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The DIY Home Planner & Giveaway!

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration

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The DIY Home Planner & Giveaway!

When I found out my friend Karianne from Thistlewood Farms was working on a new home decor book, I just knew in my heart that it was going to be a goodie. I just knew.

But friends, good isn’t enough to describe the gem that showed up on my doorstep. I actually squealed when I opened the box, and I’m not a big squealer.


The DIY Home Planner & Giveaway!

There’s happiness that always wells up in my heart when a fellow blogger and home-decor lover puts something lovely out into the world! It’s hard to describe, but I know how much heart, soul and creativity go into a book. I just can’t help but feel joy for them in their accomplishment!

Not only are Karianne and I both kindreds when it comes to our love of all things home decor, but Karianne and I now share the same publisher, literary agent and even have an upcoming book together! I feel like we’ve become SISTERS in the same family! So, yeah, I feel proud like a sister right now, too. :)

The DIY Home Planner & Giveaway!

The illustrations in this book are just so charming! I LOVE creative books. It’s not just cute though, it is packed with such helpful tips and inspiration. As you flip through the pages, you’ll find places to sketch, dream and plan. There’s a little pocket in the front and in the back to tuck in your ideas, too.

If you’ve ever been a little hesitant or unsure of where to start when it comes to making your home your own, this book will inspire you!

You can stay up late with this book and your color coded pencils and markers to dream ’til your heart’s content. Sound like fun? Go grab one for yourself!

You can find The DIY Home Planner at Amazon!

The DIY Home Planner & Giveaway!


One lucky duck winner will score a copy of The DIY Home Planner + an awesome 100 dollar gift certificate to Wayfair and some Frog Tape goodies! YAY!

Just follow the information below to enter – and the winner will be shared here at the top of our post, soon!

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Order your copy of The DIY Home Planner on Amazon!


  1. Becca P

    I have so much to do in our home’s bedrooms so I’d LOVE to be able to get inspiration and keep the inspiration I’ve already found in the pockets! Great giveaway!

  2. Maureen

    I think this book would be helpful when thinking through how to keep my whole house in mind while addressing each room

  3. Lorna

    I’d love to be able to update my master bedroom, with this book of course!

  4. Jane Frederick

    My kitchen needs do much help! I love Karianne’s ideas and designs. This planner would certainly help me!

  5. Staci

    I absolutely adore your ideas, Melissa! I have loved all of your books, so I’m sure I would love Karianne’s book, too! How awesome to have more inspiration and motivation!

  6. Lydia G

    Love the looks of this book! I’d love to update my living room/dining room area using this planner.

  7. Elizabeth

    Which part of my home home would I plan out? All of it! We built it and it still needs lots more decor and furniture.

  8. Jo Jo

    Right now I am planning out a gallery wall in my dining room! I would love to get Karieanne’s book! It looks beautiful and I’d love to get some decor ideas! Thanks for the post Melissa!

  9. Patricia

    I will be building a house when I retire….would be very helpful decorating it…

  10. Marie Muckey

    I would use it to redo my master bedroom

  11. Stacia

    I need inspiration and help in my kitchen! The book looks like something I would love to read!

  12. Catherine Nelson

    My son’s bedroom, his playroom and my office. I know this is more than one room, but they all need HELP! :)

  13. Julie Briones

    Thanks for sharing! So fun that y’all are writing a book together! So looking forward to it!

  14. Babette Thurston

    I would like to plan my kitchen out better. It’s open concept but it has a snack bar and even a desk but a weird configuration. We also have laundry in our kitchen! Not ideal! But we will be moving in the year so I’m going to give it a refresh and then plan in my new home!! ???

  15. Amy C

    Our living room is looking a bit rough, thanks to our adorable but furry dog who sheds like crazy. I’d love to get a L-shaped couch but am stumped on whether our tiny living room (with a fireplace) will accommodate one…

  16. Emma Manolis

    We’re actually in the midst of updating our master bath, so I’d love some ideas with decorating that!

  17. Tina S.

    Looks like a great and inspiring book.

  18. Annette Lewis

    I want to change out my kitchen counter tops, new sink, new floors and need help with ideas! This book would be so helpful!
    Thanks, Annette

  19. Suzanne Lefever

    I love the artwork! So creative.

  20. Ingrid

    Oh my goodness, hands down my bedroom needs the most help! It’s been so neglected. I’m going to change that this year and maybe I need help from Karianne!

  21. Julie

    Hmm…our living room probably needs the most help! I’d be happy to take any helpful tips. :)

  22. Janna C

    Laundry room!

  23. Casey Watkins

    Ahh this book has been on my wish list for weeks! I would definitely use it for the entire upstairs of my house. It’s been such a slow process coming together and this planner would help my scatterbrained mind to really get a handle on it. Such a fun giveaway!

