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Fall Entry Makeover

It’s been awhile since I’ve made any changes to this side of our entry hall, but with fall in full swing I got the bug to add something new! So I made a cozy and functional update to this space! I’m so excited to share my fall entry makeover with you today.

This fall entry inspiration post is in partnership with Walmart

Fall Entry Makeover

Last week I was inspired to do a project. I’ve been wanting to give this space a little makeover for awhile now, and with one quick visit to Walmart online I found pretty and affordable fall botanical artwork, a functional storage bench (it has a hinged lid and hidden storage!) that could be topped with these reversible plaid pillows.

It was a quick change, but I love it!

As a reminder, here is what this entry hallway looked like when we first moved in a few years ago!

Fall Entry Makeover

And here it is now!

Fall Entry Makeover

It’s come a long way!

Even though I don’t always feel the need to do much in the way of seasonal specific decor, I still think one of the simple joys of life is to feel free to create when the inspiration strikes!

It’s your home, so do what makes you feel happy to be in it!

Fall Entry Makeover
storage bench / fall botanical artwork / reversible plaid pillows / hooks / rug
Fall Entry Makeover

There are so many ways to update a space for fall. Whether it’s a refreshed color palette, a mood, combinations of textures, organic seasonal elements or even artwork or accessories that were inspired by the season, nature can be an endless source of ideas.

By observing the beauty found in each season, you can capture what speaks to you and bring it to your home in creative ways.

With this update I not only have the fun of a new seasonal look for my entryway, but it brought a new dimension of warmth and function to my home, too.

Fall Entry Makeover
Fall Entry Makeover
reversible plaid pillows
Fall Entry Makeover
fall botanical artwork |storage bench|

Now I have a convenient place to stash our shopping bags and other items we need to be able to grab on the way out the door.

I love evolving my home and adding more function and layers over time because each simple update brings me renewed joy in where I live (and helps me to continue to Love the Home I Have … ya know what I mean?)

Fall Entry Makeover

I’m already feeling excited that I can update this wall for every season if I want to by switching out the artwork for whatever inspires me!

Walmart Home has so many stylish items that you can use to give your space more function and a new look. It’s simple to shop in one spot and so fun to able to update your home with new seasonal items, all without breaking the bank! Below are some things I found and loved at Walmart:

Fall Entry Makeover

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Scroll below to shop my Fall Harvest favorites!

Fall Entry Makeover

If you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed by projects or where to begin in your home, start with a clean slate and focus on function first (as we did with this hallway when we first moved in!)

Sometimes that’s all we need to feel at home, even if it’s just for a season (or two or three). Then we can allow spaces in our home to change as we have the desire, time, opportunity or creative inspiration to move forward. We should never feel the need to rush a project, or to stay stagnant!

Fall Entry Makeover
fall botanical artwork |storage bench|reversible plaid pillows / hooks / rug

A home can continue to evolve, yet be beautiful and functional in all seasons.

Side note on creativity, I’ve found that when I intentionally quiet the noise of the outside world (shutting off a constant barrage of excessive social media, for example), I feel more inspired to create inside my home. Anyone else experience this?

Does your home evolve and change over time and do you have fun with that process through the seasons?


  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    This is lovely! I love the storage that bench offers. I think that’s really helpful advice to focus on getting those functional things right first and then let the beauty and creativity of them evolve over time. :) I think that even saves money and keeps us from impulse buys! :) I really connected to your last comment there about excessive social media. I have realized that’s been causing me a lot of stress – having too many voices all at once… so I’m slowing it down this week to give my mind some rest. Your blog and book help me feel calm and I’ll be so glad to still enjoy them this week.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Bonnie! Giving my mind a rest helps me soooo much! Enjoy your home, friend. xo

  2. BettyAnne

    Such a lovely, welcoming entryway. Please share the paint colors used on the walls and trim.

  3. Pam Rychener


  4. Michelle

    Wonderful & welcoming transformation! Love it❤️

  5. Kristyn L

    Love what you did with this space! The dutch door makes a huge difference in the overall feel as well. Nice!

