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A Love of White Cottages

Be still my heart! How I love a white cottage! I’ve shared several white cottages on this blog, including this lovely and this white farmhouse beauty.

A Love of White Cottages

Oh, how I adore a wrap around porch … DREAMY! Can you imagine sitting out there in the morning with your coffee watching the world go by?

A Love of White Cottages

I am in love with real, authentic, working shutters. And gas lanterns? Nothing like the ambience of a lantern!

A Love of White Cottages

Love the wood front door and the welcoming front porch!

A Love of White Cottages

So much to love about this cottage kitchen…subway tile, wood counters, open shelves, the lighting, farmhouse sink, red barstools? The details are all so charming! I’d love to spend the day in there baking while my blogging friends sat on the barstools sampling treats, laughing and catching up on life!

A Love of White Cottages

A creative concealment! I knew I loved this house. That shutter is hiding an electrical panel!

A Love of White Cottages

Love the simplicity of this room, I adore the red beds!A Love of White Cottages

Sigh! A potting shed! Can you imagine yourself there working in your garden?

I thought this was such a sweet cottage and when I saw you could WIN it I knew I had to share it with you. If I was feeling lucky, I’d enter real fast. Take a tour at My Home and check out the rest of the photos here, then enter to win!

I do not have a white cottage, and I may never live in another home so perfectly charming, but that is OK. That is what my imagination is for. Speaking of our little girl dreams, I have always found inspiration looking at photos of dreamy little homes because I imagined how lovely life would be there. Baking cookies, sitting on the porch with my hubby sipping iced tea, laughing with my children, folding clean colorful tea towels and polishing my sink.

While I may not really live in a house that looks like that dreamy one in a magazine, I can absolutely create the cottage life I dream about within my own four walls.

All photos & giveaway details at My Home


  1. Erin

    I have been in love with white cottages ever since I first laid eyes on Green Gables (in the movie) at 8 years old. That is still the quintessential perfect property to me! I hope to get to Prince Edward Island to see it in person someday!

    Erins inspiring blog post..Opening my inspiration files . . .

    • Rana

      That is on my travel wish list to go to Prince Edward Island. To see beautiful homes like this. One day…

      Ranas inspiring blog post..Can you slow down?

  2. Cathleen

    You’re blog just makes me smile! I’m new to the world of blogs and you’re one of my absolute favorites. I look forward to reading it every day.

    • Melissa

      Thanks Cathleen! You made my day! :-) Welcome to blogworld!

  3. janice

    I love this post, love the cottage, love the sites you send us to, but most of all, I love your blog! I’m in Scotland but was raised on a diet of painted wooden houses in US movies. Be still my beating heart, indeed. It looks like you walked into my dreamscape and pulled out one of my dream homes – I can almost smell the sea! Thank you. Your blog always inspires me to clean my own home while dreaming of new ways to make it shine creatively!

    janice|Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Birds, Bees and Blogging

    • Melissa

      Hi Janice! Thank you so much! That is why I love looking at beautiful photos, they inspire me to make the most of what I have, and sometimes that just involves, eh hem, cleaning my house! :-)

  4. Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

    Lovely! And makes me a little homesick. My last home had a wrap around porch on 3 sides of the house. It was massive and as dreamy as you’d speculate.

    Except, they ARE alot of work. Birds love to find all the nooks and crannies to create their nests and as a result, bird shrapnel is everywhere daily. I remember being quite a slave to keeping it up.

    But those moments it was clean (LOL), I loved sitting under it during a rainstorm. My son had big bday parties rain or shine because we could always head under the veranda to fit everyone in. Thanks for a short memory trip!


    Donna at Funky Junk Interiorss inspiring blog post..The front entry – Part 2 – Horse gate for coats

  5. teresa

    I love them too- I’m sure your home is just as charming =)
    Have a wonderful day

    teresas inspiring blog post..Chair- Before & After

  6. SJN

    great photos. Everything looks so perfect. I have a little taupe cottage on a lake. Everything is a bit crooked and all my furniture is second hand or antique, but I love it here. I do wish we had a covered or screened in porch though. Then it would be perfect too.

    SJNs inspiring blog post..our guard dogs

    • Susanne

      I have but two words…Dear God,

  7. Chele

    I absolutely love wrap around porches! One of my dreams for a home! beautiful house!

    Cheles inspiring blog post..The First Week of Summer

  8. g.suzie

    Charming, everything is so crisp, uncluttered, and perfect, thats partly why it is so appealing to me. . .A very beautiful, environment to imagine yourself in, thanks for sharing!

