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Think Beyond the Throw Blanket + Book Launch Day!

Today I have a super simple and pretty fall idea to share with you. I hope it will inspire you to think outside-the-throw-blanket and maybe do a little extra cozying up of your home this week!

Plus, it’s BUT WHERE DO I PUT THE COUCH? BOOK LAUNCH DAY (scroll down for details)!

Fall is an ideal time for mixing up textiles and adding new layers of comfort and style to existing pieces.

Who doesn’t feel a little cozier on a chilly day surrounded by more layers?

Feeling chilly reminds me of my grandma who always wanted me to wear long pants and a sweater when it dipped below 77 degrees. (Now I am the one always suggesting more layers to the youngin’s, ha! I love sweaters and cozy pants.)

You can think of fall decorating in the same way. Look around for what would feel cozier with an extra layer.

A buffet table? A bench? An ottoman? A dresser?

We all know that adding a throw blanket to a chair or sofa makes the room seem a bit cozier. But anyone can do that! Give your room an element of surprise and add your flair.

Bring more warmth and personality to furniture pieces with unique textures such as a tapestry or woven rug, a table runner, curtain panel, or even a scarf!

Think Beyond the Throw Blanket + Book Launch Day!

Try pairing items in unexpected ways, such as layering a table runner or a small pretty rug over an ottoman or bench.

Yes, you can do that!

Newsflash, small rugs don’t have to stay on the floor and table runners don’t have to stay on tables.

Remember when I put a rug on the wall? I decided to use that same rug on my bench last week. And why not? Besides upping the cozy factor of more texture, playing with a fresh combination of colors, patterns and elements gives a room or your furniture a new look.

Don’t overthink decorating. Just have fun puttering around the house, trying new or unexpected things together. Pretty soon, your own signature style will emerge and you’ll feel snug as a bug in a rug this fall.

Think Beyond the Throw Blanket + Book Launch Day!

Today is launch day for my new book But Where Do I Put The Couch? (and Answers to 100 Other Decorating Questions)!

YAHOO! KariAnne and I are SO excited to celebrate the release of this new book with you! Follow us on Instagram The Inspired Room and Thistlewood Farms), you just might catch us doing some fun giveaways and answering decorating questions LIVE on video in our stories this week!

Do you have a decorating question? Leave a comment below! We’d love to pick a few to answer this week!

If you come up with a creative decorating idea in your home or are simply doing some fall nesting, show me on social media (be sure to tag me @theinspiredroom and use the #fallnesting or #butwheredoiputthecouch hashtag!). I’d love to see what you’re up to and share some ideas in my stories!

Don’t forget that comments and questions on my posts and Instagram feed enter you into a monthly giveaway for a surprise box from me!

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Grab a copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or check your local book and gift stores.

Tomorrow we are kicking off a blog hop tour with the awesome bloggers listed below. Each one will post on a different day, so I’ll update their links as their posts go live! (There will be a huge giveaway on these posts too, so don’t miss it!).

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Think Beyond the Throw Blanket + Book Launch Day!

Happy Fall Decorating!


  1. Melanie Plumb

    I love the reminder to think outside the box! Layering textiles is a great idea and good use of things I already have.

  2. Richella J. Parham

    Congratulations, Melissa! You and KariAnne are both amazing, but the two of you together?? My goodness, what a dynamic duo! Bless you as you launch this new resource into the world.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Well goodness, thank you Richella!! It’s such a joy to have made so many wonderful friends like you and KariAnne on the internet! PS You’re one of the best cheerleaders, thank you!!

  3. Brittany Romero

    The pillows on your bench are so pretty, and i love the idea of using the soft rug on the bench too. It looks so comfortable!

  4. Angela G.

    I saw fall scarfs in the dollar spot at Target and, following your unconventional decorating use theme, thought they’d look great on a table.

  5. Gwenny

    Hi Melissa! You have such inspiring ideas! As I read your post this morning and examined the photo of the bench, I had an epiphany of my own. When hubby and I were married in 1976, we received a beutiful hand loomed textile from friends of my parents. Knowing it was from the Middle East made it special to me, since I always imagined the gift giver purchased it while visiting the Holy Land. The only problem was, I never knew how to use it. It is not right sized for a bed spread and is too heavy to be a throw. Well, as soon as I read your post I ran upstairs and pulled it from the closet, and right now I am trying it as an extra layer on a little window seat in my kitchen. If I decide it isn’t quite right, it will be folded an added to my little pile of blankets I folded and placed on an ottoman after reading an earlier fall nesting post. Thanks for your ideas!

  6. Helene

    Thanks for answering my question about the rug!

  7. Renee

    I have a pink cashmere shawl that spends every winter as a throw before it goes into my spring scarf rotation – the texture, weight, & size are perfect for the velvet occasional chair that sits in the corner. Multi-use for the win!

