Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover

Hello! I don’t have a mountain home. I really wish I did, but one of my best friends has one! Not too long ago, my friend Sandy and her family moved to this popular mountain resort area in Oregon. They did an awesome job with a fairly quick and affordable makeover on their home (including the fireplace and kitchen, too!).

The house had such charming architecture to begin with, but it’s amazing what some paint, DIY and elbow grease can accomplish. I love how they lightened up the mood of the house, but were able to retain the warmth through the wood ceiling, trim and flooring.

Mountain Home Makeover

Their home has so much character, perfectly fitting for their location in the snowy mountains and forest (well, it’s been snowy there because it’s winter, it’s not always snowy!).

I thought you’d all enjoy seeing their warm and welcoming home. Be sure to scroll down to be inspired by the before and afters at the end! It’s quite a dramatic improvement.

Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover
Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover
Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home MakeoverMountain Home Makeover

You might already know my friend Sandy from her blog Reluctant Entertainer. My husband and I were able to visit her previous home and it was one of the warmest and most welcoming houses we’ve ever been in (check out her fabulous backyard here!).

Mountain Home Makeover

She and her husband Paul are so gracious as hosts and their home exudes such a welcoming hospitality. Even when they were in the messy process of moving in and remodeling their own home, they still invited people to their table! That’s hard to do, but she is the real deal. I cannot wait to visit her in her new home.

You can find all the sources from their mountain home makeover, including more photos of their house, the fireplace makeover, kitchen remodel and DIY projects here.

Doesn’t this just feel like a place you’d want to go spend a week nestled in by the fire? 


  1. What a transformation! It must have been a lot of work, but it’s beautiful!

  2. Melissa, this is absolutely gorgeous and it makes my heart so happy. Hard to believe it’s the same wood throughout the house but the just right wall color (slightly warm and creamy) brings all that wood to glorious life. I would wake up with a smile on my face every morning in that house no matter what the weather outside. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful inspiration..

  3. It’s so bright and cheery with the painted walls. I love that they kept all the wood rather than throw it away, but updated it with paint. Such a lovely home. And that view!

  4. This looks terrific! Reminds me of my own renovation project on a little fixer upper in the Pennsylvania Poconos Mountains. So much work, but such a rewarding transformation! They did a beautiful job.

  5. It’s beautiful, Sandy! I was so excited to see this because just last year I coined my own style as “Woodland Cottage” because we live smack in the woods and near the Smoky Mountains. I moved into the home when I married my husband and after three years I am finally attempting to tackle making this space reflect my personal taste while honoring his. It’s quite the challenge! Thank you so much for sharing – I love the lighter look which is always a goal when living in the shade of mountains and trees.

  6. Love this!! So much brighter and cheerful. I have oak cabinets in my kitchen and planning to paint them a creamy white this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the Pacific Northwest cabin style, and I especially like how Sandy’s home is modern and fresh yet stays true to its original architecture. Great look!

  8. She really did a great job updating that great house with paint!! I see new appliances and backsplash as well but no doubt the painted knotty pine walls and paneling made the most dramatic improvement. Thanks for sharing, love this house!

  9. Do you know if they painted the fireplace or had it rebricked? It looks beautiful.

  10. So beautiful!! The wood planked ceiling has got to be my favorite part. :)

  11. What a beautiful home! It was beautiful before but the after photos ( lightening up the space with white) makes it gorgeous! I can only imagine the spectacular views they must have with all those windows and their locale! Lots of inspiration to glean. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  12. Delightful! Lots of new white, with lots of the warm wood remaining. We need more natural wood in our house, methinks.

  13. Melissa, thank you for featuring our house! You are so sweet, and one of my best friends, too. Love you and your family and all you share online with others! Next up: A visit from the Michaels, right? :)

  14. Love what they did, though I tease that she is always making me jealous as that is my family’s favorite vacation spot and where we wouldn’t mind living…haha.

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