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Dream Bathroom vs. Simple Refresh

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Dream Bathroom vs. Simple RefreshWilliams and Spade: Jeanne Racioppi, Williams & Spade Interior Design

I ran across this gem of a bathroom while looking for bathroom remodeling ideas awhile back and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Isn’t this gorgeous? That sink! The ceiling! The brick floor with the soft rug to cushion your toes! I love it.

I’ve been searching forever for ideas for updating my master bathroom. While I always planned to update each and every space in my home over time to reflect what I love, when we considered moving it started to make more sense to keep our bathroom mostly as it is, but simply freshen it up with paint and accessories. Our bathroom hasn’t changed since the day we moved in but since it was a newer house it still is in good working condition. I would love the chance to make it really special like the bathroom in the photo, that would be so fun, but sometimes a simple refresh is really all a room needs. This is one of those times.

The time has finally come for a makeover of the very last room in my house to be refreshed, our master bathroom.

This week I’ll share the before pic and ideas I have for a simple makeover. I hope to have it finished in less than a couple of weeks! That is, if I actually get started so I guess I should get off the internet and get crackin‘. :) Challenge on. Computer off. Bathroom refresh on!

What room makeover do you keep dreaming about, but need to just get started on to make a simple refresh happen?  

PS. I will be sharing some fun updates to our backyard, the gathering room and dining room soon, too!


  1. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    Melissa, I’m looking forward to seeing you refreshed bathroom! I need to do the same with our master bedroom. We painted and re-carpeted, but I haven’t done the fun stuff yet. The new bedding, headboard and window treatments.

  2. Jenny@EvolutionofStyle

    That bathroom is breathtaking! I have always loved that style of sink, and that one takes the cake! I finally finished my master bathroom refresh (as part of the One Room Challenge) and I’m so pleased with it now that it’s done. The bones of it are the same, but I removed wallpaper, painted the walls and vanity, added new mirrors and lighting, and a new rug. Now the bones of the bathroom (that I didn’t like), fade to the background!

  3. Marmel

    Love this bathroom, it has so much charm. I am sure you will do something so amazing to your bathroom as well. Have fun!!

  4. Jeanie

    Cannot wait to see your refresh. I’m in the planning stages of changing my hobby room/sewing room/home office into a guest room with twin beds. With two young grandchildren and another daughter leaving for college, (she will be bringing home friends for sure since we live in a beach community), I feel the need to address more sleeping spots in our home. I’m cleaning out the garage and taking my Seaglass hobby out there. Not sure how to handle the home office. Still thinking on that one.

  5. Sharyn

    We’ve been working on a garden refresh and oh, hallelujah, it’s looking wonderful again! Lots of work and now we feel like we have a private park to play (and work) in all summer long. It’s especially rewarding because we can graze in the garden, where cherries and raspberries abound and salads are right at hand for picking.
    Thanks for your inspiring ideas. I need to refresh the living room but it’s hard to spend much leisure time indoors when summer is just beyond the sliding door… maybe when fall brings us indoors again.

  6. Gerri

    Where in the world would you find a sink like that!
    i want to know….

  7. sharon /

    the brick floor! oh my, yes! and the wall/planks color is dreamy. next room to re-do (and i don’t mean just a facelift! it’s been ‘facelifted’ so much there is no more ‘skin to stretch! lol) . . . is the boys bathroom. this year? we can always dream, right? (hence i look at pretty pictures like this . . . )

  8. Kay

    LOL @ ‘which room’, because we’re in the middle of a whole-house re-do! Fast forward about a year from now, + I’m sure there will be countless projects that we didn’t finish! The rug in the above bathroom is so cool! Meanwhile, good luck with your bathroom!

  9. Kathy

    OMG, I actually swooned when I saw this bathroom. I bookmarked it under “Dream bathroom if I win the lottery”

  10. Laureen

    We’ve just installed the shut-off valve for the hot water…no idea why there wasn’t already one there…and the vanity comes out tonight. This is a totally gut job and my head is spinning with ideas. I’ve drawn it out on paper and redone it a million times in my head. I’m thrilled with the prospects.

  11. Rachel

    Well…now I am feeling convicted. I have everything in the garage to freshen up my master bathroom but have been procrastinating. It seems as of this was God’s way of nudging me to get it done. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. Kristina

    Beautiful bathroom, and I loooove that sink! We were considering it for a bathroom add on at our cabin in the Sierras, in the interest of minimum space/maximum toothbrushing space. However, that faucet seems to be the only one that fits that sink, and everyplace I find it for sale, it is labeled “not for potable water”. Whaaaa? I definitely want to brush with potable water, so back to the drawing board. Waaaa! What the heck? Am I the only person that notices this, or has something changed?

    • Melissa

      Chicago Faucets makes a faucet that works with this kohler sink. It was a chore to find a different option, but who wants a faucet labeled “not for potable water”?

  13. Lauren

    I love this!! And, now it has me completely ready to tackle our mudroom, which already has a brick floor, and I was thinking the plank walls would be a perfect addition. Now, I’m convinced.

  14. Leila

    That bathroom is awesome, and I too have a “total gut” bathroom to deal with. Make that two. And I need them to be 1. Fabulous and 2. Thrifty and 3. Easy to clean!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing, Melissa, because I love your style! And I would love it if you had any wisdom about choices in showers, for instance, that don’t cause depression and anxiety re: CLEANING!! :)

  15. Corey @ Tinysidekick

    That bathroom is fantastic! My master bedroom could use a refresh. We have such beautiful furniture, but I’ve done nothing but paint the walls since we moved in 5 years ago. I guess we’ve been busy doing other renovations and having kids, but I would love to add some life to it!

  16. Diane

    Love, love, love this bathroom! Where did you buy the lights both wall and pendant? Also what about the faucets? They are not potable, meaning what? Is the vanity custom built? Thanks

  17. Diane

    What is the paint color,on the walls please, and where were the lights purchased? Thanks

    • Shelley Rybacki

      I would also like to know the paint colors on the walls. Can’t tell if it is gray or green. This bathroom is fantastic

  18. Amy Leon

    Any ideas on how I would search for this sink?

  19. Jody

    When my husband and I finally found an apartment close to campus so he could walk to his classes where he was studying chiropractic in 1975, I cried when I saw this kind of old-fashioned sink in the kitchen. Everything in this little apartment was old! A tiny antique buffet, dining table and a small bedroom with nothing but glass French doors providing privacy. I wanted a newer apartment like my sister and her husband had with a stainless steel sink and modern amenities. Fast forward to 3 years later, I cried when we moved out of this apartment; I had grown to love this old place. My mom had made an adorable skirt for my kitchen sink and I grew fond of the antique smaller scaled furniture and loved the French doors.
    I continue 41 years later to love vintage, old world charm. I believe I owe it all to our first mini apartment filled with charm that I grew to love.

  20. Shauna Reid

    where can you find such a sink? It’s gorgeous.

  21. Dana

    Can you tell me the paint color used in this bathroom?

  22. Charlene Bachynski

    What would be the color of the stain on the ceiling, I’m looking to stain my ceiling and that’s the closest medium color I like..

  23. Lucille Katsch

    I love this! I am going to incorporate many of your ideas in my new bathroom. I am planning on a wood floor. I am struggling with the shower stall design. I was thinking of a white brick style tile. No clue what type of shower floor. Any suggestions.


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