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10 Tips for a More Romantic Week

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Master Bedroom, my house, Valentine's Day

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10 Tips for a More Romantic Week

It’s Valentine’s Week! Are you setting a more romantic ambience around your home? If you have little people, romance can sometimes (OK, oftentimes!) be a challenge.  While our own kids-in-diapers-days are long over at our house, we are entering into the teen years with our son and my husband and I are both really busy throughout the week, so trust me when I say that no matter what stage of life you are in, creating romance has to be a priority! It’s all about the mindset and setting the right ambience.

Here are ten tips for a more romantic ambience at home:

Set a pretty table

Are you eating dinner on plastic or otherwise ugly plates? Or, heaven forbid, eating in front of the TV every night? Bring out the pretty dishes and set the table this week! No need for fancy china, I collect lots of white plates from discount stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. Make your table romantic with pretty table settings and a couple of candles — it is a simple thing to do but it sets the tone for a romantic evening.

Bring home flowers

Stop in a grocery store or florist for some affordable carnations or tulips or other pretty flowers and create a few small bouquets in the bedroom and bathroom. I find affordable flowers at Costco and Trader Joes!

Tidy up the bedroom & bathroom

If the laundry piled up on the bed during the day, or the kids flung their pull-ups or undies across the floor, or if your cereal bowl is still on the bathroom counter, take just a few moments to freshen things up. Seeing unsightly reminders of your long day will kill the romantic ambience pretty quickly.

End the day earlier

If you tend to be tired in the evenings, do as your grandparents probably did and try having “supper” instead of dinner. Meaning, eat earlier if you can! The earlier you can eat and clean up, the more time you have in the evening to enjoy relaxation. And adjust the kids bedtime if you can pull that off! It is nice to have a couple of child-free hours in the evenings.

Another tip my husband and I used to use when our kids were young was to feed the kids separately once in awhile. Then we’d put them to bed and have our own dinner together, just like having a dinner date at home!

Freshen up the scent

If your house smells like leftover fish tacos after dinner, air things out! Spray some perfume here and there or use a diffuser for essential oils (here is where I got my diffuser and my oils come from here) to freshen up the house. Or bake something yummy for dessert!

Turn on the mood lighting

As the daylight starts to fade, turn down the bright lights in the house, too. Use lamps instead of overhead lighting. Once the kids have gone to bed, light candles to lend a pretty glow to end tables.

Light a fire

If you have a fireplace, use it! We have a gas fireplace so it is easy to flip on a switch for instant warmth and ambience. If building a fire is impractical or you have a nonworking fireplace or no fireplace at all, set up a bunch of candles to give off light and sparkle. This tip works best if your little ones are already in bed, as a safety precaution!

Get creative

Are you turning into an old married couple with a predictable evening routine? Gulp. If you usually clean up after dinner, put the kids to bed and then watch TV the rest of the night, try mixing up the routine by playing a board game next to the fireplace or reading out loud to each other curled up on the couch. Or, re-read your love letters or re-live your memories of your early dating days. At first you might think it sounds corny or forced, or you might think your old routine is pretty comfortable, but routines can get a little dull! And dull is not very romantic.

Music to your ears

Instead of flipping on the TV every evening to fill the silence, try some more romantic background music instead.

Attitude check

By the end of the day, I am usually really tired. I work hard right up until the end of the day. Not only do I need to end my day earlier, but I need to shift my thinking from work and housekeeping to setting a romantic tone — both around the house and in my attitude.

What’s one thing you could do this week to create a more romantic home?

Pillow Sources (from back to front)

1. Anthropologie

2. Williams-Sonoma Home

3. Made from an Antique Grain Sack

4. West Elm


  1. Ms. Maggie

    Guess if I have been happily (for most part~) married for 37 years I can give an opinion somewhat on romance- I agree on the romantic atmosphere: I always air the house out as much as I can (in the PNW that means between torrential rains we are getting lately), touch up a bit (even with hubby retired, which means early and then late, used to be before he came home…), and being gracious as you receive flowers (which I got very regularly and now even more=great hubby). I think eating earlier (sorry Europe) is better for your health too since you have time to digest upright and spend time at the table too in conversation and enjoying food. I also think keeping your dining table free of clutter is important. Each child had their own desk where that homework commenced- they say it is better for study for them too. Big projects went on the table for short times and then was removed ASAP so you have that sense of this is for eating only!

  2. Rachel

    I love your pillows! Where are those from?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! They’re from Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma, and West Elm. I just added the source links for each of them to the bottom of the post, although some of them may be sold out now!

  3. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Great tips Melissa! :)
    What could I do? Shut down the laptop earlier. There’s always one more thing to do isn’t there? ;)
    One more tip for all of us…. Put the phone away. ;) I see this as the biggest relationship distraction…and sometimes I find it terribly troubling as an observer. (Speaking of that, though not in terms of couple romance, not long ago we had an unseasonably warm day and I went for a long walk. As I walked by a playground I decided to stop and rest on the benches and do a little people watching. I was really troubled to see moms bringing their kids and then sitting down and getting lost in their phones while their kids called, “watch me,” and the moms pretty much ignored their calls. My heart was greatly saddened.)
    And one more thought came to mind. Expressing gratitude, sincerely, and frequently for every little thing our husbands do for us makes them want to do more. That’s pretty romantic. Like my unexpected cup of tea waiting for me by my chair this morning.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      YES, I agree!!! Less cell phones and distractions and more gratitude. Aw, and the cup of tea is PRECIOUS!! Good man! ;-)

  4. Nancy

    These are great reminders of things we can do to create a more peaceful home all year long. This week I am excited to do some romantic things for all the members of my family. I decided this year I would do bed turn-down service. Each night, my boys, husband, and even my sweet dog will get a treat on their pillow. Night one-A little sweet treat, Night two- My picture with a sweet note saying why I love them on the back, Night three-a copy of my favorite picture of them, Night four-A coupon for a date with mom, Night five-A little dollar store item (even for the hubby), Night six-Valentine’s! A special dinner and a book laying on their pillow.

    For the dog…1. Treat, 2. Bone, 3. Treat, 4. Treat 5. Treat 6. New squeaky toy (I love her, but she is just a dog :-) I don’t know how I am going to sneak those into her bed without her knowing.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, the dog’s gonna be very happy! :-) And I love your ideas for your family, very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Clever Girl Reviews

    OMG I love those pillows! These are great tips. I’m going to linen mist and pick up before my husband gets home!

  6. teresa

    Beautiful tips…sometimes we forget the simple little pleasures….thanks for reminding me.
    Happy Day

  7. Carolyn

    Thanks, Melissa and reply-ears, for the inspiration!

    • Carolyn

      Reply-ers, nor reply-ears!

  8. Alison

    Cute post Melissa! My goal for a romantic Valentine’s Day is to shower since we have a 3 month year old :)
    My husband is cooking me din. Can’t Wait!

  9. shelly

    Hey all you trying to be romantic even though we’re all tired and busy ladies out there!
    I just wanted to add that many of us are not partnered or married, and most of the suggestions listed above are applicable to single women as well.
    We need to be sweet, thoughtful and yes, romantic, with our selves and our souls too.

  10. Veronica Marks

    The idea to bring home flowers is classic but timeless! I actually suspect my husband appreciates flowers in our home just as much as I do. I think I’ll stop by our local florist on the way home and pick up a few inexpensive bunches. Thanks for the cute idea!


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