Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Be Still My Heart.

Photos: House Beautiful, designer Nancy Boszhardt

Be Still My Heart.


  1. Love the retro chaise lounge in the bedroom…some day I will have a master bedroom big enough to have a chaise laying dutifully at the foot of the bed like an old basset hound.

    Oh, and I LOVE the covered walkway.. the architecture is gorgeous!

  2. Now I do like that kitchen…not quite so clinical as the one in the other post :-)

  3. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    Wonderful home…the only way to enjoy it is right here! :D

  4. There is sooooo much to love!!! I love the covered walkway, the chandy, and that precious and whimsical “nature” fabric!!!

  5. Wonderful!!! I love the little mirrored side table in the 3rd photo. Wrap that up for me will you M :)

  6. Be still my heart indeed! I love the bird settee! And that chair…

  7. OMG! When can we move in? That kitchen is amazing. Look at the height of those ceilings! SIGH….

    And what is that??? An antique car in the garage? Gotta be, with those whitewall tires.

    I think I’m going to die from envy.

  8. I spy with my little eye that they even have an old car in the garage. Love , love , love it all!

  9. …love this home…it looks and feels REAL

  10. I absolutely adore the first image, it is so beautiful and inspiring. Fabulous!

  11. jessi nagy says:

    aaahhh so fabulous. love it all,

  12. That bird chair at the bottom of the stairs jumped out at me !

  13. I’m in love. The covered walkway was divine. Oh, and they have Burberry pillows! Are you kidding me?

  14. I love the iron bed, the window sit – library corner. Actually this house is a wonderful place to be.

    Have a relaxed time and weekend. Suzy

  15. Exactly!!!
    Be still my heart….

  16. My blogging time has ended and I am still drooling over these pictures! With all the lovely details to look at, the piece that has captured my imagination is the chair at the end of the stairs …. how whimsical and just plain cool!

  17. You said that right! Swoon, swoon…gorgeous house!


  18. Beautiful kitchen, rest of the house as well, but that`s my favourite room! Best wishes:)

  19. That was interesting. In this design there were some things I loved or I really didn’t like. I liked the feel of the house though. Thanks!

  20. What a beautiful place! I especially like the kitchen, with its airy and open space (at least compared to the one in our Paris apartment). :)

  21. i’m still.

  22. Oh, mine, too. Everything is perfect.

  23. Melissa

    The first pic looks like it is from Salisbury Univ in Maryland–could it be?

  24. I would like to have that desk!

  25. Oh my! Words cannot describe how much I LOVE everything about that house!

  26. OH, that green table and that black and white chair!

  27. Yum! I would love to visit this house. I adore the kitchen ceiling. What kind of countertop do you think that is in the kitchen???

  28. Nothing not to love.

    All beautiful!
    The legs on the chairs around the table are crazy cool.

    Hope the wedding plans are going smoothly…enjoy!

    Becky K.

  29. Now THAT is a beautiful way to start your morning – thanks Melissa!! We’d have to say our favorite part is that kitchen
    ceiling – how interesting – well the whole house is
    (especially the “attatched” garage) !

  30. Oh that is so beautiful!!

  31. Wow. The top image drew me right in, and then there’s the kitchen, and the pretty, pretty headboard . . .

    Happy weekend, Melissa! {It is the weekend, right?}

  32. That’s a gorgeous house. And I love the little green table/desk.

  33. Hellooooooo Dream House!!!!

    I could move in right this second!

  34. Wow! Beautiful! I am obsessed with columns. I can’t get enough of them in my house. I plan on putting them out in front of the house as well. I love every little detail in each room.


  35. let’s move in there. Okay? Come on, we have to!! xoxo honking!!

  36. Good morning Melissa. Hope all the wedding plans are moving along like you envisioned them to. Such an exciting time.
    I am intrigued by that breezeway, so beautiful. Are the floors in the garage actually covered in paving stone? Love all the architecture in this lovely house.

  37. Could I move straight in?! Its divine! Thanks for sharing these photos:-)

  38. I have always lived in such small, plain vanilla homes, it is hard for me to realize that SOME people actually live in such BEAUTIFUL homes such as these. I can’t even IMAGINE having this sort of home…, so beautiful and it makes me start day dreaming again!
    love, bj

  39. So pretty… I love that animal print on the chair.. so fun!

  40. Beautifully decorated house! What’s not to love about it? Tracey

  41. Oh my flaming harry – its DIVINE melissa – …. as a woman of faith …..sorry………….., its divine :-)

  42. I love that reto chair with the B+w birds.

  43. My heart is soooooo not still. Absolutely gorgeous! A-M xx

  44. I love the ceiling work in the kitchen. One of these days I am going to have me a white kitchen. Great post! Daisy~

  45. madeleinemiranda says:

    I really adore the style of this house, it is stunning, I love all the attention to detail. Thank you for sharing…!

    Bonne soirée,

    Mademoiselle M.

  46. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    Magnificent! So gorgeous!! Love the high ceilings….it really makes a huge dramatic difference!

    Catching up with you, sweet friend! I have been swamped around here and trying to catch up with EVERYONE!! A little here and a little there.

    HUGS to you!!!!



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