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Fall Puttering

Fall Puttering

Hey friends! This week I’m making time for something I love to do. (I hope you will, too.) I call it puttering, perhaps you call it something else?

Puttering is to occupy yourself in an unhurried pleasant manner on a number of small tasks, while not concentrating on anything particular.

Fall Puttering

Rug |  green botanical towel   | other kitchen sources

I mean, is puttering not the best fall nesting activity ever?

It’s relaxing, but still feels rewarding and productive.

As you slow down to enjoy or tend to little thing around the house, life there will become more comfortable or pleasant.

Puttering could involve some fall nesting, or a little cozifying of a room, a bit of cleaning, a little tidying or organizing, or all of the above. It could begin in one room and end up in every room…or even result in shopping. You just never know.

Fall PutteringMy mug

Often I will make myself a hot drink, turn on some tunes and then just follow my whims to see what inspires and transpires.

Want to join me in some fall puttering this week?

I’d love to hear what you’re up to and if you are enjoying a little puttering, too. I’ll be back to share the results of my puttering around the house!

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Fall Puttering

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Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

I woke up yesterday morning to a definite chill in the air! I loved it and wore a sweater and boots because I could.

One of my favorite things is enjoying cozy fall mornings. I realized this week that I haven’t quite got in my daily fall rhythm, so my mornings aren’t as cozy as I want them to be yet. I’m ready to fix that.

I’ve written quite a bit in my books and on the blog over the years about my Four Daily Routines for housekeeping. Keeping things simple is so motivating and inspiring for me, but that idea got me thinking.

Why not have four cozy morning routines for fall?

If we want to savor something, we have to get in the right state of mind for it and be deliberate about making it happen.

So I came up with four cozy fall morning routines!

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

1. Morning Mindset

Start the day with a fall mindset. What do you want to focus on this season? Make it a part of your mornings. When the house is quiet and cool, put on your fuzzy slippers or socks, grab a sweater and go to a comfy spot.

You could bring a book if you like to read, do devotions or use a notebook to jot notes or read affirmations   — but don’t turn on any social media. Let yourself savor at least a few cozy fall moments alone, in the peace and quiet of the early minutes of the morning, before you head off into the day.

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

2.  Tasty Traditions

There are so many things to love about fall, not the least of which is all the yummy hot beverages to warm up your hands and get the day started on a comfortable note.

What is your favorite fall drink? Set up a little fall beverage station with everything you need for a fall morning. Find your favorite fall mugs and have them ready! Some of my kitchen sources are here, including my favorite coffee percolator (pictured in the top photo on this post) and milk frother.

I love making my morning coffee with steamed oatmilk (the only brand I like these days is Oatly, but it’s been hard to find lately), and then sprinkling on some cinnamon or nutmeg on the top for an extra fallish touch. Some mornings I prefer tea, maybe a Chai or Earl Gray. A morning tea ritual would be a lovely fall habit!

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

3. Delighting Your Senses

What are the coziest sights, sounds, scents you love in the fall?

A clean kitchen the night before makes your senses very happy in the morning. I would not be pleased to wake up and smell dirty dishes in the sink, so sometimes the morning routine actually has to start the night before to be a success. If this isn’t yet a habit, set a goal for a clean kitchen every day and see how it changes your perspective!

I’m obsessed with my daily morning ritual of filling my diffusers*** with oils so my whole house smells like fall. *The oils I use are here*I highly recommend them for your fall & winter wellness arsenal and cozy vibes without the toxins!

I love to turn on music in the mornings, so I’m making a fall playlist so it will be easy to just turn on my favorite tunes as I’m making coffee. What are your favorite artists?

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

4. Savoring Your Sanctuary

Remember, your home is your sanctuary this fall! Do little things in the morning to make it feel super inviting, cozy and comforting all day.

Make your bed every morning, it sets the right trajectory for success and peace in the day. Then quickly pick up the dirty clothes and wipe up the sinks and counters in the bathroom and kitchen as a gift to yourself.

Make your home your haven. Perhaps get in a simple morning habit for your fall home, like setting a tasseled throw blanket over the edge of a sofa or bed before you head to work. That way you’ll have something comfy to look forward to when you curl up at the end of the day.

I hope these simple ideas will inspire you to come up with your own fall morning routines!

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

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Happy Fall Nesting!

A Round up of Fall Doormats
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Day Two: 20 Little Things
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What are some of your favorite fall morning rituals? Share in the comments or show us on Instagram, follow and tag me @theinspiredroom and use the hashtag! #fallnesting