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Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Home Office, My Seattle House

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Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

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In my organizing book, Make Room for What You Love, I wrote about how important it is to get your hobbies organized if you are ever going to actually DO them. It is SO true for me, so this past week I took my own advice! I’m so excited to show you how we labeled supplies for my own hobby.

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

Keeping my home organized is important to the quality of my life in so many ways. If I have to crawl around in a cluttered closet or dig around the garage to find what I need, I will lose interest in whatever it was I was looking for. If I’m ready to relax or have fun with a creative hobby, it needs to be organized so it’s ready for me when I’m ready for it!

Disorganization turns things I want to love into clutter.

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

I’m not much of a crafter (as you probably know by my lack of DIY skill, ha) but I’ve always had a small part of me that really enjoys making things. Low-stress or creative projects can be therapeutic as they help slow down the pace of life.

A year ago my sister and my girls and I visited a local apothecary store and came home with all sorts of fun supplies to make candles, lotions, bath salts and soaps. We had a great time making things together when we got home. Then the remaining supplies got tossed in the brown bag we brought them home in, and lost in the back fo the closet.

While I’ve often thought about hosting another DIY-day, I knew I’d first have to get things in order.

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

Enter the Brother P-touch PT-D210 label maker (the same one I used for my spice drawer organization). It is my no-fail way to label just about anything!  You can see the video we made below to show you how simple it really is.

Just look at all the apothecary supplies now! Wouldn’t you be more inspired to use them when they’re nicely labeled and organized? I sure am.

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

It’s really not hard to get craft supplies organized, and it can actually be a fun project in itself! Gather the supplies you need to enjoy just one hobby (you can do more later, but start with one!).

Select one shelf, or one drawer to use for organizing. You don’t have to start with an entire craft room! That’s too overwhelming for anyone.

Getting Organized for Fall Hobbies

It was easy to print clear labels with a simple border and pretty font to put on my jars. The shelf now looks so fresh, clean and lovely! But best of all, my supplies are organized–and ready to use.

With the P-touch PT-210, you can easily personalize your labels with different color tapes, 14 fonts, 97 frames and more than 600 symbols. I can’t wait to try out a handful of different color tapes with different borders and symbols for future organization projects.


You can purchase the P-touch PT-210 at Amazon.

What’s an organizational project you could work on this fall that would inspire YOU to do what you love?


  1. Dana Sata

    Can I ask where you got your clear spray bottles I see in the background?

  2. D.

    “Disorganization turns things I want to love into clutter.” Wow, that’s needlepoint pillow worthy – a powerful truth statement!

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