The Gift of Gathering + a Giveaway

Fall is a wonderful season to practice hospitality. Who doesn’t love to gather together to eat a yummy meal and feel the warmth and love of a community?

Today I have such a fun announcement and giveaway for you! My friend Bre Doucette from the blog Rooms For Rent has released a beautiful book on tablescapes called The Gift of Gathering! She has a heart for hospitality and the creative gift for setting a lovely table for all the right reasons. A table that is not set to impress, but to bless those who gather there.

When I think about setting a pretty table that blesses others, I think of my mom. She has always made it a priority to set our family’s holiday tables (and for other events, too!) in such a welcoming, pretty and creative way.

Even when my sister and I were younger, I remember walking into the dining room for a special family get-together and feeling so delighted by the beauty of the table and the ambience she and my dad created for us.

The Gift of Gathering + a Giveaway

Bre shares in the book about the many benefits in planning ahead for a gathering (both for the hostess and the guests!). Rather than being uptight or stressed out by our own lack of preparation, planning ahead helps us to open the door ready to focus on welcoming our guests and putting them at ease. I couldn’t agree more!

Of course, setting a pretty table isn’t by any means a requirement to be hospitable, but it can add such a meaningful touch to a special gathering!

The Gift of Gathering + a Giveaway

The Gift of Gathering is a beautiful full color hardback book featuring tablesetting and hospitality tips, recipes and inspiration for how to set creative tables for special gatherings. I have already learned so many tips from her book! You’ll love it!

You might remember that a couple of years back I wrote a book on hospitality called Simple Gatherings! My book is a small high quality softcover book with color photos. It’s full of my simple tips and helpful ideas for hosting gatherings, including 50 ways to inspire more meaningful connections for your guests. Extra fun fact, Bre’s book was published by my same publisher, Harvest House!

Enter a fun giveaway below to win some of Bre’s favorite tablescape items! Then visit the others on the book tour to gain additional entries.

These lovely pieces are inspired from the Summer Elegant Gathering in the book!

4 piece setting of  antique silverware from Anthropologie!
A marble cake stand
Weathered wood bread board
4 blue goblets
Set of 6 mercury glass votives
4 blue linen napkins
Farmhouse pitcher
16 piece dinnerware set

The Gift of Gathering + a Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Get additional entries at the following blogs:

Monday 9/30 – Bre @ Rooms FOR Rent blog

Wednesday 10/2 – Traci @ Beneath My Heart

Friday 10/4 – Melissa @ The Inspired Room

Monday 10/7 – Lucy @ Craftberry Bush

Tuesday 10/8 – Karianne @ Thistlewood Farms

Order your copy of The Gift of Gathering HERE!

The Gift of Gathering + a Giveaway

Click here to find my entertaining and tabletop decor favorites on Amazon!

Sources for above: Turkish towel (many color options, love using these as tablecloths!) // Teal Matte Dinnerware // Simple Gatherings Book // Wood Pedestal with Handle // 2 Tiered Wooden Tray // Matte Porcelain Dinner Dishes // Bamboo Rattan Cup with Handle // Brass Taper Candle Holder Set up Two // Sage Green Pedestal // Blue and White Ticking Striped Cloth Napkins // White Marble Acacia Wood Round Cheeseboard // Stainless Steel Gold Flatware // Farmhouse Ceramic Pitcher // Marble and Acacia Wood Cookbook Holder and Serving Board // Woven Rattan Napkin Holder // White Porcelain Pitcher // Blue Taper Candles (many color options) // Gray and White Striped Cloth Napkins


  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    This sounds like a beautiful book! I love those childhood memories of walking into a space that was so welcoming and prepared just for you. And the little mercy glass votives are gorgeous! :)

    • Kathy Menold

      Looking forward to reading Bres’ beautiful book. I,love to set my table for each season and holiday. My husband can’t understand why I have so many dishes and glasses. As long as I enjoy doing it I will continue. Like cooking ,hospitality is becoming a lost art.

    • Priscilla Brito

      So excited for Bre! She’s a phenomenally creative and sweet woman! Met her through my sister years ago and still remember her kindness and amazing sense of style!

