Unfortunate Party Incident (shoes involved)

Unfortunate Party Incident (shoes involved)

Well how much fun was that little etiquette poll? Who knew there were so many opinions on shoe or no shoe etiquette! I’m impressed.

Some of you have pointed out the nasty things that might come inside the house on your shoes. That is true. However, I have a little story about that. My house is exclusively dark hardwood or tile floors, with area rugs. At our holiday party last year, my good friend Natalie was walking up our staircase, which is covered partially by a dark reddish Persian runner.

Unfortunately, our sweet dog Winston was overcome by the 100 people partying in our house and he left a little something special on the staircase. And as luck would have it, Natalie stepped in it! YES! A dreadful party incident! I am happy to report for her sake that she was wearing shoes! It could’ve been so much worse. So, if you have a dog, watch out, you might step in a little unpleasantness even INSIDE your own house! Yikes! Shoes or no shoes, life with dogs can be messy.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their point of view! You BLOGGERS RULE! You are always so much fun.

Let’s move on, shall we? Have I mentioned I have some really cool things lined up?! I talked to two people today that are whipping up some fun for a future blog feature. We are going to be so inspired, I just know it!

A special thank you to Jenn and Jacqui at The Bower Birdsnest for putting together that stylish cartoon me! I’ve never looked so good! And what could be better than cartoon me gazing at a Barclay Butera room? And little Winston sitting there so cute and innocent, ready to leave something special on his carpet! Good thing I have my shoes on!

Etiquette Poll: Participation Required!

Etiquette Poll: Participation Required!

I have a little entertaining etiquette question to throw out for all of you! I was preparing a monthly decorating & lifestyle column that I write and I got talking to my husband about proper party hosting etiquette. We like to throw parties at our house and we have refined our routines over the years for how to pull it all off. You’ll get to read my Top Ten Holiday Hospitality tips when the article comes out if you want to, I won’t spoil the fun by posting it now.

But as I was thinking about hospitality my husband brought up one of his pet peeves. It has to do with shoes. So I decided that since we are in the throws of the holiday party season, I would put the topic out for all of you to battle over, I hope you will lend your insight, etiquette knowledge, personal bias and maybe cultural differences to our topic.

The questions are:

Is it acceptable for a hostess to ask or imply that guests remove their shoes when they enter your house?

Should a host or hostess have shoes on?

Or if you are the guest, should you remove your shoes if your host doesn’t specify either way? What if your host has no shoes on, or there is a pile of shoes by the door, does that imply a “no shoes” rule?

Please tell me what you think, why you think it, and where you are from if it is a cultural thing!

I am sure you will all have your own opinions on the matter, as I do, and I can’t wait to hear them! Don’t be shy! And don’t just say what you think is PROPER, tell me what experiences you have had with this at other people’s houses, or if you prefer people take their shoes off at your house! I know people on both sides of the fence here so be brave and tell me what you think!


Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens online

Etiquette Poll: Participation Required!

Special thanks to Julie at Nunnie’s Attic for this special award! She embodies the Christmas spirit like none other! I’m passing it on to another special lady, Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams!