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Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, my house, My Kitchen

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Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

Hello, I’m Melissa and I have an addiction to books. Especially ones I actually love to read and look at!  I actually am particularly smitten by books in a kitchen. Are you? Obviously that usually means cookbooks, but I also love vegetable and herb gardening books, entertaining books, and other related topics too.

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

bookends from Lulu and Georgia

We had built in bookshelves in the center island of our old kitchen and it was really one of my favorite features. I’m glad we have open shelves in this house, too, because it gives me the excuse to not only have fun decorating, but also to collect pretty cookbooks!

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

I enjoy going into a bookstore and slowly walking down each aisle looking for what catches my eye. I love seeing the typography, the artwork, the colors.

Now let’s be honest, I’m not as passionate about cooking as I am about decorating.

But, I do get more inspired to cook when I see a good cookbook. I love all of the cookbooks on my shelves. They actually DO tempt me to scrap decorating and become a foodie. Haha. Well, maybe not, but I do think it sounds fun to curl up by the fire with a good cookbook. Is that weird?

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

It’s fun to have books to decorate with, too. They are like little works of art.

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

These awesome horse bookends from Lulu & Georgia are the prettiest color! They made styling these shelves extra fun.

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

One of my most frequently asked questions is about the books I have on my shelves or in many of my photos. I think a lot of you must like books in decor, too!

*You can find all of the cookbooks from my shelves and more I love here in my amazon storefront.*

Cookbook Addiction & Shelf Styling

Click here for sources in my amazon storefront

What cookbooks should I add to my collection?

This post was put together as a part of a blogger series on Lulu & Georgia today called Styled 5 Ways: For the Bookworm I received the bookends from Lulu & Georgia, but all the cookbooks are from my own book addiction.

Go to the Lulu & Georgia blog today to see how the other bloggers styled their books!

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  1. Anne

    Hello, I’m Anne and I have an addiction to books, too. A Kindle does not satisfy my craving, it has to be the real thing, and I need them around me all the time :-)
    I love reading them, decorating with them and sometimes even talking to them :-) (yes, I talk to my plants, too …)

  2. Mandy

    I am addicted to cookbooks too! I read them like novels. I have some open shelves in my kitchen but alas! they do not accommodate my cookbooks as well as yours. This post has inspired me to reexamine my shelves and to give more thought to what I place on them.

  3. Beccy

    I love your post! I have loads of cook books and they always look so messy! I like the way you have grouped a small collection together on one shelf. I’m quite inspired to go home and have a good sort out! Thank you…Beccy

  4. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    How funny, I’m also addicted to books. I agree with Anne, I have a Nook, but I really like holding a real book. I LOVE your book ends, especially the color!

  5. Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    I love the way you’ve stacked plates on the shelf. You usually just see books, or plates, but it’s rare to mix them together. I think it really works! :)

  6. Maureen

    I thought I was the only one!! If I could I would have a library in my kitchen. While I do enjoy a good novel, or biography every now and again, I must admit my night stand is stacked with cookbooks! I do have dedicated shelf in my kitchen, but since our house is really small, they are spilling over into the living room bookshelves as well.

  7. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I’m crazy about books too. I love to see them and love to use them. Your cookbooks look amazing on your open shelves. So fun!

  8. Cristin Priest

    Love the pop of color your charming horse bookends bring to the shelves!


  9. Katy @ Tasty Little Crouton

    I am so excited about the timing of this post! I just found and followed your blog yesterday and have already contemplated taking doors off some of my cabinets to try and do a cheap-o kitchen makeover. I was also trying to figure out what to do with all my pretty (and, um, expensive!) cookbooks. Hiding them in the pantry or in a cupboard just doesn’t seem fair, but I had no ideas. THANK YOU for this!! I now know which doors are coming off in the kitchen :) Cheers!

  10. michaela

    I just love these in your kitchen. The blue is the perfect pop of color!

  11. Anne A

    Hello, I’m Anne and I have a cookbook addiction, too! :)
    I love cookbooks and read them like novels, curled up by the fireplace or curled up in bed, they are ALWAYS a good read! We just moved into a new house and there are amazing builtin bookshelves in the greatroom, the cookbooks will be the first boxes of books to be unpacked! HeHeHe! :)

  12. Sheri

    I also have a cookbook addiction, 78 at last count. My husband cringes when I say I’m heading to the book store to “look around”. I do use everyone and have made at least one recipe from each. Each one has been my favourite at one time or another. I have a Kobo that I downloaded a few cookbooks on, but I do love the feel and look of a book. I have a shelf in my kitchen and three shelves in our library area, full. And there are more that I have on my wanted list. help me!

  13. erin @ House Envy

    Your cookbooks look so nice and organized. They almost invite you to cook! One of my favorites is the Vera Bradley Cookbook. The recipes are family recipes from people in the company. Many are simple but very delicious.

  14. Kate

    Organized so neatly! The perfect amount of color.

  15. Mimi

    Love the way you styled those book shelves. I must confess, I love cookbooks too, but rarely use them, though I do have a bunch of them on the hutch in my kitchen. The only exception is baking. Baking is a science, so I do exactly what the recipes says .


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