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Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

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After a week of several back-to-back snow storms here in Seattle, I think it’s safe to say we’re ready for spring! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in homebody heaven! I love staying home and we don’t get snow like this very often, well, basically never.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

Even though I’m loving the cozy Hygge vibe right now in my house, I still really am excited about spring. And actually, being buried in snow was the perfect excuse to do a little spring nesting.

Today let’s talk about some super simple, get ’em-done-so-you-can-enjoy-them spring refreshes around the house. Specifically, I’ll share THREE rooms I refreshed this week around my own home.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

Lamp / Lamp Shade / Wood Footed Tray / Faux Peonies / Faux Fern

After a long winter I start feeling a little restless staring at the same things over and over, so I think a change in scenery can be a real mood-booster.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

Green Dragonfly Bowls

I know for some people, a change of scenery probably means laying out on a beach somewhere. :). Bless.

Not me! I’m taking the whole Go Big or Go Home mindset literally. Instead of flying off to a sunny location, I decided to hang out in my hallway at home to complete a very (and I do mean very) small project.


Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

This wall literally had two nails on it all winter. Two nails in the wall, not covered by art. Just the nails :). It was a barren and unsettling space. It didn’t spark anything but sorrow every time I saw it.

Every day I’d walk by and think to myself, “self, you really need to do something about that wall”.

Pro-tip: I should have taken a before photo so this would be a more dramatic reveal.

But I didn’t do anything about the wall. By the time I had the thought that I should do something, I was out of the hall.

I decided it was time to change my life and home for the better. Could I transform the entire hallway in two minutes? Yes. Yes, I could. I would challenge myself to get it done.

Just like in yesterday’s project, DONE can spark joy. But to be done, you have to start.

In full disclosure, I didn’t relocate the nails for this project because I couldn’t get them out of the wall and I didn’t want to look for the hammer. Don’t judge. I reminded myself that this isn’t open-heart surgery, I can always rearrange later (which we both know I won’t do, but that’s beside the point.).

Now it was time for the transformation. I grabbed a framed painting off a different wall (one that wasn’t as critical to my well-being) and I set it on one of the nails.

Then on the other nail I hung this adorable metal candle holder (with a battery operated votive) I had picked up at World Market.

Was it an unexpected spot for it? Yes. Did it pass the spark joy test? YES IT DID.

Now to bring in some greenery. I had a plant in here at one point, but it just wasn’t happy with the lack of light so I had to move it.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

I had intended to use this galvanized plant stand and a few faux ferns from World Market in another spot, but suddenly I thought about how much better this hallway would feel with greenery. And what better spot to use faux plants than in a room that doesn’t get much natural light?

The stand is such a convenient size to tuck in just about anywhere! Two minutes later, my job in this hall was done.

Spring hall refresh complete.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

Garden Sign

Now I was feeling extra motivated, so I traipsed out to the side yard for an outdoor room makeover. It took a full two minutes to complete this space, mostly because of the long trek down the staircase through the snow in my slippers.

I was limited in what I could do thanks to the the arctic amounts of snow in my backyard, but I’m telling you, hanging this one sign SPARKED MORE JOY THAN I EVER DREAMED. I returned from the garden with a new spring in my step and a desire to stop and smell the roses.

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

Except I didn’t have any roses. Yet, I did happen to grab a faux succulent and a bright bouquet of peonies from World Market. Peonies most definitely spark JOY. For maybe a minute. They don’t bloom nearly long enough, IMHO.

But this time of year, bright pink faux peonies can bring almost as much joy as real peonies.

How could you not feel happier with a pop of pink flowers in your home? 

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

If that isn’t enough mood-boosting joy for you, go even BIGGER and make your own miniature garden!

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

World Market has sweet little fairy garden accessories and vessels you could use to make one! Perfect weekend activity. It’s like therapy, really.

My three Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refreshes are complete!

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

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Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh
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Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

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  1. Jeanne

    The faux ferns are sold in sets of three. Did you pull them out of their pots and put into a new pot? Everything looks great. Love the lamp? Texture!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! I left them in their original pots and grouped them into a new one!

  2. Dawn

    Hallway makeover: Brilliant!

    Stay warm, Melissa – I hear rain is coming your way.

  3. Sheryl

    Hi Melissa,

    Snow is headed our way and your post is an inspiration to get some changes made at my house. Is the artwork from World Market also? I tried looking up that item and it kept bringing me to the velvet pillow:-(

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh darn I think it got mixed up, thank you for letting me know! It’s fixed now!

  4. Franki

    Nesting restlessness…saw an eagle yesterday flying with this gnarly branch in talons…yep “change it up” is everywhere. I’m going to hang a rug…on the wall…and, then…franki

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh wow! We have several eagles that fly around and across our backyard! They are huge! Have fun changing things up around your house, one thing will lead to another change I’m sure..,

  5. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    ohh this is so fun!! Spring colors are just so life-giving. I love the little garden sign, too – I totally get how that sparked joy! :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It is a fun little sign!! I can’t wait to see it when the garden is in bloom, too! Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie!

  6. Debbie - MountainMama

    I adore that lamp on your counter….and your updates in the hallway are perfect! World Market has such fun items!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Debbie. It was fun to make such simple changes, they are making me so happy on this snowy day!

  7. Jo Jo

    Oh, Love what you’ve done! So pretty and could see why it sparked JOY! Tickled pink reading that you went out in the snow in your slippers to hang that garden sign! ( so beautifully graphic…black and white and all hat snow! Lovely!) Genius can’t wait! lol. It’s impulsive! I could see myself doing the same thing! ??????

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Bwahahaha!! When an idea strikes who has time to find boots? HAHA! Thanks, Jo Jo. Glad I’m not the only one lol.

  8. Carol Lade

    I just really love it that easy simple things bring you joy. I’m the same way. It’s so fun. Love your writing. Thank you.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Carol! I’m so glad you stopped by today and enjoyed the post. Thank you for your comment! <3

  9. savannah49

    Thank you for the inspiration! I remembered that I had some faux peonies just sitting in the closet, so I put them in a sweet turquoise vase and placed them on the sideboard in my dining room! I can glance over from my breakfast room and see them peeking out at me!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love it! So great that you had faux peonies in the closet, I’m sure they look so pretty in your vase! Enjoy!

  10. Dorothy K.

    Is it wrong that I laughed the whole way through this post? I couldn’t help myself because you sound just like me! This was an inspiration because I tend to overthink ALL decorating decisions. It took so many months to purchase a new sofa and you know, I bought the one I had picked out at the beginning. So, thanks for the laughter today!

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