  2. Lori H

    The book looks like it will be fantastic and I love all of those entertaining essentials!!

  3. Brittany Romero

    I love that silverware from anthro. ?

    • Brenda

      Exciting giveaway!!

  4. Melanie P

    My favorite gathering moments are the nights we have “special” supper. It is just a very simple meal but we set out small plates, candles and sparkly drinks. Usually we do it to celebrate something small, like surviving the first week of school :)

  5. Kerry Fountain

    Loved your book Simple Gatherings – this one looks wonderful as well. Looks like a beautiful gift idea – I have a friend getting married, this might be perfect as a shower gift!

  6. Isabel Z

    This looks like a book to be poured over. I love setting the Christmas Eve table with fresh gatherings from the yard, gold charges, and hand crafted name tags.

    • Corey Olomon

      My favorite was our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

  7. Patty

    Bre is a beautiful person and I am oh, so happy for her!!!

  8. Tracey

    I am still so delighted when I see a table with beautiful place settings. I mostly think of Thanksgivings spent with family and friends, but I love any excuse to sit at a dressed up a table.

  9. Andrea S.

    My mom used to set our table so beautifully for holidays, too! That’s something I’ve tried to do for our kids. But I’d love more ideas. This book sounds lovely!

  10. Stacy Felling

    The cover alone is absolutely gorgeous and makes the reader want to open it immediately!

  11. Helene

    Both books sound inspiring!

  12. Shari

    Looks like a great book! I love to entertain, and setting a beautiful table is one of my favorite parts. I love that cake stand and the bread boards. It’s all beautiful!!!

  13. Holly

    I loved the feeling of getting together with all my cousins at Thanksgiving! My mom never liked entertaining, and I sometimes struggle too with being a hostess. But I keep trying because I know it’s worth it.

  14. Diane

    Looks like a book we all could enjoy!

  15. Kathy Upton

    The book looks wonderful and I could sure use some inspiration! The tablescape items are so very pretty. Thanks for the chances to win! Fingers are crossed!!!

  16. Sandra

    So peaceful and beautiful!

  17. Ann

    My parents did not set lovely tables (they were basically lovely!), but were always willing to open their home. They gathered friends and family for every holiday that could involve an outdoor picnic. I also remember Thanksgiving and Easter, especially, as being festive feasts!

  18. Jeana B.

    Nothing invites people into your home like a big hug and a welcoming table! The book looks wonderful.

  19. Paige

    Looks like a lovely book! I know it will give some great new ideas for a beautiful table. I love the idea of making my family or guests feel special and loved with even small creative touches.

  20. Sharon Landers

    Sounds like a wonderful book! It’s so nice to get together with family and friends in my home.

  21. Kalli S

    Great reminders of what helps make hospitality warm & inviting & why it blesses others! Would love to make my table at home more cozy?

  22. Divagal30

    My Aunt Hazel,

    Always had the most beautiful tablescapes when I was growing up, I wanted to be able to one day entertain like her she is my favorite Aunt. Beautiful linens, glasses, plates. etc. The Thanksgivings and Christmases will never be forgotten.

  23. Kelly

    Looks like a beautiful book!

  24. Maureen

    I remember gathering at my grandmother’s place growing up. She lived in a one bedroom apartment and we are a large family. She had her dining table set and then smaller card tables that would be “connected”. The adults would eat at the main table and the kids would eat at the tables in descending order. My grandmother was barely 5 feet but she was a wonderful woman who made everyone welcome.

    This book sound just wonderful in ideas and just comfort too.

  25. Marguerite Beal

    I loved our gatherings in Philadelphia as a kid. Nothing is better than a casual gathering with Philadelphia food.

  26. Lisa Thoreson

    My favorite gatherings are the impromptu ones – drop in visits with love and laughter! Thank you!!!

  27. Pat M.

    Looks like a great book to add to a library. The giveaway couldn’t be better – for small gatherings, it’s all a person needs.

