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Four Essential Home Making Practices for Every Season

by | Aug 25, 2020 | A Year of Dwelling Well, Decorating Inspiration, Rhythm + Routine, Self Care

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Four Essential Home Making Practices for Every Season

While so much continues to shift in the world around us, it is so important to find a sense of rhythm and routine for our life and home. Even when very little feels normal this year, we can use the season we’re in to savor what is familiar, to tether aspects of our well-being not to the ever-shifting circumstances around us, but to what is steady and beneficial.

There are four foundational home-keeping activities that have proven to be the most beneficial to my well-being, they are the core practices that inspire our home and life.

Four Essential Home-Keeping Practices for Every Season:

  1. The seasonal rhythms we choose to embrace
  2. The joy we cultivate in our daily routines as we putter and nest
  3. The priority of a clean and simple home
  4. The creative ways we gather and welcome others into our life

Circumstances will always ebb and flow, but isn’t it comforting to have something familiar and comforting to return to as we care for ourselves and our home?

I’m excited for our fall nesting series so we can revisit the simple things that bring joy in this season!

Watch my coffee ritual video below!


  1. Anne Prettyman

    I’m enjoying incorporating a craft that helps me move from one season to the next. I get the tall prayer candles- in white – then decoupage with wrinkled pale tissue paper – then decoupage pictures from cocktail napkins. I have hydrangeas now. I’ll move to a fall candle in September. I light it every morning while I have my quiet time.

    • Linda H Rufi

      This sounds like a delightful idea.

  2. Sara Matulich

    I’m so glad to see that puttering around the house is a valuable trait. I usually start with puttering and end with wonderful inspiration. I love the idea of “shopping your own home.” I usually find the needed item to finish the space right in the next room or my stash closet.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I agree, it’s inspiring to spend time enjoying our home and quite often a fresh idea is sparked using the things we already have!

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