{The Decluttered Home} Organizing Computer Files and Photos

{The Decluttered Home} Organizing Computer Files and Photos

One of my big goals with organizing my home this year is to organize my computer too. While I used to fill closets with scrapbooks or shoeboxes filled with photos and negatives, now I have most of our photos on my computer. Anyone who has lost treasured photos or important documents would tell you to take the necessary steps now to save yourself potential heartache or frustration down the road.

Overly cluttered and disorganized computer files can not only cause frustration, decreased productivity and stress in life, but computer clutter can even slow the computer itself! Nobody’s got time for that.

I’m more of a visual person than a technical person. If you are like me you might feel overwhelmed with how to keep your computer files safe and organized.

Today on The Decluttered Home I’m sharing some tips that will inspire you to declutter your computer and organize your most important documents!


  1. Great advice on decluttering files! I really love your blog and that pic of your office always makes me smile. We have similar fabric draperies in our living room. I went over and cast my vote for your blog at the JDR site. Best of luck!!! :-)

  2. Computer decluttering is something I most certainly need to do too! Thanks for the nudge. :-)

    What a lovely image you have as your computer wallpaper!

  3. A bit of topic, but is it comfortable working at the computer sitting on a regular chair like that one? Like the look of it though – looks classy :-)

  4. I hear ya…I rely on my kids to help me with this….they know all the tricks….thanks for sharing.

  5. This is exactly what I need to do!! Lol
    L x

  6. Benjamin Franklin said it right!, “Organization is bliss”.

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