is one thing I must say I am very grateful for in the NW, our summer weather! Hope it isn’t too bad for you this year!!

  2. Cynthia

    I am loving all this inspiration. That island is so very clever and the caddy is adorable!


  3. Soiledrotten

    I need those chairs and cushions in the BHG pic!

  4. Richella Parham

    I am NOT ONE BIT organized for summer entertaining. All three boys are at home this summer, and this house looks like a storm went through it! But oh, what fun we’re having. :)

    Even though I’m not ready for summer entertaining, I’ll invite you over anyway. Come on down to North Carolina!

  5. Shannon {Our Home Notebook}

    Our backyard isn’t perfect for entertaining yet either (we’re planning to add a deck off our french doors still) but we do log a whole lot of time back there which I love. This spring we added a play zone for our kids which we are loving. Baby steps.

  6. Deanne

    Love the lamp! You have inspired me!

  7. teresa

    love that island organization station…great idea. I keep thinking I need to do a major clean out ….maybe if I plan a party it will happen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kelly - Talk of the House

    You mean we are supposed to be organized too??! ha ha. I am working the yard like you are, and with evening thunderstorms all of my plants are doing great (and so is the knee high grass that hasn’t been mowed!) That porch with the green cushions is fabulous! I would love to sit there between weeding and planting. Just pour me a glass of that lemonade, and I’ll be in heaven. Thanks for the eye candy. :)


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