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Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}

Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}Birch Votive Set // Hot Cider Candle //Punched Metal Lanterns // fall photos via my daughter Kylee’s Instagram

Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}Hand blown glass lanterns via Mary & Martha

Over the weekend we had a wind and rain storm here in the Seattle area. I don’t mind storms, if I’m safe inside. But for part of it, we were riding across Puget Sound from Seattle on the ferry and I’ll admit I was a wee bit scared!

The waves were crashing up against the boat and over the lower deck where we were parked. The ferry was rocking and riding the waves and salt water was splashing on our car in the darkness. All I could think of was how I couldn’t wait to make it home to our safe and warm nest!

When we arrived home, it was pitch black outside and inside. Our power was out. We ran around lighting candles so we could see to find our way to our cozy beds for the night. It was so good to be home!

Lighting candles when it gets dark outside is a fall ritual I really love, even when it isn’t stormy out (but especially when it is!).

Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}

Do you have a favorite fall candle? I posted here last year about one of my very favorites–Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon from Anthropologie!

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Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen

Happy Monday! So, the word on the street :) is that the Better Homes & Gardens magazine featuring my kitchen is finally out! I haven’t actually seen it in a store yet, but I have received some emails from readers receiving their magazines in the mail. So YAY! Check your mailbox or local store!

I did receive a few copies in the mail from from the editor, so I did get to see it in person (thanks, BHG!). So exciting!

Have you ever ordered a digital copy of BHG on your iPad or phone? It has some cool extra features like interviews and additional photos! I haven’t wanted to listen to myself because … WEIRD, but there is a link in the digital version where you can see some photos and hear an interview with me chatting about my kitchen! It’s a fun way to read the magazine and get some bonus content, too!

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen

Here I am in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, just standing in my kitchen smiling, making a salad. :) I know. It makes me laugh. But one thing I really loved about the experience was how interested BHG was to capture a realistic image of how we live in our kitchen. I actually talked with the photographer in depth about what types of things we would make in the kitchen, and salad is a common occurrence at our house! So, salad it was. It wasn’t easy to look natural standing there with my salad, though. I would have no interest in being a celebrity or TV star. Oh, the pressure! Heheheh. I prefer hiding behind the screen.

It was a really fun experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity!

Thanks again for all your kind messages about the magazine, and for being excited with me! If you didn’t see my recent post for Better Homes & Gardens Style Spotters, you can find it here.

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