  28. KarenQ

    A favorite memory was simple cloth napkins on the table (something I never use!) and a guest bringing me flowers. I thought this was just the limit, as I didn’t grow up with any kind of special table preps. It really makes a difference when you dress the table and make it pretty & inviting.

  29. Katherine Shirley

    I recall the smells coming from my grandmother’s kitchen, anticipation of the meal to come. Seated with my cousins at the “children’s table”.

  30. Corene Cannon

    I have read most of your books and love the simple and practical ways you show to make my home an oasis for my family and others. Thank you so much!

  31. Sara Harvey

    My grandmother always sent a special table for holidays, including using her Waterford crystal goblets, which always made the meal feel very special.

  32. Debbra Weber

    I am always looking for inspiration for holiday tables, especially at Christmas! My family has always gravitated to my dining table at the holidays and asked that I hos special family events as I enjoy setting a special table and love hosting. We have so many fun, cherished memories!!

  33. Julie H

    I love small gatherings and these items are perfect for one.

  34. Rachel

    What a fun book! A few years ago I started using a tablecloth for dinner every night. I also started using my Grandma’s glass goblets every night for our water. It really elevates even a basic dinner.

  35. Cindy Whalen

    I loved the holidays when my father was still living. He cooked our family some amazing meals!

  36. Sydney85

    Love seeing ideas for tablescapes. This looks like an amazing book. I really enjoy dressing the table! Congrats!

  37. Valerie H

    My favourite memory of *gathering* is easy….looking at photos of my parents gathered around the dining room table..the table beautifully set…fresh flowers especially ordered for the occasion…and ahhh…all the family favourite dishes lovingly created by my precious mother..THIS is gathering at the best for me!!

  38. HeatherB

    I love beautiful tablescapes, but have never been able to master. What a wonderful book!

  39. GrahamGal

    This is certainly something I can grow in! It is a beautiful thing to welcome others into your home and show the love of Christ through your home’s warmth.

  40. Kelley

    Thanksgiving, classic family time, people gathering, no big agendas or stress, just a cozy meal before the craziness of the holidays.

  41. Sonja Stouffer

    I can definitely use advice in this area of tablescapes. Bre is quite creative.

  42. Susan Toto

    I love holiday family gatherings. The table sets the mood. We go around the table and tell everyone how thankful we are.

  43. Lorrie

    When we lived in Ecuador, many expats gathered around our table for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations. I remember one Christmas in the jungle when 17 people crowded in for dinner and we found seats for everyone – Canadians, Americans, Germans, and Brits. What a fun time!

  44. Heather foster

    For holidays we would have 6-7 card tables in a long train. it was always a challenge to make them look connected! We generally went with a “theme” and had a point person bring decor for their table. We had some great ones!

    PS some one needs to drive over here and show me how to enter the URL for a pin! : ) I am not a tech savvy gramma

  45. Karolyn Keefler

    My favorite memory of gathering was at Thanksgiving. For years we had been using a thankful tablecloth I mad. Each year we wrote what we were thankful for, Bible verses, stamped apples on it from picking them at Grand Dad’s house, and had our kids add their hand prints with the date. After loosing Grand Dad, we had a great time reminiscing and seeing who had been invited to our table over the years. It created hours of quality family time. We have continued this through the years and now are thinking about hanging it for Thanksgiving and starting a new one.

  46. Amanda

    I remember hosting a spaghetti dinner in our first tiny apartment. I hated that apartment – it was small, dirty, and at a loud intersection. But I love how much we used it to just have Bible studies and groups of friends over all the time anyway.

  47. Jan

    Small gatherings are my favorite! Best way to show people you love and care about them.

  48. Cherri

    Any time I get my 3 adult kids and the grand kids together is a rare and wonderful thing!

  49. Holly Boyle

    wow! what a great offering – such pretty things!

  50. Mandy Campbell

    I love Thanksgiving, and gathering with family! :)

  51. Karen Dowdy

    Gathering brings back memories of stories from my Grandma who talked often about the “gathering room” or the “keeping room”.

  52. Peggy

    The blue glasses and wooden pieces speak to my heart. I love gathering all my family or one on one events and making them special. A little care and creativity is always fun!