  9. Mary Jean

    pure heaven! I just entered to win the asheville, NC cabin since I live in Greensboro! Thanks for the link and bringing us such wonderful pictures to soothe our days!

    Mary Jeans inspiring blog post..The Lost Art of Communication

  10. Ashley

    Thanks for posting this house! I couldn’t agree more with your comments, the wrap around porch, so dreamy. I’ve always wanted one. I’m gonna sing up right now :)

    Ashleys inspiring blog post..I’m a Winner!

  11. Tammy

    Since I recently found your blog, I’ve been so enjoying the spirit with which you create ‘home’ and inspire others to enjoy theirs. It resonates with me and makes me feel as cozy as this white cottage does!

    Tammys inspiring blog post..Simply Living: Attacking the Mail Monster

  12. Shannan

    I LOVE those red beds! Great inspiration for my little guy’s room. I also adore white cottages. They are my #1.

    Shannans inspiring blog post..My favorite kind of rainbow

  13. Cathy

    Oh it’s funny the first comment is about green gables because that is what this house and how you described life in it reminded me of. I was watching the DVD this weekend and it reminded me of when I first saw the movies and how I just wanted life to be one endless summer of sandy beaches, starry nights, fireworks, and iced tea.

  14. pam rosenberg

    I saw this post and thought, “Love that.” Guess I am a lover of white cottages too. If there were a fan club I would have to join. I clicked on your house and it looks fabulous. Like you, we also bought a big old rambler and have spent the last ten years tweaking, tearing out, and adding on. One of these days I may get around to posting our progress. You inspire me.

    pam rosenbergs inspiring blog post..Cedar Rapids Iowa, The News Trucks Have Left But We’re Still Here

  15. janet

    Thanks Melissa; that cottage is pretty close to perfect. When ( not if) I win you will be the first one I invite to visit.


    janets inspiring blog post..BARCELONA, DAY 1

  16. Pam D.

    I’ve always loved white houses, white kitchens, big yet cozy farmhouse style homes etc. too. I can never understand why so many people think white is boring! It’s so crisp and refreshing to me and so easy to add a spot of color here and there. With charming architectural accents, white is clean and bright and heart lifting! With a name like “Sugarberry Cottage” in “Habersham” how can this miss?! A combo of that Avonlea (Green Gables) and English touch I love. Thanks for the photos. They refreshed me at work on break and cleared my work-cluttered mind. So fun to see how much our tastes run alike… and all your bloggers too.

  17. Claudia

    Every day my clients ask me what COLORS i would put in my home if i were them. I can change my mind on a dime most days… however lately I have really been pulled simply to WHITE — tone on tone … then splash the colors around with my accessories.

    Love love love these… such beauties.

    Thanks so much for always – every day – being the inspiring one.

    TTFN ~~Claudia

    Claudia @ DipityRoads inspiring blog post..Ivy Cottages with a Little Pink

  18. Richella

    What a great line you just wrote: “That is what my imagination is for.” Really, Melissa, that is such a wonderful way to think about things. God gave us such a gift, didn’t He? It never ceases to amaze me that the Creator of the Universe would share so much of Himself with us in so many ways. Thank you for using your imagination to bless other people.

    Richellas inspiring blog post..Quick birthday gift

  19. Nicolette

    I visit a lot of interior design and home decor blogs. I’ve also seen a lot of houses, and home decor. This is a simple, warm home, as a home should feel like. There is beautiful design, and then there is design that you want to live with.


  20. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. Oh how I love white cottages, too! And I especially love them this time of year. When I was growing up, I spent a few weeks each summer with my grandparents at a cottage on a orchard. Looking back, it really was heavenly! Thank you for sharing these inspirational photos. ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Decorating with Cool Blues and White

  21. Porch Days

    That cottage looks like a dream house to me! Loved the idea about the shutter over the electrical box. I need to cover mine and this looks nifty!

  22. m

    Beautiful. We can all create a lovely little cottage in our minds here and now, as we try to be good steward our whatever “cottage” we have been given, knowing that streets of gold await us!

    m ^..^

    ms inspiring blog post..Hey, Jute

  23. Holly

    I, too dream of a comfy cottage, with a wraparound porch, to sit and enjoy the morning, and/or evening sun. . .the potting shed may double as an art studio. . .ahhh

    Hollys inspiring blog post..Here we grow. . .

  24. Cara Leah

    What a wonderful cottage. I could smell the baking and feel the warmth of the surroundings giving me a welcoming hug. Such and inpiration. Thank you so much for finding this treasure and sharing it with us.