  6. franki

    Sometimes it is the ” little things” we walk by every day…need a little “nudge.” Looks so nice!! franki

  7. Jocelyn

    This transformation is brilliant. Can you please tell me where to get the piece with the hooks?

  8. Linda Grubbs

    Very nice! ?

  9. Diane

    Cozy space! A great way to greet your guests. I love the wreath on the door. Can you tell me where you purchased it?

      • Laura

        I love the wreath, too (and the whole entryway!). Is the wreath a current BH purchase, or is it older?

        • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

          Hi Laura, it was actually from last fall, called the Heirloom and Pumpkin Magnolia wreath! I don’t know if they still have it or not, but maybe they’ll have something similar if not. :)

  10. Fran

    Really love this! So welcoming. Could you share where the wreath on the door is from?

  11. Rachel

    I love this entry hall! It’s proof we often have more space in our home than we believe, sometimes it’s just hiding in plain sight.

  12. Lindy

    Fall has arrived! Love your blog. Where did you find the entry rug, it’s amazing.

  13. Richella J. Parham

    It looks great, Melissa! I’ve actually been looking for a bench like that. . . need to head to Walmart now!

  14. jen S

    I love the storage bench! I do not have a separate entry way but I do love what you have done with yours! It is very welcoming.

  15. Mercedes

    I think having a place to sit is a must have in an entry, shoes on , shoes off, waiting for someone , it’s just so useful. This looks great !

  16. Amanda

    I actually notice that too – the most I shut down “noise” the more I tend to make our own space more pleasant. Our front entry is pretty functional, if not pretty, but our back entry could use a few solutions.

  17. Brenda

    Not sure I ‘tune in’ to see the great decor in this great blog, or the adorable doggies!!

  18. Isabel Z

    Hard to believe it’s the same area; you transformed it beautifully. It’s inviting and functional at the same time.

  19. Helene

    Love it, especially the bench! :)

  20. Patti

    Love it, could you please share where the rug comes from? Thank you.

  21. Susan

    Very welcoming – love the bench.

  22. jo

    It is amazing what white walls will do for a space. Fabulous !! I have medium oak woodwork throughout my home. It is “too much” of a project for us (many years retired couple) to tackle a total paint job. But maybe paint our storage bench at the front entry. It would be a nice change I think. Thanks for your continued blog. I really look forward to receiving it. I try to keep my inbox minimal but yours is a must. Thanks.

  23. Karen

    Love it! Quite the transformation.

  24. Brittany Romero

    Ours has definitely changed and evolved!! We bought it as a fixer upper and we gutted it, but now even though it’s “done” we’re always finding new projects. Seasonal changes are fun too!

  25. Lindy Medeiros

    What an adorable dog! I enjoy your blog too!

  26. Kim Harkey

    It actually makes the entryway look larger. Great job!

  27. Shari

    That wreath is beautiful! And I love the makeover!

  28. Pam

    I like what you did with the entry its so functional and homey and the wreath is the prettiest I have seen in a long time, love it.

  29. Jo Jo

    Oh, how I love your seasonally decorated entry for Falk! Beaurptifulm& functional! I love Walmart and many of their decor items p, furniture, blankets, door mats, pillows, wreaths.., so many carpet things at affordable prices!

    You always inspire me to get my creative juices flowing! I do like to change out things ( npbut Indonr go crazy) each season, and Fall and winter are my favorite seasons to do so since we tend to cocoon during those months,

    Thanks again for a great post, inspiration!

  30. Margo

    I really like this. The punches of black are like an outline of a picture in black magic marker. Isn’t it amazing how going from a warm yellowish color to white cozied up the space? One would think it would have the opposite effect yet this makes you want to pull up a chair and drink it all in. You must love seeing this every day.


    Hi Melissa! Wait, do you have two Dutch doors? I have shared my love for Dutch doors and it is still on the list but our kitchen renovation is a runaway budget! ha!

    Are you getting cooler temps now? We have rain/snow mix in forecast for Denver metro area! laura

  32. Diane

    Hi, I love the bench but when I clicked the link I could not find the same bench. There was one similar but it had an iron back and side arms. Can you please advise? Thank you and your entrance way looks lovely!

  33. Lauren

    Love everything about this! Any chance you remember what paint color you used on the walls?

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