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Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

There is something so magical about a little winter village all set up for the holidays, isn’t there? The houses, the snow, the trees, and the sparkly lights make such a festive scene. I was working on a Christmas decorating post for later this week and found myself so enthralled by these little zinc houses, I knew you’d enjoy them, too. The video below is so precious!

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village
Lantern // Copper String Lights
Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

1: Chateau // 2: Tree // 3: Silo // 4: Country Barn // 5: School House // 6: Farm House Ornament // 7: Half House // 8: Windmill // 9: Greenhouse // 10: Farm House

Above you’ll find a round up of some of my favorite pieces from this set, but you’ll find many more at Terrain as well as a variety of styles of Christmas villages at places like EtsyWalmart, Wayfair and Target this year as well as local gift shops.

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

I love these white houses above and these from Target, too…I have a few like these myself! Many of you (like we did) might have even collected villages through the years. We set ours up last year and it felt good to revive the Christmas village tradition!

Do you have a winter village to set up?

Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

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Simply Inspired Holidays: Winter Village

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  1. Penny


    They are all so adorable. Thank-you for sharing the sweetness you’ve discovered with us once again.

  2. Elizabeth @ Ellieandelizabeth

    I love these! I think I’m going to have to recreate the village scene in the lantern. So beautiful!

  3. Patricia

    Charming! For a break (and escape the remodeling kitchen chaos) go see the Gingerbread Houses at the Seattle Sheraton. It’s amazing what they can do with gingerbread and candy… I went yesterday with my sister.

  4. Pam

    My husband has collected Dept 56 village for years, the kids give him a new house every year. It is a lot of work and its not my thing, but once its up I love it. I really hate taking it down. People who visit love it and children are really entranced by it. Depending on life circumstances, Christmas in the city stays in the boxes some years!! The Lantern is so beautiful a great Idea for those scaled back years!

  5. Tracie

    Wow, I love the little metal village! We have a tiny, inexpensive village from years ago that I still set up. My favorite part is a snowman that we bought nearly 30 years ago and dogs to remember our pets through the years.

  6. Jo Jo

    Oh, I love them! Simply delightful!

  7. Rachel

    I have a couple of red metal houses I bought for my daughter a few years ago from Target. Similar to the ones in the video. I never dreamed when I bought them how much she would look forward to them every year. I usually just set them out and let her have fun but this year she is a bit older and after that adorable video I’m so tempted to try and set up more of an actual village scene. Hmmm…

  8. Cathy

    These are adorable – and a nice change from the usual Christmas villages! I’m planning a birthday party for my husband in early January, and I want to have “winter” decor that’s not really “Christmasy.” These would be perfect!

  9. Kelsey

    Lovely! We do have a winter village–it’s a Thomas Kincade village that my mother didn’t want to hold on to any longer. My children are old enough where they set up up now. It’s the only decoration that goes up before the tree!

  10. Carla

    These are really cute but expensive for metal.

  11. Eileen

    I have many pieces from the Dept 56 Dickens collection. It takes me two days to set it up but it really looks fantastic-complete with moving parts and lights and trees and people! It’s set up on an eight foot table my husband made just for the scene! I collected many pieces years ago when I was attempting to quit smoking-instead of buying a carton of cigarettes, I bought a village piece. And bonus-glad to report still not smoking after 24 years!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      How wonderful!!! That sounds amazing. And I love your idea for overcoming a habit, too :). Brilliant!

  12. Lorrie

    No, I don’t have a winter village to set up, but I’m thinking that I might like to get one! Soon! That video is adorable!

  13. Ivory

    I love the metal village better, because not worrying about them breaking. Too, they are so beautiful. My hubby and son use to pull out their village many villages and people’s. but we ran out of space in our home to put them. I loved the villages, but I felt they were taking over for other Christmas decorations. So happy they stop putting them up. However, your display is gorgeous, I would love to have some in my collection of Xmas decorations. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Purba

    I have collected some of the Christmas village houses over the last couple of years . I put up Christmas village every year. I also do one with Legos with my kids

  15. Rebecca Turner

    So sweet. Love these!

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