    Cara Leahs inspiring blog post..Little Things

  25. gail gray of a fresh start professional organizing

    I am saving this for my dream home files! You found my dream look! I hope to one day build my dream home and this will go in my inpiration file. Thank you for sharing!

  26. abeachcottage

    nice post, of course I love white houses

    well I’ve got the old cottage by the sea, but it’s not looking quite like that! but then I am grateful I’m half way there

    and just looking over the post from yesterday and it’s made me think a lot, thanks


    abeachcottages inspiring blog post..I’m Liking…Easy Elegance Decorating with Atlanta – A Book Review

  27. nel

    I LOVE the potting shed! I would be happy with that in my garden! Lovely, lovely post.

  28. Denise

    We live in an old white farmhouse with a red door. The front porch is our favorite 3 season room of the house. Our dog and cats love it, too. In fact, I’m headed there right now with my morning cup of coffee!

    Melissa, take a much deserved break and let your readers do a “drive-by” showcasing their favorite “white cottages”.

    Denises inspiring blog post..The Geek Squad hits Seattle

  29. Denise

    Beautiful blog..!
    Thank You Denise
    PS Forgot to mention an elderly shabby artisan,one of the first is having an estate sale her roses are heavenly.I took pics for her and posted on my blog with her contact information.

    Denises inspiring blog post..Uncultered Couth

  30. Becky K.

    That potting shed is just the cutest!

    The cottage is simply adorable. The porch…certainly a keeper.

    I would sample your baking in that kitchen. We would chat and chat. I would want to know how things are going with your new ministry and how your children are adjusting to the move. We would just have a great time…but then…back to reality. It is great to read your blog and see all of the wonderful things you share.

    Have a wonderful day, Melissa!

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Outdoor Wednesday – Horse Rescue

  31. Emily-Sarah Lineback

    Melissa, these are gorgeous. (And it can’t hurt to enter the contest. After all, *someone* will win!) Have a blessed, lovely day.

  32. Roeshel

    Thanks for sharing – I would love to win that cottage. I’d pack up and move immediately! haha It’s gorgeous. I agree with you though, I don’t feel like I’m “settling for less” in my home…I’m having fun with decorating it to be “home” and your blog provides me with so much inspiration. Thanks! :)

    Roeshels inspiring blog post..Charming DIY Home Accents

  33. Gina

    Beautiful white! It’s so simple but looks so inviting! and I appreciate the reminder that even though our homes may not look like magazine we can still create a beautiful life in them. My home will probably never look like a magazine, but it does look like three amazing kids live here and that’s just fine by me. (now, I’ve got to wash the crayon marks off the floor….)

    Ginas inspiring blog post..How do I Serve?

  34. kasey

    Love the potting shed and the front porch. Porches are so inviting.

    kaseys inspiring blog post..Alabama

  35. lylah ledner

    I’m oohing and aweing with you….I especially LOVE that kitchen…gives me ideas for a possible shift in my life…

    Glad you liked the peaches :-)….Oh, how do I get rid of that quilt square and have my picture there…at one time it was…but now it’s gone? Any tricks :-)

    Blessings dear friend…’me’

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..The Stoning of Soraya M

  36. NgaireB

    LOve your blog. have linked to you on my blog.
    and can I just say.. the potting shed!???
    OH MY BUDDHA how divine!

    peace and bliss,
    Ngaire In Brisbane Australia

  37. Rana

    My favorite thing is a wrap around porch. I love farm house sinks. I’m trying to get my husband to let me put one in our cozy cottage kitchen.

    Ranas inspiring blog post..Can you slow down?

  38. Jasmine

    Wowsers! How could I have gone this long without having fallen in love with a white cottage/home?

    I guess I’ve never been properly introduced to one. Thanks for a great introduction, Melissa! ;-)

    And I also adore that first lovely one you linked to as well….Hello, Lovely!

    Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiments inspiring blog post..Inspiration: 18.06.09

  39. Marla

    Oh, Melissa,
    What a lovely home, inside & out! I wonder… isn’t it said that if we can dream it, we can live it? (Well, maybe not in finite and minoot -sp?- detail, but as close as possible) Some days I need the reminder that I do have a God-given brilliant & creative mind, and how I think=what I believe=how I act (read as: what I accomplish in life). Those are the days I come here to ‘visit’ you. Thank you for the ‘refreshing’!
    Your place in ‘blog world’ is cherished by many…

  40. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    I do so love a wrap around porch, but sadly in the recent past I can’t remember ever seeing someone outside enjoying one! :( (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  41. Chelsea

    Where can I find lanterns like these?


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