  24. Andrea

    With a small city apartment, I’d love to use the book to design a cohesive entryway and living space – a combined living room, office, and dining room.

  25. Anne Marie

    My sewing/craft room needs organization and inspiration. In reality, my entire house needs planning and organization.

  26. Karen T.

    I need all the help I can get. I have ideas in my head, but don’t accomplish very many.

  27. Susan

    I’d love to update the living areas and work on a better flow throughout the house with colors along with working on organizing the office and basement.

  28. Maureen

    The master bedroom has the sinks in it for the bathroom. Would love to shut it off some how.

  29. Mary

    I am looking forward to reading ALL KariAnne’s ideas for EVERY space in my home!! Her home and yours, Melissa, both are major inspiration sources for me!!

  30. Brandon

    My wife would love this! She loves planning, and organizing is kind of a hobby for her.

  31. Linda

    I have a rarely used dining room that rally needs some change.

  32. Patti Rae

    Laundry room!

  33. Ella

    I am wanting to remodel my mater bath. I need some inspiration!

  34. Edwina

    Awesome giveaway-thank you. My basement needs a great deal of help….

  35. Andrea S.

    I need help with my living room! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. bn100

    living room

  37. Kristy B

    Our front room of entry, living room and dining room that doubles as homeschooling zone is an area i want to tackle but where I need help.

  38. Laureen

    The laundry room!

  39. Kathy

    I am a frequent visitor to Thistlewood Farm and your blog, and I’d love to spend some time in that book! I remember the blog post when she shared those cute blue chairs on the cover. Excited to hear that you’ll be working on a project together!

  40. Rachel

    I’d love help in turning our oversized pantry that we don’t need into a shared craft/activity zone for my three children & myself. Im having such a hard time getting it to come together!

  41. Regina

    Looks like a wonderful book. You have the best ideas!

  42. Lorelei

    The illustrations are an inspiration in and of themselves!

  43. Missy

    Master bath/laundry room makeover is the things my dreams are made of! Lol!!!

  44. Melyssa Royersmith

    I would love this book!

  45. harolde

    Both our bathrooms need work bad!

  46. Tracie

    This book would be fun to use as I decorate two guest bedrooms.

  47. Karen

    I need to update my living room.

  48. Linda

    Shall call it an office? Planning my paperwork (and “stuff”) for each responsibility and each minisry and even each fun project so it is easy to get to and easy to move when guests come to my guest room.

  49. Lauren H

    I want to plan my office

  50. Kelly

    Thanks for introducing us to this new book!

  51. Elisa Bragunde

    My kitchen

  52. Cindy Johnson

    Cute book. I would work on my family room

  53. Leata Anderson

    I need inspiration in my bedroom. I live in a historic home like Karianne but my bedroom needs a fresh look.

  54. Judi Andersen

    Looking forward to using the book. Thank you!

  55. Laura m

    My whole house needs help! I bought a 100 year old house that hasn’t been renovated since the 70’s! I can’t wait to take the the Floral yellow wallpaper down! I love wallpaper but not when it’s bright yellow with an outdated floral design!

  56. Kelly D

    I would like to plan our computer room better.

  57. Josephine

    I love this! My boyfriend and I are moving in together next year, and I have been so excited to collaborate on a space to make it OURS. This book seems so lovely and helpful!

  58. Heather

    My garage.

  59. Sandra

    Such a great book with beautiful drawings. This would be an awesome surprise to win!

  60. Jeni

    That’s a loaded question. Can I say my whole house??!! My issue with decorating is coordinating colors and design styles. Your book The Inspired Room, that I borrowed from the library, BTW, gave a ton of great information to help me with that. I think this book would help me plan it out and make it look more like I want and less like I have a bunch of stuff that I don’t know what to do with-LOL!

  61. Li

    I am in the process of decluttering my kitchen so I can do a renovation. A planner would be great!

  62. Bianca Munoz

    The whole house would be nice lol

  63. Kathleen

    We are trying to make all the “little changes” to our home that make it even better. Planning it out cohesively would be wonderful

  64. Elicia P

    My living room. It needs a lift.

  65. Linda

    My open concept entry living room dining room kitchen! Help!

  66. Monica M

    Our living room is in desperate need of an update!

  67. Dianna Auton

    Can I just say all of it? lol I have so many things I want to do.

  68. Linda

    The flow of the whole house

  69. Lisa Thoreson

    I can’t wait to receive this book – ordered as soon as you shared. Thank you – for the opportunity and information.

  70. Patty Dawson

    this would be fabulous to help me plan all of the changes that are needed in the house

  71. Ashley

    Looks great. :) Needing some kitchen inspiration for sure. Excited to see what your shared project is!