  53. Lila Piercey

    My Grandmother and my Mother always made Sunday dinner a special occasion with linen napkins and table cloth – usually hand-embroidered – the good China and sterling silverware. We always had homemade biscuits for my Dad as well.

  54. Colleen

    What a great book!!

  55. Manda Shank

    I love church potluck gatherings

  56. Amy

    My grandmother always set the most beautiful dining room tables…I can still remember the smells of her yummy pot roast and the pretty glasses that we felt so royal using. There was never a doubt in my mind that my grandma loved me! I didn’t realize it as a kid, but looking back, I see it was all the small details she put into making us know we were welcome and wanted guests :)

  57. Marilyn Holeman

    Looks like a fun give away and a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Kelly

    My fav memory of gathering is Christmas Eve, after church, at the big table in our kitchen for a dinner of best loved finger foods and all the excitement!

  59. Becky

    Anytime we are sitting around a table with friends and family enjoying the gift of conversation and love is a gift of into itself! Good food and a beautifully set table is wonderful bonus!

  60. Shawn Herbert

    All the holidays are approaching – perfect excuses for beautiful tablescapes. Thank you for the chance to win this give away.

  61. Rig

    The family reunion we just had celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

  62. Beth

    Oh how I enjoy recalling our extended family dinners at grandma’s house. As I remember, it was so loud with much talk and lots of laughter. Now, my sister, brothers and I create that loud and crazy atmosphere for our kids and grandkids.

  63. Corrie

    I think my favorite gathering ever was our “bring your own” Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving in our new apartment, after we’d moved cross country, and we collected a bunch of other “stray” folks. We had 13 or 14 people in our tiny 610 square foot apartment. It was bring your own cutlery/plate/chair (and even BYO table in a couple of cases). So fun!

  64. Mercedes

    Crazy for dishes and tablescapes , and changing for seasons, holidays, events is so much fun.

  65. Debbie

    My favorite memory for gathering was at my grandma’s house for Sunday dinners. This looks like a beautiful gift package.

  66. Deborah

    Offering hospitality in a warm atmosphere is a lost art now. Generations growing up in front of TV or screens do not know how to socialize around a table with family and friends. This book should give everyone the kick in the pants to prepare, set and enjoy the family table once more. Count me in with changing the status quo.

  67. Rhinda

    Love the idea of ‘gathering ‘. I love to entertain and invite friends in for meals. It is a much needed way to connect for all parties in this hurried and frazzled and isolated world. Love setting pretty tables too! Will look for the book!! Thanks for the chance to win Bre’s essentials.

  68. Deborah S

    My mom always took pride in her welcoming table settings – not elaborate but easy, warm and welcoming. This book seems the same way to me and I thank you for the chance to win it.

  69. mallory

    My favorite gatherings are usually the impromptu get togethers, where you didn’t plan in advance, but somehow everyone just ends up at our house and we throw together a meal :) There is something so organic, and enjoyable about those evenings that planning can’t recreate.

  70. Christy Spurlock

    My favorite gatherings were when we really didn’t plan anything. It just happened. Always seemed to work out and fun was had by all. My three sisters, mom and grandmother would make an amazing meal together and create such memories.

  71. Kelly

    This is a beautiful giveaway!

  72. Laura Harrie

    Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Setting an inviting table is very welcoming. I alway want my guest to feel comfortable and to have an enjoyable meal!

  73. Melissa Dino

    One of my favorite gatherings was when the power went out due to a big storm. We ate dinner in the glow of candlelight and shared stories.

    I would put the lovely votives on the cake plate, put candles in them, and turn the lights off for a similar gathering!

  74. Courtney F.

    Sounds like a good read!

  75. Jan

    My grandma’s events were always done with such thoughtfulness and class. Always a beautiful table. Each dinner setting usually had a little individually molded jello salad on a bed of lettuce. If a dessert or party, each place had a cute little decorated candy/nut cup. Candles, centerpiece, cloth napkins, and delicious meal, always seemingly effortless.

  76. Susan

    The book sounds lovely, I always remember the holiday tables growing up looking so inviting.

