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Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration

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Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

This post is in partnership with Milgard Windows & Doors

I love the trend of full walls of windows or doors. Don’t you? Natural light is so good for the soul! A beautifully unobstructed view of the outside transforms an ordinary room into an indoor/outdoor oasis.

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

Staying home 24/7 has made me especially grateful for our large windows! We feel fortunate that the previous owner of our home had installed high quality Milgard vinyl replacement windows. It’s one of the main features that drew us to this house! It’s been so nice to have energy efficient, durable and easy to use windows. Many of our older homes had drafty inoperable windows, which made day to day life uncomfortable all year round.

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

Replacements windows will not only enhance the curb appeal of a home, but will also upgrade the look and feel of the interior. Windows are one of the best investments you can make in the value of your home, yet they are so much more than that. I would think of them as a daily investment in your emotional well-being.

I’ve been dreaming lately of how we could someday incorporate a wall of windows that would look out to our side patio. I saw this video of a kitchen remodel with a moving glass wall system and it has inspired all kinds of creative ideas!

It got me dreaming of ways I could add more windows and doors to our home! (I guess that’s what happens when I’m in my home all day every day!).

So far I’ve decided I want to add doors between my bedroom and living room so we can take advantage of the natural light and view. I’m also dreaming of the possibility of adding larger windows in our bedrooms and several sets of patio doors to the outside.

Some of my favorite window trends right now are:

  • Oversized walls of windows or patio doors
  • Black or dark window frames
  • Bay windows for built-ins or a cozy seating area
  • Transom windows

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

If you are dreaming of new windows as well, many Milgard dealers are offering virtual consultations! Dealers are happy to come and measure for new windows and doors (showing the utmost care and of course using the 6’ social distancing rule) or can show homeowners how to measure the window themselves so they can still provide a quote!

A virtual consultation works well with the Milgard Tax Refund promotion because homeowners can “Order Now”, and “Install Later” (once we get back to normalcy)! 

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors

What new windows or doors would you like in your home? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Winner will be selected at random! You will be emailed if you win, please reply within 48 hours with your mailing address to claim the prize.



  1. Jen

    Wow! The first picture of the window by the reading nook grabbed my attention. I have a recessed area in my bedroom with a traditional window. I have dreamed of putting a window seat underneath. This gives me the idea for an updated and larger window if I ever do the project. The window has beautiful river views, so larger would be fabulous. And I am betting that an updated window from Milgard would help to minimize traffic noise we hear from the bridge that spans the beautiful river.

  2. Wendy Martinez

    We only have 9 windows/sliders in our house, and sadly not enough wall space to put in any more. But those black sliders on the last picture are dreamy and would look amazing in my house!

    • Kathi Builta

      We have a 70’s ranch with a large bay window in the front room, the dilemma is: it doesn’t open, at all. I would love to replace it with a French door that would open up completely to the front porch. How lovely that would be in every way!

  3. Katharine

    We have quite a large window in our bedroom overlooking our patio and backyard. I would love to replace it with doors. It would really brighten things up.

    • Sandra Marshall

      I would really love to replace my small kitchen window with a much larger window. I too love natural light and this new window could update my kitchen and brighten the room.

  4. Terri

    I would love all new windows and a slider. I’m in Phoenix and with single pane windows on a 1976 house, it gets pretty toasty in the summer months! My dining room window faces west, Yikes! I have two small windows in my guest bedrooms that I would love to have enlarged. My garden tub window is actually plexiglass so that needs to be replaced for security purposes. I took off all of the security gating on all of the windows. That felt way too much like prison. I’m in the process of remodeling as you may have guessed!

  5. Colleen

    My patio doors are really old! Love the patio doors in the picture above.

  6. Rose

    I would definitely replace my patio sliders, they are old.

  7. Cheryl

    I’m moving to a new house in a few weeks and would love to replace their sliding glass doors with some new doors. Such pretty windows!

  8. Elle

    Thanks for sharing these window trends. During this lockdown, I find myself looking out the window more often.

  9. Sandy Mcallister

    I’m looking forward to replacing the back door to the deck with a french or dutch door. Can’t decide. I’ll enjoy the extra light

  10. Susan

    We have an amazing yard with views from both the dining and living rooms. My dream is to add french doors with side windows to a patio so we can really enjoy that indoor/outdoor life…

  11. Diane

    Been wanting a bump out window for our breakfast room FOREVER! Especially now as we all deal with the difficulty of what is happening all around us. I crave the peace and tranquility looking out at the budding landscape will bring. Then I think of all those just trying to survive and feel blessed for all I have. Stay safe, be well ALL!

  12. Deb Wostmann

    Boy, that’s a loaded question. My home was built in 1938 and still has many of the original windows. Although I love the style of them, with layers of paint, they are looking pretty rough. If I could do all new windows I’d love black frames and easy to clean styles. Milgard would also be my first choice as their warranty is phenomenal for original purchasers.

