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Inspired By: A Lovely Life

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration

Inspired By: A Lovely LifePhoebe Howard Design – Coastal Living – Tria Giovan Photography

Did you wake up today and think, “wow, I can’t wait to leap out of bed, it’s going to be such a lovely day!”? I hope you did, but I know Mondays don’t always feel like the most inspiring way to start out a week. But in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I want to be inspired to live a life of more loveliness. So that is what we’ll focus on this week.

Inspired By: A Lovely LifeAtlanta Homes

Speaking of loveliness, thank you for all of the thoughtful responses on my mint green and pink bathroom. I was blown away by the comments here and everywhere on social media, y’all had lots and lots of wonderful ideas! I love you guys!

I sure appreciated that many of you thought so creatively about how I might be able to reflect my own style and even while incorporating and improving upon what was already there. While my ultimate dream would probably be to start over with a simple bathroom like the one above, I’m considering the likelihood that keeping what I have and working with it in some way might be the most affordable and best option for this season of our life.

I do think it could be a cute bathroom, with a few minor adjustments :). It’s been fun reading through each and every one of the suggestions, there were so many great ideas to think about. I definitely have some research to do, and be sure and keep on sending the ideas my way!

Inspired By: A Lovely LifeHouse Beautiful

I hope you have a great Monday, friend!


P.S. Last month I shared a “Happy Healthy Winter Home” series on my Pure & Lovely Instagram (if you missed it, check out my health story here). Many of you enjoyed the series and we had fun putting it together, so I decided that since I’m in the mood for loveliness, we’d create a brand new Pure & Lovely Instagram series this week called “A Lovely Life.”

Be sure to follow along to find simple ways to elevate your mood, delight your senses, enhance beauty and create a lovely ambience for your home. We’ll focus on tips for incorporating essential oils into everyday routines to rejuvenate hearts, minds, bodies, souls and surroundings. Whether you’re new to oils or not, I hope it will inspire and even answer some questions you may have!

If you don’t have Instagram you can see my posts on your computer through this link (click each image to read the comments), or follow along with the posts on Facebook. Watch for a special limited deal for new members, too. :) Hope to see you on Instagram this week, and of course, come back here tomorrow!

Inspired By: A Lovely Life


  1. Linda Stoll

    I’m headed over to check out those bathrooms one more time … who knew that color could be so compelling?


  2. darlene weir @fieldstonehill

    I just LOVE the word “lovely!” It makes me pause and think on whatever is true….

    xoxo, Dar

  3. Andrea

    “I want to be inspired to live a life of more loveliness.” A yes and amen to this! I love reading your posts to get ideas of how to do this with those little touches in the home. Looking forward to what you share this week!

  4. Kathleen

    Hope you don’t mind one more comment on your green bathroom. Other than the needs-to-be replaced vanity, I think the main problem is the color of that tub. I had a bathroom in a 1931 Cape Cod with that rose-beige color on the tiles (done “in mud” like yours, and with ox blood trim!) and while the tile was pristine that color NEVER looked clean. And, as someone mentioned, the pink of the tub doesn’t seem to match the trim. Maybe just resurface it in white. And here’s something else – sometimes your light bulbs affect the color, if they have too much yellow or blue in them. Good luck; I would be happy to have the green bath in my house.


    Lovely and simple elegance are buzz words for my home and they are what I try to aspire too! Look forward to your suggestions, you always inspire me!! I need to go and read one of my older post on making a home lovely, it is always good to be reminded!! Always love your ideas. I sent you a few inspiration picts. for your bathroom on Pinterest, I hope you got them. I hope tomorrow is a day full of loveliness for you!!
    xo Kathysue

  6. Evy Williams-Burr

    Yes, please have the tub surface professionally resurfaced in white. It can be done, but will need to be treated more gently when cleaning. Be sure to get references from the company you choose., and call them. It should have a guarantee as well, if they are reputable.

    I am a professional designer and have had it done for my clients. Update the floor with a small white hexagon or penny tile, with charcoal grout. ( easier upkeep ) and find an antique piece to make into a vanity with a white sink. ( a small dresser or sewing cabinet) Put a white top of marble or soapstone.

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