  72. Amanda

    My family room could use some help. I can never seem to get it working right. I’d love this!

  73. Ann D.

    I’m working on restyling our family room and our master bath. And the front yard. :) With a house there’s always a project. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. Jeanne Thelwell

    My living room really needs work.

  75. Marilyn Legault

    My bathroom could use help with storage.

  76. Deb S

    Would like my “family room” to better reflect my family and be more inviting.

  77. Alicen

    Our main living space…. It needs some new life breathed into it!

  78. Colleen

    I will be updating a few rooms soon, so I would love the book for inspiration.

  79. Rebecca Cousineau

    My mess of a laundry room!

  80. Michelle

    What a cute book! I bet it will have lots of ideas to help me plan a foyer and family room update.

  81. Angela N

    My kids drop zone! Always a huge mess with backpacks, shoes, binders. UGH

  82. Robin Y

    Such artistic and inspiring illustrations! Beautiful book!

  83. Michele

    What a darling book! My master bedroom needs some serious help!

  84. Kerri

    This book looks adorable! I think my whole house needs help but, I’d probably start in the living room.

  85. Margie

    My entry way! I would love to use this planner for all of my house!!

  86. Nora

    If you fail to plan you plan to fail! That works with weight watchers and home decor.

  87. Paula Gustin

    I would like to plan my dinning room.

  88. Pam M

    Would love any help I could get in both my kitchen and dining room. This planner looks great!

  89. kel

    I’d like to plan a better way to utilize the family room. It’s a large rectangle with poor lighting and lack of seating and little cozy factor… help me, planner!!!!!!!!!

  90. Rosie

    I have a fairly open floor plan, and would love to have a concept for the combined foyer/living room/ dining room. Nice idea!!!

  91. Tricia B

    The illustrations look so inviting! Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Tricia B

      I’d definately need help in the kitchen.

  92. Eileen

    I love the illustrations! We have an open floor plan and I feel like we have a lot of wasted space that could be better utilized.

  93. Stacey

    My entryway! Or mudroom! Probably both…. Yay! How exciting!

  94. aaron reck

    Lots of place. Stairwell needs some work on it and in the kitchen, attic maybe. Lots to do.

  95. Lisa

    The table of mail, keys, etc at my back door—it’s an eyesore!

  96. Karla R.

    I would love to use it for my dining room!

  97. Serenity

    What a gorgeous book!

  98. Juanita May

    I would use it to redo my master bedroom

  99. Jill

    I would love to get ideas for my master bedroom. Cute book!

  100. Mira V

    My office, We recently moved into our first home and I need to decorate and make it feel like home!!

  101. Dawn

    This book looks great! The illustrations are lovely and the advice she offers would be helpful!!

  102. Denise M

    The bathrooms are ready for a change

  103. Terilyn

    Definitely in our master bedroom…needs some love!

  104. Tonya

    I’d love to have tips for completing my master bedroom and closet. Haven’t quite finished them to my satisfaction yet. Thanks for all of the great ideas you provide.

  105. Heidi

    My kitchen needs some work and some of the bedrooms in my home do too.

  106. Jen R

    I’d love to see if this book could help me to arrange our next apartment. I’m hoping we can move to a larger apartment by the end of the year and this book would make laying out the rooms super helpful!

  107. Bernadette

    We have a strange rectangular family room with 5 entryways, 2 large windows and a fireplace. It breaks me. This books looks lovely.

  108. Carroll

    I have lots of work to do in my house. I pre-ordered this cute book and got it earlier this week. I read it in one sitting. KariAnne writes with humor and a heart felt love of God and gives excellent pointers for getting starting on your home. It will make a great resource and reference .

  109. Cindy

    I would love to redo my living area!

  110. deedee

    I would love to organize my kitchen – especially my refrigerator. This looks like a really great book.

  111. Linda

    I would like to plan my bedroom better using DIY Home. It needs an upgrade.

  112. Sarah

    My baasement. Would like to turn it into a family friendly hangout!

  113. Kim

    Laundry area ! It’s in the basement ;)

  114. Sharon T

    We moved into our home 5 years ago and I am still trying to figure out what to do with my livingroom and basement family room. This would be so helpful!

  115. Cherri

    Our den. (I could not enter the drawing! It doesn’t seem to be working. I clicked on it to make a comment and it won’t let me type anything) Boo!

  116. Joanne

    My livingroom. Since it’s not our main living area, it has become a place to keep junk. I’d really like to use the space for something!

  117. Heather S

    I love Karianne’s blog! She is truly amazing! If i don’t win the giveaway i will definitely be ordering her book.

  118. Sheila Osman

    We just remodeled our kitchen and opened up our floor plan. I’d like to have our dining area be the same style as the rest of the living area. I’m sure this book will help get me on the way!

