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New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

This linen slipcovered sofa is featured in partnership with Sixpenny

Ch-ch-ch changes! Tis’ the season for rearranging all the things. I’ve been on my usual pre-Thanksgiving mission to maximize coziness and prepare for celebration.

If you’ve been around The Inspired Room for long, you know how I am this time of year, haha. Nothing is safe.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to our brand new linen slipcovered sofa from Sixpenny!

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!
Art above fireplace source

Now that our son Luke is officially a college student and living on campus, I have been considering how to best create a home that will serve us well and carry us gracefully into this new season of life.

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

With our newly “empty-nest” comes a few adjustments but opportunities to evolve our home in fun ways, too. Things are going to be in transition all over our house for awhile (story of my life!) but it’s all for good reason. We want to fully use the space we have and live well in every room in our home.

We’ll keep you in the loop as to all of our changes, ideas and plans in due time, I promise. It’s going to be fun.

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

Our new slipcovered sofa from Sixpenny already feels like it belongs here. It’s going to be a wonderful addition to how we live in the living room.

The caption on their website for their slipcovered pieces reads:

Life-friendly, battle-tested, and easy to swap. I like the sound of that!

With my love of change and life with crazy dogs and family still hanging out with us often, we need battle-tested furniture.

Happily, this sofa is even more cozy than we had imagined! It’s the Neva Sofa (84″) in Medium Weight Linen Jasmine Rice with Feather Down Fill.

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

The color is so soothing, a perfect linen/gray neutral. It is lovely as is, but can also easily be paired with any colors, patterns or textures of the seasons. The cushions are feather down-filled, so they are so very plush and inviting.

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

It’s the perfect height under the windowsill, an inspiring spot for lounging and gazing out the window. This sofa is a part of a very comfortable conversation area for gatherings in our living room.

We actually planned to put the sofa on the side other room (and may still move furniture around in this room, I have some more ideas for change!) but when it was placed here we immediately loved it. So for now, it’s at home right here.

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

This sofa is also a perfect size to offer as a guest bed as needed (I’m hosting overnight guests for Thanksgiving so I need all the beds I can get!).

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

I know you are probably worried about the dogs and wondering if they’ve asked where their daybed went. Not to worry, they were consulted and approve LOL. If it isn’t evident by these photos, I can assure you they are VERY happy with this whole situation (as are we!).

The daybed is still in our home should they want to curl up on it for old times sake. More on that later!

New Linen Slipcovered Sofa in the Living Room!

Check out the other furniture at Sixpenny, too. They have lots of great pieces I have my eye on!

We are so looking forward to enjoying our living room and cozy conversation area, filled with the people we love next week!

Art above fireplace source

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  1. Brittany Romero

    Oh I love it! Looks perfect.

    • Joyce Pisanti

      I like it too, but I always loved the daybed as well. Happy it’s been relocated.

  2. Cynthia LeBlanc

    I like this so much better! Just a tad less busy so the view is primary. What a lovely and flexible piece!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Cynthia, I was thinking the same thing about how it highlights the view. <3

  3. Pat M.

    I love the couch, and it was time for the daybed to go, but the rug does nothing for the room. I know you will be changing that soon …..

  4. Eileen

    It looks perfect!!! I love it!!! I am glad you kept daybed. Because I liked that too !

  5. Mercedes

    It does blend so well into the room in a very soft and quiet way. Love it!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much Mercedes! I agree, I’m loving the soft and quiet look!

  6. Dee

    I do like it a lot. And will be watching for your post when you wash the slip covers. I have slipcovered pieces and wash the covers. Such a good idea with pets. Also interested in how it holds up to the weight of the dogs on top of the back cushions. I have trouble with the weight of cats on the upper cushions. Always looking for a better and new choice.

  7. Jo Jo

    Oh, I love the look of your new sofa! It looks really comfy and I’m sure it must be with down filled cushions! It looks great under that beautiful window! ?

  8. G.

    I want to talk about fabrics, what they’re made of, how they look and feel.

  9. Patricia Olert

    I was juuuuuuust gonna ask about that yummy daybed.

    I love this style sofa! It looks super cool and it’s just GOT to be comfy. I was catching up on my blog reading yesterday, and – you will love this, Melissa – I was looking at pictures of your home and (I promise) I was thinking how comfortable and inviting everything is. It’s a “ Come on in! Kick your shoes off, lemme get you a warm cocoa. Oh, don’t mind that silly dog.. “ kind of house. And, isn’t that what we all want? People to feel comfortable and welcome in our space, AND for us to as well? You’ve done a really beautiful job transforming that house and making it your own. You had me at curved doorway! Happy Holidays!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ahhh, so sweet! Thank you, Patricia! You made me smile REALLY big to feel like I’m creating that kind of house! That is exactly what I want. It’s been a slow evolution here to make it our own, but I love being here now so I guess it’s all worth it!

  10. Michele M.

    I spent a half hour drooling on my keyboard when I looked up Sixpenny web site – ohmagurd.

    Oh if I had the money – that stuff is heaven on earth!

    You are a very lucky lady – congrats- lubs lubs lubs it.

  11. Michelle

    Where did you get the leather footstool, please. Love following your posts.


    Love it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Melissa.
    My boys are flying in from midwest colleges so praying for good weather into Denver this week! laura

  13. Mickey

    I Melisa I love your blog and your books. I just had my sofa covered with natural slipcovers which I love, but I was noticing that you had a covering on yours covering the back and the seat. I wanted to throw something over it when my grand kids come over. Where did did you get yours?

  14. Patty

    I love that throw!

  15. Rachel

    Hello Melissa,
    Thank you for sharing these inspiring pics of your beautiful living room! I love the picture above your mantel. So unique that it is actually framed as four separate pieces. Can you please tell me where you got this picture?

      • Rachel

        Thank you so much for the info Melissa! Don’t stop posting your wonderful design ideas.

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