  8. Isabel Z

    Congrats on all your success! Your post is making me rethink the use of rugs around my house and I am excited about the possibilities. Thank you for inspiring me to thing outside the box.

  9. jen S

    i have been wanting to find a pretty tapestry to put on my kitchen island for fall. You have such great ideas and you are definitely an inspiration to us! Looking forward to the new book too!!

  10. april zook

    That rug you have on your bench with the macrame pillows is amazing!! As for cozy and all things related to the fall season, I truly believe it is a state of mind! Whether it is a blanket, a cup of coffee, or just the beautiful fall colors outside our window, cozy is what we make of it!

  11. Mary

    I LOVE the rug on the bench….so much interesting texture!!! Your dining area is so inviting!

  12. Carol

    I preordered your book and can’t wait for it to be delivered! Congratulations!,

  13. Diane McKeon

    I use those inexpensive “pashmina” scarves folded and draped over upholstered benches, the arm of a sofa, the back of the sofa, etc. for a pop of color and change them seasonally greens and blue in the summer, cranberry in the winter, autumn colors in the fall. They look great!

  14. Patty

    A cute small rug caught my attention at the store. I HAD to have it even though it just seemed to small for anywhere on our floor…………it ended up on the dining room table and was absolutely perfect! Right size…..colors……and texture. WIN!

  15. Pam Rychener

    Love the look of your dining bench. Never would have thought of that!!

  16. Deanna Rabe

    Congrats on the new book!

    I love cozying up the house! Warm, rich tones, textures, ambient lighting. I don’t do candles much anymore as I prefer essential oils in the diffuser!

  17. Lori Kursave

    Love layering rugs & throws to give that added texture to a space.
    Can’t wait to get the new book! Love your and KariAnne’s blogs?

  18. Alissa

    I love texture and coziness. I will be on the lookout for things I have that can be used in creative ways.

  19. Terry

    Throws are one of the easiest ways to “cozy up” a space.

  20. Rachel

    I have a quilt, crochet blanket, and a coverlet made long ago by my ancestors. Due to their fragile condition I’ve kept them in storage. I’m inspired now to find an unconventional way to use them while still preserving them.

  21. Mercedes

    The texture combinations and colour that is pulled throughout the entire room is spot on! Very impressive and I think you’ve inspired quite a few people today❤️

  22. Kathy E.

    I really like the idea of adding a cozy rug to a bench to warm it up and make the space softer. I can do that! I’d love ideas for fireplaces and mantles to switch up for the season!

  23. Leslie W

    Definitely agree with you Melissa! It’s nice to think about different ways to use the things we already have. I recently decided to use an unusual Japanese fisherman patterned blue and white piece of outdoor fabric as a table runner. it had just been stuffed in a closet so it was nice to bring it to light.

  24. Amanda

    Congratulations on your newest book! And thanks for the reminder to try things in new ways. I’m curious to see what idea that will spark later.

  25. Christine

    So simple yet so pretty. I honestly never thought of that. Excited to get your book. I pre ordered it awhile back!

  26. Pam

    How do you know when you’ve over done fall decor? I do not like clutter and prefer simple and neutral colors, but my home needs the warmth of bronze and copper and golds and oranges. How do you you stay current but traditional?

  27. Heather

    So excited for your new book!

  28. HeatherB

    Decorating advice: Long, narrow hallway.

    Mine is about 3 feet wide, and the right wall is 12 feet long, the left wall is 15 feet long, and there are no doors or other interruptions. Every time I think of it I get overwhelmed. Furniture not possible as too narrow. I worry gallery wall will be too claustrophobic. If just do frames on one wall is that weird if not balance on the other wall? Pondered molding, but what kind?

    And can’t wait to get book! I pre-ordered, so hopefully here soon!

  29. Jenn

    Hi Melissa,
    I have hardwood floor and area rugs on the first floor of my home. The second floor has OLD wall to carpet. I would love to replace with hardwood but if it is not in the budget I am wondering what kind of carpet is a good choice that won’t look dated too soon. Currently my wall to wall carpet acts as a stair runner as well. What do you think about mixing a Dash and Albert type runner on the stairs with wall to wall carpet in the upstairs hall?
    Thanks for helping with an expensive decision that I will have to live with for a while.

  30. Maureen

    I am most of the time warm or hot.
    Today– it is unusually hot and humid. I do not remember my birthday being this warm.

  31. Lola

    Congratulations on your Happy Book Launch Day!

  32. Veronica Nightingale

    Wow!! A rug on a bench! Might work in my kitchen. My biggest problem is my 3 kitties. Sweet pets but those quilted pet covers get old. They shed, claw – the cats, not the covers – not to speak of the occasional hairball!

