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Three Important Reasons to Organize Your Home

Three Important Reasons to Organize Your Home

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed at home?

What is causing the stress? What is paralyzing us from achieving our goals? Sometimes we know we need certain things in our life, but we don’t necessarily know how to get them. We don’t realize what we need might actually already be within our reach if we could just figure out the first step.

So instead of moving forward, we stay the same. Stuck.

Maybe we just don’t realize just how much of a difference organization could make in so many areas of our life!

Come see three reasons I think an organized home matters more than we might think, over at The Decluttered Home today!

9 Weeks ‘Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

D o you remember my Christmas tree last year? My SWEET woodland Christmas tree with all the PRECIOUS woodland creatures, glittery gold and burlap? Oh, how I loved that tree. I didn’t want to take it down. But I promise, those woodlands will make another appearance, perhaps on a tree, perhaps in a new display. I can’t wait to see their faces again!!

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Well, guess what? It’s time once again to start contemplating Christmas decor.

YES, I know. It’s October. Don’t panic or throw pumpkins at me. I’m a crazy blogger. This is what I do.

And weird as it is to have a Christmas tree in October next to my Plush Pumpkins, it’s how I roll. But judging from what I see on Pinterest, other people are wanting to get a jump on Christmas too. So maybe I’m not THAT weird. Or maybe everyone is a blogger now. Heh.

Interestingly, in being asked to present holiday decor ideas so early, I actually am finding that I enjoy the challenge and inspiration to get ahead of the game. It’s fun for me. After six years of blogging and talking about Christmas in October, it’s become my new normal. I still embrace Fall, don’t worry. You don’t have to start YOUR decor yet, but I’m telling you it’s kind of fun to plan a little bit early because it does sneak up on us.

With only 9 weeks til Christmas (can you believe it?), it will be here SOON! The earlier I plan and start, the more I can do the things I actually want to do and have fun along the way. No stress!

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

As we did last year, my girls and I headed to our local Michaels Craft store a few weeks ago for a fun little holiday decorating shopping. We were armed with a gift card to complete this mission, so that made it even more fun!

While the woodland theme was our favorite tree, this year we wanted to expand our horizons a bit and try another type of themed tree. I love the creative nudge to break out a little bit of the usual and try something new, while still keeping with what we love and what works in our house.

Of course, we do like to use our traditional ornaments too, so it is fun to do a couple of smaller trees.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

We came into Michaels Craft without any idea of what we wanted to do. But then we saw this pretty tree at the store and it inspired us to think about snow on a tree and how to translate that to our own tree, without flocking.

We decided to use a few unexpected items for the decorations that might not be on a traditional Christmas tree but would give the overall effect of a white winter wonderland tree.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Poofy things.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Fluffy things.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Snowy glittery winter flowers.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

We also found some super adorable printed burlap ribbon that we will be using for some of our Christmas decor this year, although not on the tree. This year instead of burlap ribbon we used a different type of garland, which you will see when we reveal our tree!

We are so excited to get started with our Christmas decorating!

In fact, there is another reason I need to get started early. I’m participating in a fun Holiday House Walk with the talented Jennifer Rizzo the first week in December! 

There will be over 30 bloggers participating in this online Christmas house tour, so it is going to be very inspiring to see how they all decorate!  If ONLY they would go ahead and show me their houses NOW so I could be inspired, but gah, I’m up on the FIRST day right after Jen so I am on my own.

Even though it is nine weeks til Christmas, it is only about FOUR weeks until the tours so you can see why I am getting started now! Eek! Wanna come help? If ONLY you all were my neighbors, we’d make it a REAL party and tour.

Mark your calendars to join us for the holiday house walk on December 2 and this Friday, November 1st, to see my snowy white winter wonderland tree!

 Do you know how you are decorating your tree this year?