  119. judy morano

    The whole house as I should be moving to a condo soon.

  120. Alisa Steinhilber

    I could totally use some TLC in my living room so this book would definitely help!! I’m always excited during the beginning stages of planning out a room, and coming up with ideas for the vision I have!!

  121. Wanda

    We’re moving into a new house totally and completely and as different from the one we’ve lived in the last 40 years, that I probably neeeddddd the book!

  122. Angela moss

    I need inspo for my living room. It’s a weird shape with lots of angles. It’s a tough one to arrange furniture in.

  123. Wendy

    I need this in my life! TY for the opportunity!

  124. Tyneisha

    With a newborn and one of my other kids in school I really need to get more organized and functional in the bedrooms!

  125. angie ebersole

    My kitchen is old and limited. I need some inspiration there!

  126. Anne B

    We are planning to remodel our kitchen this spring/summer. I am.certain I’ll need to spruce up some other areas of the house to combat the stress of a non-functioning kitchen for a bit.

  127. Jennie

    I have so many areas, but right now our office and then bedroom.

  128. B.R.

    My living room continues to be a work in progress. I think a book like this could really help me nail down a few final details.

  129. Carly

    I would like to better organize almost every room. We’ve only tackled a few spaces in our house and I could use help making it cohesive but not boring.

  130. Karen

    I would love to work on the kitchen or maybe the living room. I plan on adding a few plants!

  131. Sara R

    I would love to do any room, really – we live in an apartment and are looking for a house to rent. I want to buy furniture, decor, and organizational tools when we move into a new place!

  132. Crystal

    This looks like such a great way to make changes to our homes…sometimes I “improve” things and am not always happy with the result! Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

  133. Becky

    I love the looks of this book! I’d love to update my living room.

  134. Laurie T

    Small half bath…looks like a darling book! I love Kerianne’s blog too!

  135. chrigharmon

    I need this for every room in my house, but especially my Office right now!

  136. Bonita

    I am getting ready to help my sister with her new house. This book would be great!

  137. Tim

    My wife is always rearranging our living room. The TV and couches are never in the same spot for more than a few months. She needs some ideas that she can piecemeal together into to something she is satisfied with.

  138. Sherie Lovich

    Create welcoming common areas

  139. Donna Harris

    So excited for a chance to win a copy!

  140. Allen Gibson

    Tough to say what one room as I would love to improve every room of our house but if I could only pick one, I would say our office room needs the biggest makeover and improvement.

  141. Kathryn Wilkerson

    I really would love some help in my living room. There is very little natural light, and I can’t decide where the television works best. I also have two chairs that are in perfect shape and I’m not sure if I should recover them or just start fresh. And the lighting, ugh. I need help with that too!

  142. JaneC

    Good timing, I have been seeking some inspiration. This looks like just the thing.

  143. Angela

    I love to learn about decorating and especially a good book that helps me in the planning process. I need inspiration and ideas for a tiny bathroom and a home office.

  144. Anne

    With a new home on the horizon, I want to plan it all! But especially the “breakfast room” and the HUGE guest area above the garage. Fun, fun, fun . . .

  145. Brenda

    Our kitchen which is attached to the family room, is our most hardworking space. Original to the house, it has old fluorescent lighting and a closed in layout. I’d love some inspiration for an open, more functional layout. Thanks!

  146. Ila J Henkel

    All homeowners should have a book to help plan!

  147. Josephine Del Duca

    Would love to see this book!

  148. Ness

    I would use it for our library, wet bar, desk area off our kitchen!

  149. Gina Rock

    I would like to plan out my dining room/office to be a more usable space!

  150. Brandy Williams

    I just moved into my new house and my bedroom needs a makeover big time so this book would help alot.
    Thanks you so much for the chance!!

  151. Terry S

    My spare bedroom needs some real updating to make it feel homey.

  152. Candace Galan

    I think I would use this planner for my kitchen.

  153. Anna Evans

    Melissa, I’m amazed at how lives can intertwine without our ever being aware of it. It’s always a delightful serendipity when it comes to light! Karianne and family moved back “home” and bought the house she grew up in. We lived in the same town, just a few blocks from there for 30 years. Though I’ve never met her, we have chatted via Facebook and email and have very close mutual friends. Shortly after she moved back home and began restoring her home, we moved from there last November, after living in Texas for 77 years…..sheeech…. to Sammamish WA just out of Seattle and are loving it here. ??? “It’s a Small World After All” ??? Sorry! Now you’ll be singing or humming that for a while yet! ? I’m looking forward to reading her book And the upcoming one by both of you!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh isn’t that funny? It is a small world! Welcome to the area!! Isn’t it gorgeous here? I hope our paths will cross in person at some point, too! Meanwhile it’s fun to connect with you online :).

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