  33. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    I love the rug on the bench so much! :) I really enjoyed the live video earlier! I was home sitting with my sweet girl who had oral surgery today and it was a nice treat to sit and listen while being with her. I’m going to try to use some things I have this week to add layers around the house. :) congrats on your book launch!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! Glad you got to see it! I’m sorry about the surgery though :(.

  34. Kim

    Thinking outside of the box is fun when you come up with a new idea for your home! The rug looks great on your bench.

  35. Karina C.

    Congratulations on your new book!

  36. Jeannie Maschino

    What a beautiful rug! I would never have thought to put it on a bench!

  37. Susan

    How cute, what a fun way to add “cozy”, using textiles in unexpected ways.

  38. Joan M

    Congratulations on the new book!!!

    I love using different textures to cozy up my rooms. An oversized table runner is about to become a throw on a chair for Fall.

  39. Tina

    My book will be delivered on Thursday- can hardly wait! I have enjoyed all of your books and expect to feel the same about this one.

  40. Lorrie

    The rug on your bench looks wonderful! Great idea!

  41. Dr.Amrita Basu

    I love the idea of a runner on the floor and a rug on the table.I am waiting for the book to be available in India

  42. Kathy

    Congratulations to you & KariAnne on your book launch!

  43. Christine

    Love that bench in your dining room! The throw and those pillows look lovely and really go together. I must keep that in mind. Have a wonderful day!!

  44. Beth

    I often use scarves as a table runner or on my dresser to give texture or color. Thanks for the idea of using a rug to do the same thing on my ottoman.

  45. Carolyn

    I love the rug on your bench! I have used large pashminas as added texture to chairs during the chilly months…an easy and inexpensive way to change color schemes!

  46. Nora Vassar

    I have way too many throws and lets not get started on my pillow inventory but I am always looking for opportunities to “change things up”. I love your ideas.

  47. Lynn C

    My book was delivered yesterday-did a quick flip through, but am looking forward to spending more time reading it. Love all the pictures though?.

  48. Paige

    Great idea! I love new ways to add color and texture.

  49. Laurie

    I love the rug-on-the-wall idea! I have a HUGE blank wall in my living room and am paralyzed over how to decorate it. I can’t afford the size of art that would be required to look intentional on the wall. But maybe a textile or rug would do the trick!

  50. Laura Lynch

    I would love to use an Indian print bedspread on the wall in place of a headboard, any suggestions of how to hang it??

  51. Rachel

    What type of tile back-splash is timeless for a kitchen?

  52. carol clark

    i have alot of shells and i have a beach theme but im tired of the same way to display them what is your advice

  53. Samantha

    I love the idea of layering table runners or rugs on a chair. That bench rug is beautiful.

  54. Susan

    I love the idea of doing a switch-a-roo with things we already own to keep ourselves perked up! Your “let’s try this rug over here” notion is so fun!

  55. Kelly

    We’re finally upgrading from plastic kids kitchen to breakfast room table big enough to accommodate our family after 12 years (spread out kiddos), so I am excited to use these ideas on the impending bench seating, perhaps stealing a textured pillow or two from the kids’ crash zone for free shopping!!!

  56. Sharon Campbell

    Congratulations on the new book!

  57. Sharon Campbell

    Such great cozy ideas!

  58. Shari Schempp

    I love the reminder to think outside the box!

  59. kari

    Love the pillows around your dining area. So cozy for fall!

  60. Pamela

    I often use scarves as table runners!

  61. Lynn W

    Great idea and a fun read!! Congrats to you and KariAnne ?

  62. Daphne

    Congratulations!!!! Thanks for the tips.decorating should be fun, not following someone else’s rules..that’s what makes a house your home…

  63. Daphne

    Thanks for the tips.decorating should be fun, not following someone else’s rules..that’s what makes a house your home…
    Congratulations on the book…

  64. jillian

    Love the rug on the bench idea, near thought of that!

  65. Kathryn

    Great ideas, never thought to use a rug that way! Congrats on the book!

  66. Der

    Melissa, I love the books so much! It is so beautifully photographed, and there is so much practical advice in the book, that makes decorating a breeze! Thanks so much for answering so many questions and helping us all to have our own unique spin on our home!

  67. Pamela Turner

    Congratulations ?on your efforts and a terrific collaboration! Looking forward to your book?.

  68. Tracey

    Love your blog Thank you!

  69. christina purvis

    I love the idea about taking a rug or scarf to decorate a bench. Love your look!

  70. Nancy St George

    Can’t wait to read the new book. Love both of your blogs!

  71. Jennifer

    I have never bought a decorating book but have seen your and Kerri Anns pictures of your work and appreciate yourbtalent

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