Hello! I hope you had a great week. We had a really crazy one, but it’s Friday so YAY! Here’s just a little random update on life around here lately.

My plants seem to be quite happy in our new living room and the Fiddle Leaf is actually sprouting three new little leaves. That’s a first and needed to be documented. And, you know, it’s still ALIVE! I’m amazed.


“Stress-Away” essential oil in the diffuser is my daily therapy while several rooms and our side-yard are (still) mid-project and I’ve been extra busy keeping up with life and business projects, too. It’s been a lot to keep up with at once. Deep breaths. It will all get done. It will be all be worth it.


Lily clearly doesn’t mind when everything is in disarray, she will make a bed out of anything, even painter’s tarps or this box of window blinds. She’s weird, but adorable. She was giving me the stink-eye, probably worried I was going to tell her to get off the box.


We painted lots of tester paint samples on the walls in every room which is always a bit unsettling on the eyes (fortunately, paint color decisions are finally made for every room!). We have new artwork we LOVE sitting around to inspire us as we wait for the painters. We hired a painter to paint several rooms of our interior just to GET IT DONE (we were too slow trying to paint it all ourselves, and while trying to get on a painter’s schedule wasn’t easy either we are on for later next week!).


Our Barnlights arrived and I can’t wait to see them up in the front hall! They are so cute, I love the little black rim on them. I’m so excited to see some of the “farmhouse” and “coastal” elements start to influence this house.

I moved my office downstairs and I can tell already that it’s going to be PERFECT for me. We needed a contractor to make it an official “room” so you’ll get to see an update on it soon.

Today is the last day of school for my son Luke and we are thrilled to begin summer vacation! I can’t believe he finished his freshman year of high school already! Time flies. He was just a baby when I started this blog. Goodness! You better believe I’ll be savoring every second of our time together this summer.

Speaking of this blog, it’s my 9th blog anniversary in just a few weeks! I’m so grateful to all of you who have been with me through the years and to those of you who recently started following along. I’ll have a special anniversary post soon, but thank you for being here for year TEN! It should be a goodie with LOTS of house projects that will unfold and be introduced in the coming weeks and months.

Happy weekend, friends! See you back here next week for more kitchen inspiration and the latest house project updates!

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  1. Congratulations on nine years of blogging! Enjoy your summer with your son!

  2. Love this update! So excited for Year 10, this is my favorite blog!!!

  3. Glad everything is progressing smoothly. :) You reminded me I need to get more Stress-Away. I gave mine to my daughter in college (she loves it) and have been without! – Karen

  4. I’m redoing my 1960’s gross kitchen. and I’m totally loving the modern farmhouse look right now. I’m looking to do white shaker cabinets with either black granite or poured concrete countertops. Not sure what kind of floor to go with though. I wish you could come over and help me. How about a visit to NJ.

  5. Melinda Young says

    Happy early anniversary! It’s always a joy to read your blog. Thanks for keeping it up!

  6. I love the little snippets you’ve shown so far! That rattan in the first photo has my heart :) I have four different blue swatches on my wall right now and my husband is wondering when I’m finally going to paint. Hiring painters can be a beautiful thing!

  7. So much going on in your life and your home, Melissa! I applauded your patience ( it truly is a virtue) and your mindfulness that it will all be worth it in the end. ? I love your photos in today’s post ( Lily, as always, is ADORBS!)!) . Your living room ( more like a garden room!) is so pretty with all your plants! Your fig leaf tree looks amazing!

  8. 9 years, holy smokes that’s a long time – congrats to you!! The house is looking great, can’t wait to see more as you continue to settle in. It takes a long time to feel like it’s truly ‘home’ when you buy a new place – I think it took me a year, which was in April. I finally feel like I have it the way I want it….for the most part!

  9. Rebecca Turner says

    Thanks for sharing! As far as I am concerned, any news is good news out here in blog land, where I’m following along (with your life, and happenings.) My own living room looks similar right now. We have a big box of wood on the floor, which my husband ordered, to make a stand for the round aquarium that he’s designed. That part is already finished. We also have a few boxes that arrived just yesterday, because Hubby is planning to “lift” his Jeep. (It floods a lot around here-that’s my reasoning. His reasoning? It looks cool.) I also have a table set up, where I’m painting a terrarium. I plan to fill it with seashells, rather than plants. I enjoy having something in the works. Perhaps you do too? I’m curious about your side yard. What is the hold up? City permits? An undependable contractor? The next door neighbor’s construction?

  10. Christie says

    Good plan to get painters. After painting the interiors of three homes, we’ve decided to hire painters next time/next house. :)

  11. What a nice place you have, feels so peaceful. And your little doggy is such a cutie!

  12. Congratulations to your son! The first year of high school is a tough adjustment. I’m glad you were able to pick paint colors. It’s so hard to look at all the samples on the wall and make a final decision.

  13. Shirley Hatch says

    Thanks for sharing

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