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Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Dining Room, My Seattle House

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy HolidayThis post is in partnership with World Market

Any home can be cozier and more functional in time for the holidays! We make our home work for us, whether it is setting up for a holiday or even just a regular family night.

This time of year I often get an idea in my head about a change I want to make, or a problem I want to solve around the house before guests arrive. Suddenly all the problems seem easier to solve, and completing projects feels more urgent…I think because we are on a deadline to get it all done by Thanksgiving or Christmas :).

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

My husband laughs and rolls his eyes because I say “I have an idea” about a million times a week, not just around the holidays. But this week, my idea for a little change ended up improving our day to day life AND our holiday home.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

I found a neat new cabinet at World Market (there is a crazy 40% off furniture sale with code right now, click here for the code, scroll down in this post for my favorite items!) that I am pretty excited about!

It’s going to work as a dining room buffet cabinet (for serving and storage) and a TV console.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
I think I’ve mentioned before that we sometimes set up a little TV in the dining room when we want to watch something together while we eat, or as a place for my kids and niece and nephew to play video games during the holidays.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
I really don’t like to leave the TV set up all the time, but having a cabinet in place gives us a natural place to put the TV when we do. We had previously set up a table in this spot, but it was a few inches deeper than the cabinet.

I love how tidy this cabinet is! It will be so useful day to day and for entertaining during the holidays, even without the TV.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
The cabinet has storage but is still shallow enough that we can easily squeeze past it (squeeze meaning after a big meal HAHAH!). I also really like that it is actually a media stand so it has cutouts in the back of the cabinet. You can put electronic gadgets like a game system or cable box in the cabinet and the cords can go out the back!

I feel like my dining room is cozier and more comfortable for our needs now, so it is ready to serve people well.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
Are you an idea person?

What home design changes are you trying to complete with the holidays just around the corner? Creating a cozy home for the holidays is just the best feeling!

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Dining Room Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Living Room Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Bedroom Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

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  1. Jen

    Beautiful! Wish they shipped to Canada!

  2. Tracy

    The cabinet is perfect! What a great find. I meant to ask you a while back, did I see a aspen tree in your dining room in one picture? Or was it my imagination? I am interested where you got it. Thanks, love your home.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Tracy! Yes the tree you saw here is from Restoration Hardware! :)


    This cabinet would be a beautiful addition to any room. Look out World Market, this one will sell out quickly after Melissa’s blog highlighted it!

  4. Barbara Livdahl

    Gosh, it sure fits perfectly in that space including under the window sill – love it!

  5. Jo Jo

    I love your new buffet/ console! Perfect for your space and a great solution for you! It looks great!

  6. lani

    Oh, I’m an idea person alright. My husband of over 45 years has a different response- “What now?!”. I want to thank you again for you wonderful advise. You made a statement in the text of your Family Beach House blog that spoke to me. We moved from the far northern Redwood coast of California to the western foothills of the Oregon Cascades to be near children and grandchildren. We left our cape cod style cottage for over 40 years for a two year old home with a wooded backyard. I am loving the “problem” of adapting my idea of what is cozy.. Keeping most of my old, yet incorporating some new additions.In your post you shared that how you feel in the space and how the space feels in its’ space is the key. If it’s comfortable all around you will feel right at home. Great advise. Thank you for your inspiring words and sharing your home and “IDEAS”.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh thank you, Lani! <3 Congratulations on your adventure in making your new home cozy and comfortable (even if it does involve some "what nows" ha!)

  7. Debbie - MountainMama

    I love World Market, they always have great pieces! And their dishtowels are adorable, by the way….and the candles awesome!

  8. Louise

    Hi Melissa! Loved this post, but I have some questions related to your kitchen hardware. I’m considering doing knobs on my drawers like you did it your kitchen. Are you happy with the functionality? Do the knobs come loose? Do your square knobs stay squared on the door or are you adjusting them constantly? I love the look of knobs. It seems handles are the thing right now. Thanks in advance for your help!

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