  13. phyllis

    I’d love a new window for our bathroom. It needs help!

  14. Courtney Peltz

    I love the black window look now. The farmhouse style appeals to me! Thank you so much and I hope you and your family are well and sat healthy. Much love and joy, Courtney

  15. Robin Terrell

    We live in a house that was built in 1885. Needless to say we could spend a bundle on all the many beautiful 72″ windows! Our sun room is all windows on the south side/front of our house and we enjoy the sunshine immensely.

  16. Emily Crawford

    I’m with you on natural light, and I adore transom windows!

  17. Tina Sitz

    Have dreamed for years about a big window in my bedroom. where i could set and read and enjoy the view of the moutains.

  18. Megan Floyd

    Being home all the time is making me dream of having a front door that has window panes in it and lets streams of natural light in! Currently the one I have doesn’t let hardly any light in.

  19. Megan Floyd

    Being home all the time is making me dream of having a front door that has window panes in it and lets streams of natural light in! Currently the one I have doesn’t let hardly any light in.

  20. Su

    We are very fortunate to have large to over large windows in our home.
    No window treatments other than plantation wood blinds. And the windows have no wood horizontal framing to block the clear view.
    My mother-in-law once said it was like being in a fish bowl. HAHA! I don’t think so😉

  21. Tamara Oster

    The wall of windows opening to the outside garden look like a bit of heaven. Perhaps one day we can be so blessed.

  22. Maria

    We have Milgard windows on our Oregon Coast home. The withstand the heavy wind driven rains, high moisture, salt air and full sun. The company is amazing to deal with, always prompt with repairs or concerns.

  23. Sara

    I would really love a new front door with side windows!!

  24. Cheryl Tracy

    Love these window ideas!! Wish we could enlarge some of our windows, but don’t think that is doable right now. However, I always look forward to your posts and inspiring photos, Melissa!

  25. Deb

    I would love to replace my French doors that open onto our covered porch, as well as both sliders. They are 30 years old at this point and could use a little upgrading.

  26. Jackie

    Love the natural light with larger windows. Would be nice to have in our home!

  27. Rebecca R

    I would love to replace our 2 back entry doors. They are starting to crack at the seams and have problems. The back of our house is how we and our guests enter. This improvement is well needed.

  28. mallory

    I would love to replace some windows in our master bedroom with 2 sets of french doors!

  29. kelly

    I’d like to replace a sliding glass door with french doors!

  30. Laurie Randazzo

    I would love to update our front living window. All of our windows in our house need updating but, since I’m an avid bird watcher, it’s would be great to have a better view of the outside world.

  31. Caroline

    My dream is beautiful French doors leading out of the bedroom to the wraparound second level deck, just like in the beach house we rent in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Won’t be able to go there this Summer unfortunately. Of course, it’s also unfortunate that we don’t actually HAVE a wraparound deck…you did say we could dream, right??? God bless you and Happy, happy Easter!

  32. Sonja Stouffer

    These windows are great. We love to let the sunshine in our house, so the inspiration in these pictures is enticing.

  33. Kelly Mitchell

    This post is so timely. I realized that my windows in my living room are really too small! I’m dreaming of new windows for a larger vista and the virtual consultation might be a great way to go. Thank you for your info. I’m a fellow Seattleite…I live in West Seattle and your pictures so capture the area.

  34. Susan

    Your outdoor areas will not be a bad place for you and your family to celebrate Easter!!

  35. joy

    Would like to win a chance for a $50 Visa gift card. Thank you

  36. Joan Moore

    Your windows are beautiful!!! I have some that leak, ugh!!! Maybe someday I will be able to upgrade to these beautiful windows. 😊

  37. lauren knott

    These are beautiful! I would love a new glass door so my dog could look out.

  38. Diane Jeff

    I would change our bedroom window into garden doors so we have access to the back yard.

  39. Cindy

    I would love to update all of our windows but I would really like a new sliding door to our patio.

  40. Kathleen Morphew

    As I sit here reading this, the wind is really blowing. The windows in my house are mostly from 1926. The dining room has a three window wall. And this morning they are rattling and bumping to and fro in the wind. I would love to have new, insulated, non rattling, sound buffering windows in the dining room – which is the center room in my little bungalo!

  41. Alison Curran

    I would love new bedroom and kitchen windows.

  42. Angela G.

    We have replaced all our windows except 4 in our home. We love our new windows but had to do those in two parts. This last part has been hard to budget for, but it we know it would be worth it. With the new windows we have our energy efficiency is great!

  43. Summer

    I’d love a moving glass wall system in the main living area. That is so awesome! The ability to have all those windows that completely open up to bring the outside in would be ideal.

  44. Julia

    Replace the last five of our 1950’/60’s windows and one patio double. Would love to sleep with the windows open!

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