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My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration, My New House

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My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

What a wild couple of years we’ve all had, but I think this holiday season is an opportunity to bring back some of our favorite traditions and rediscover some of the joy in hosting, gift giving and gathering those we love. Walmart is truly a one-stop place to enjoy decking the halls so you can holiday your heart out! I’ve been finding the most adorable and affordable gifts at Walmart, as well as on-trend decor to make my new home cozy and inviting. You’ll find sources for everything featured in this post, as well as a round-up of some really great gifts at the end.

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

If you’re new here at The Inspired Room, my husband and I are newly empty nesters and we just moved to a beautiful island near the San Juans to the cutest little beach house. We love it here! This will be our first holiday season here so while not everything is set up yet, it’s still fun to make a few corners feel festive!

This room is my new office. I adore it! I come in here every day for peace and quiet, I love that I have a place not only to be organized for work but to able to quietly think and create (I’m a big introvert!). I will share this space with family and my kids, though, whenever they want to visit. Ha! So with that in mind, I have set up a cozy and festive winter spot where I can daydream, create, read and write, but also as a guest spot for others to relax or stay the night!

I found these ADORABLE winter scene flannel sheets at Walmart, they are SO COZY! They would make a wonderful gift, but I’m keeping them for winter guests! When my kids were small we always would get them cute flannel sheets for their rooms every winter so this brings back such fond memories, too. The flannel plaid pillow covers are so soft too, perfect for all winter long. They’re also reversible to solid which is fun for versatility!

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

I’m in love with these versatile and charming wood beads. I don’t like to buy a ton of holiday specific decor, I just don’t have room to store stuff. But these beads will be so fun to use year round! They have a bit of a beachy look to them. I will be able to use these for events like Courtney’s wedding, too. SCORE! I’ve seen things like this at boutique and holiday gift shops for a lot more so these were a great find.

The lamb’s ear garland is such a soft, pretty and versatile find! It’s unique and could be a special accent for the table, around a window or mantel on the holidays or anytime! LOVE IT! I can see this being so pretty for the wedding, too, not just for Christmas.

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

A super simple way to decorate for Christmas is to put faux or real greenery in baskets. Bonus points if you have a darling basket like this! I got these cute dipped white baskets at Walmart this fall and I’ve used them for so many things already! Easy peasy, multi-purpose and affordable decor, that’s my style!

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

This little tabletop pine tree came in a basket already! I loved that it was small enough to tuck in anywhere. I strung it with these battery operated copper fairy lights which I use all throughout the house–I love adding them into bookcases, too. They add such a nice cozy glow and have different settings (I like the slow fade one) and can be set on a timer.

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)
Ivory Woven Tree Pillow (multiple color options)

These chunky woven tree pillows on the window seat could go anywhere in the house! Oh my goodness, aren’t they cute? I couldn’t believe how nice they are, so much texture and I love the tree pattern. They come with a flatter pillow inside, but they have a zipper so I always just add my own fluffy one to make them chubbier. Super cute! They looks so much more expensive. Love that Walmart has on-trend items for less.

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

I saw a funny meme the other day that was of someone who spotted something cute while holiday shopping and the caption read, “I know someone who would LOVE this! … ME!” LOL! That happens to me, too. I love finding pretty decor, comfy slippers and throws and other things for myself, guests AND gifts!

We are having fun getting settled in our new home! Being here in time for the holidays makes it feel all the more special. Thank you for being here with us as we make it our home!

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

Sources (click the links below for details):

Copper Fairy Lights (Battery Operated, Set of 2) ///// Holiday Lamb’s Ear Garland – 6 ft ///// Tabletop Pine Tree in Basket // Artificial Pine Wreath with Pine Cones /////// Seagrass Dipped Basket (set of 2, 2 sizes) /////// Ivory Woven Tree Pillow ////// Neutral Wood Bead Garland – 2 Pack, 15 inch /////// Plaid Pillow Covers – Reversible to Solid! 2 Pack /////// Flannel Holiday Printed Sheets /////// Oversized Sherpa / Waffle Throw Blanket

Are you doing some holiday shopping this week? I’d say Walmart is truly the place to go this season for decking your halls, setting your tables and gift giving! This Gift Finder is a super helpful tool to find ideas for everyone–I found a few great ideas I thought I’d share below and I’ll share more fun finds and ideas with you soon!

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)

Sources (click links below for details):

1 Magnolia Table //// 2 Mini Spatula Set //// 3 Hot Water Kettle //// 4 Floral Lay Flat Travel Backpack //// 5 Blue Thermal Snowflake Gloves //// 6 Gap Home Mug Set //// 7 Marled Cozy Mule Slippers //// 8 Mug //// 9 Tassel Throw Blanket //// 10 Three Piece Luggage Set (multiple colors)

My Cozy and Festive Guest Room + Gifts (from Walmart!)


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