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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!

This week I’ve been trying to focus on finishing up my Christmas to do list, but mostly I have been just enjoying puttering around the house. That’s my favorite thing to do! Last week I got a new dresser (YAY!) and this week I organized my closet for the first time since we have lived here (I’ll share updates and details on how my room is coming along and progress on the rest of the house after the holidays!). It feels so great to be getting organized!

Merry Christmas!

Jack is dreaming of a white Christmas. I would love that, too! It’s unlikely but just in case we get a flake or two, I’ve been trying to finish up my errands so I can just stay home and sit by the fire the rest of the week. We have some family coming up Christmas day so we’ll have a house full of guests. I can’t wait!

Yesterday I stopped in Costco to stock up on some T.P. (you really don’t want to run out while you have guests in the house especially if it snows, right?) and I ran into The Inspired Room on the book table! Yahoo! It was so exciting to see it there!

Merry Christmas!
If you live in the Seattle area, stop in a local Costco and check it out! It’s a great price too. I’m hoping if enough people buy it maybe they will stock it in more stores around the country. It doesn’t hurt to ask your local Costco for it!

I also stopped in Whole Foods and saw the book there, then at Barnes & Noble, and then again at the Seattle Amazon retail store on their “highly rated” table at the front of the store! So surreal but really cool to see it in so many places!

Merry Christmas!

These two pups look cute and fluffy, but don’t let Jack and Lily’s innocent faces fool ya! It wouldn’t be Christmas around our house without the annual “unraveling”of the tree! This year they were back at it. Every year I think I should finally be able to trust them around the decorations and then when I’m not looking, they still act like puppies and take the animals off the tree before we even get to the holiday (Remember last year’s mischief?).

Our pups keep things fun around our house, but I do wish they’d leave the animal ornaments alone!

I would love to see your house at Christmas, if you have a few moments over the next few days to to upload a photo or two to Home Love Stories that would be wonderful!

Merry Christmas!

This has been an amazing year full of surprises, house projects and fun changes for our family. I can’t wait to do a recap of this year and share my house dreams and goals for 2016! I’m super excited about all I have planned for this house and the blog. But meanwhile, I’m going to finish up my wrapping :)!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Before you go, check out my article on (in)courage for the image I think we should all Pin to our Pinterest Boards this Christmas. 

(The wreath in the top picture is from Harry & David and the wood cabinet in the top picture is from here)

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  1. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    I am glad that you know that the season needs relaxation and reflection in equal parts to work and taking care of guests. But I always get those two needs done when I am doing the later (HA!). Best to you and your family. PS I love that our Holiday is all wrapped up in green (just like the song!) but I know that I am somewhat alone in this.

    • Ms. Maggie the Elder

      PS I am also excited about the new too: new light fixtures in the second home mudroom and new oil paintings of the PNW coming in its great room- blessings abound!

  2. Kristen

    What a great year for you! Congrats on the success of the book(s)! Can’t wait till your next!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Lynn Marie

    Love that the pups were in on the Merry Christmas post! Enjoy the Holiday.

  4. Vee

    Merry Christmas, Melissa! Loved seeing the beautiful family photo. Your book is on my wishlist…perhaps Santa will come through. ?

  5. kristi

    I love your style but I really love those beautiful dogs!

  6. Deanna

    Melissa, your post at (in)courage is right on. That is the only thing that matters, and what we celebrate this time of year. Your dogs are so cute, but I’d be very annoyed at the annual destruction of the tree, too! Our dog is old and enjoys her doggie bed too much to bother the tree! Yay!

    Praying you’ll have a wonderful Christmas with your family and guests!

  7. laney


  8. Cathy

    Merry Christmas, Melissa! Thank you for introducing me to (in)courage.

  9. Penny

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

    Good to hear your book is doing so well.

  10. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    I had to go back and check out last year’s unraveling and I have to say I got a good giggle out of it!! Jack & Lily are too cute to stay mad at….what little adorable furballs they are! My old girl, Lily, never tore up anything in the house until recently – now for some reason she’ll drag the bathroom garbage all over the house if I forget and leave the door open – uuggghhhh!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Melissa. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home, as I am enjoying mine.

  11. Kari

    Love your precious doggies!

  12. Rachel Baron

    We love our Colorado goldendoodle….it seems your two must be doodles, too?

    Just LOVE the Harry & David wreath, we had a box of their superb citrus arrive yesterday. YUMMMMM

    Peace to you and yours and Merry Christmas

  13. Brenda

    Your house looks really nice, especially the candles in the fireplace. I also like the nice big window with a beautiful view. How exciting to see your book in so many places! I think I would want to tell everyone around me that that’s my book.

  14. Elizabeth Pickle

    Merry Christmas, sweetheart! Thanks for all the fun and beautiful ideas and photos again this year. We love them. It makes me so happy that you saw your book in all those retail outlets! I know that must be such a special feeling. Enjoy!

  15. Judy

    Merry Christmas Melissa!!

  16. Jo

    Your home is gorgeous for the Christmas season and your guests will feel warmly received, just by the vibe your room gives off, and of course the love you’ll surely show them. Merry Christmas, Melissa, to you and yours! May you all have the love, hope, Grace & peace found in our Lord, Christ Jesus. ❤️

  17. Jean |

    Melissa, your dogs have the sweetest faces! I’m not even a “dog person,” but they look irresistible!

  18. Corinna - A Designer At Home

    Merry Christmas, Melissa! That is so cool that you’re seeing your book all over. I hope 2016 holds even more awesome moments for you!

  19. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    Jack and Lily are always good for a laugh! Devil-dogs! Love them both.

    Hope your holidays were wonderful. We are more or less settled in our new house…at least the boxes are gone. Now the hard work of remodeling kitchen and baths will keep us busy in 2016. Looking forward to making this house into our new home. We are off to a good start.

    I look forward to watching your new house take shape in 2016 as well.

  20. Serene Spaces Living

    Merry Christmas! And that must be an amazing feeling to see your book out and about in so many different places. It’s all that hard work.

  21. Dede Weber


    I just started receiving your emails. I accidentally deleted the one with your new blue rug in either the family room or living room. I remember you mentioned where you bought it. Can you give me the name of the store? Thank you.

  22. Lisa

    Where did you get this teal lamp? I am LOVING your book!!!


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