  77. Beth

    Fall is my favorite! Cool enough for cozy blankets on the sofa but not too cold!

  78. Francesca Gunn

    I am not good at tablescapes. Time for more practice.

  79. Erica Martin

    I love setting the table for guests and can’t wait to get to see Bre’s book!

  80. NANCY

    Great bundle. Thanks for the chance.

  81. Mary

    Beautiful items and book. Hope to have a warm and inviting Thanksgiving table with all the kids home this year!

  82. Jennifer Pedigo

    Great giveaway and boo

  83. Lynn Mosher

    What an awesome giveaway!

  84. Deanna Blanchard

    Gathering at my grandma’s house with my cousins

  85. Judy

    Looks like an awesome book. I need some inspiration for
    setting a beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving.

  86. Henrietta

    I still remember family dinners of my childhood, all my family together in my parent’s home. Nice food, lots of laughter.

  87. Heidi

    I remember gathering for Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house as a child. My sister and I had so much fun hanging out with all of our cousins. I also have wonderful memories of gathering at another aunt and uncle’s house on Christmas Eve growing up.

  88. Lisa

    My mom entertained a lot and wasn’t too fussy so it was always fun. Once I got my own place and finally realized I didn’t need to make everything so over the top I’ve gotten a lot more relaxed and it’s more fun.

  89. JS

    Christmas. So many happy memories of gathering together at Christmas.

  90. Kim

    Thanksgiving at my aunt’s. Beautiful home but even more beautiful are the loved ones to share it with.

  91. Kayley

    I live out of state from my family and I enjoy gathering with them for Christmas because I don’t get to see them very often.

  92. K Bartlett

    This book looks wonderful. My daughters love to set the table prettily for amy occasion so some new ideas and supplies would be wonderful!

  93. Heather

    I love all these pieces! Gorgeous!

  94. Bea Alexandra

    Every Sunday with my grandparents, great aunt, aunt, and immediate family. Beautifully set table and delicious food.

  95. Savannah James

    My favorite gathering memory is from a weekend away with our 3 best couple friends. The weekend was kid free, but it was the company that made it so special. One night, we sat by the fire and laughed and told stories. It was such a sweet moment that we don’t often get due to the busyness of everyday life. Such a treat!

  96. jen s

    My favorite memories are around my grandparents table on Christmas Eve. She always made anyone feel so welcomed and at home. She has gotten in age now so she doesnt “celebrate” anymore with big dinners but those memories I always carry with me.,

  97. Holly Rist

    My favorite memory is welcoming people into our home from all around the world ~ setting an atmosphere of beauty and rest was important after their long travels.

  98. Dianna Auton

    I don’t have one specific memory because every time family gathers its always memorable. We love the fun and the laughter that comes with everyone getting together. The stories we tell of our pasts. It’s always a wonderful time.

  99. JoAnna Carpentier

    I had a very special “Friendsgiving” with my chosen family back in 2012 and I still think about how magical it was. Hoping to repeat it this year!

  100. Dawn Joz

    Before I moved to Oregon, my family in Arizona would always get together for Christmas Eve. I have about 40 first cousins on my mothers side and everyone would bring friends too. It was always an amazing time, with tons of food, dancing, talking, and family connection! It’s one of the things I regret most about leaving, my son doesn’t get to experience that.

  101. Pam Green

    Thanksgiving at my parents home meant bringing out the handed down china and crystal and the silver my mother bought while working her first job at 18years old. She loved pretty things and quality items and waited until she could afford them!

  102. Amanda Whitley

    I love the holidays for family gatherings. we have a big family on my dads side but we have always had a big christmas party. my dad was 1 of 16 kids so when i was growing up we used to rent a hall just to fit everyone but over the years people started moving away and the party has gotten a bit smaller.

  103. katherine lee

    My favorite gathering memories are from thanksgivings at my parents’ house!

  104. Joel

    My favorite memories of gathering are always centered on big family parties at the holidays. Everyone I never got a chance to see most of the year coming together around food and catching up, sharing stories, and just being happy about spending time together!

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