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Charming Little Corners

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Family Room, my house

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Charming Little Corners
I have a fascination with charming little corners of a house. In older houses you sometimes have those fun little nooks, quirky stairwells, small hallways or pockets of space that add to the ambience of the home. I miss that! Our house is a pretty standard layout, so each room is basically just a regular rectangle. But one thing we do have is this little area tucked in the corner by the half wall and pillars that separate the kitchen from the family room (and again in the dining room and front room).

It’s such a small, unassuming little corner that at first it doesn’t even seem like it would be all that useful of a space. It almost seems more like a space you would leave empty because the room isn’t very big. But I think it is fun to tuck in a little charming personality and function to at least one corner of a room! It adds an element of coziness–a little unexpected finishing touch. I don’t necessarily like to fill up every corner or it can feel cluttery to me, but I think it’s great to put a plant, a small table or a chair in a corner.

Do you have a small overlooked corner that might benefit from a little more charm or character? It’s fun to keep your eye out for just the right piece that can transform even the small corners of our home!

I got this table years ago (I think it was from Lamps Plus!) and it’s become one of my favorites. I love furniture that is interesting so I enjoy looking at it as I walk by! This one is so fun from the side, that I’m glad we can see one side of it.

PS. It’s good to be back today after being MIA for a few days! I had a crazy busy week trying to finish up some very exciting projects (can’t wait to share something fun with you in the next week or so!) and then I headed to Portland with my husband for the weekend for a conference! Thanks again to everyone who kept the blog going with your great comments and stories on the last Get to Know You post!! :)


  1. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    I’ve always loved that little table of yours, too! I have recently made a little “greenhouse” area by a window in a corner where our family room & breakfast room connect. I’m on a mission to refresh our home without spending much money, so that means rearranging AND repurposing.

  2. Tara@lehmanlane

    Little corners really are the best! I love that table with all your cozy blankets underneath! Thanks so much for the decorating tip…Those quirky little corners are one of the things that drew me to the old farmhouse that eventually became our home:). I am hoping to start on a comer in our entryway soon. – Tara

  3. Kay

    Very cute!

  4. Sandra

    I love this little table. The blankets give it a cozy feel, and the sailboat is charming! What is the ball made out of? It looks like shells?

  5. Judy

    Your post on corners made me recall a funny story about corners in my house. Within a few years of each other I has purchased two different corner cabinets. When I told my friend about them, she said to me, “how many corners do you have in your house anyway??!!” Even though these two cabinets would not be considered small, they snug in a smallish corner perfectly! They are useful and attractive!

  6. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I LOVE little corners and the fun things you can do with them. :) My dear friend calls those sweet bits of decor… “moments.” A phrase I’ve since used for years. ;) Love your little “moments” Melissa! Enjoy your time away, too. We’ll be here when you get back. ;)

  7. Mrs. T

    I love quirky little corners too. We have a landing at the top of our stairs that is just perfect for such a space. I have a little table, lamp, rug and rocking chair there with some family photos on the table.

  8. Debby

    I love your little table, too! I am going to look for opportunities to make a few corners in our house more interesting. I usually like large floor plants in corners, but I’m going to look around my house and see what I can create. I’m getting ready in my mind to freshen up for spring–even though here in the Midwest we have huge piles of snow everywhere that look like they’ll never melt. Time to hit some of the local flea markets for interesting little tables!

  9. Deb

    I love little “surprises” in a home in the form of those little corners and nooks. As well as a piece or two of fun furniture with a history, such as your little table.

  10. Emily, Our house now a home

    I live this little space. I think it is decorated spots like this that make a home feel “finished”. It is ok to have bare spots, but having something well planned and thought out works wonderful. I have a console table that I adore and a little blue table in the corner of my hallway. Those two piece make me happy because they are awkward spots ion my house. But, I still managed to add function, style and make them feel homey.

  11. Lake

    beautifully done! I love old houses with interesting spaces. This space is put to use so nicely. I love the color scheme as well.

  12. Jordan

    Absolutely gorgeous little table… it looks so nautical! I definitely have some spaces that I wish I could fill (and junk that I wish I could display on a table). Thanks for sharing!

  13. Alisa

    I was just talking about this idea with my husband this morning! How can I learn to accept and love the home we are in? I would love to win this book!

  14. teresa

    I too love that sweet little corner…I so what to go on a little hunt to find some cute things.
    It must be getting close to spring =)
    Happy Day


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